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About Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet Water Park is the largest of all the water parks of Singapore. It presents a perfect lifestyle and leisure destination promising a blend of spills and thrills galore. Opened in 2004, Wild Wild Wet Water Park underwent a revamp back in April 2017.

Today, one can find around 16 water rides and attractions inside the Wild Wild Wet for complete family entertainment. Vortex, Kraken racers, Free Fall, Royal Flush, Torpedo, Ular-Lah, Yippie, Shiok River, Tsunami, Jacuzzi, and the Water Works are some of them. Each of them is characterized by a particular thrill level and speed. From wave pools to the high adrenaline rides, you can expect everything here.

For small children, there’s a section inside called the Professor’s Playground where you have an extensive collection of rides and attractions. Tiny slides, fountains, and water buckets are all meant for your little one to enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Although it is specifically meant for your kids, you are required to supervise their every single move. If not here, they can splash waters in their all-time favourite Kidz section too.

Amidst all the fun and entertainment, it is the visitor’s safety which accounts more to the officials of the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Right from 2005 to 2016, this park has bagged in around 8 awards for its excellence in guest satisfaction. You can either opt for their premium membership or go for a routine pass type to explore the park to the fullest. Wild Wild Wet, Singapore offers many seasonal deals for the convenience and affordability of their visitors.

Life jackets, lifeguarding, children’s shower cubicles, baby carriers, and nursing rooms are some additional facilities which you come across here. Besides, they do provide locker facilities to store all your belongings and enjoy your day at leisure to the fullest. Although they won’t allow you to carry any outside foodstuff, in case you feel hungry, there’s a Breeze Café and Ice-cream shop to explore. They serve meals and some quick to grab munchies. Finally, do not forget to shop at their Sun Paradise for a better encounter next time.

Essential Information

1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599

Timings: Wild Wild Wet remains operational from 12:00 pm to 06:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekends

Wild Wild Wet Attractions Pass Types

Here are the different pass types which you can avail at the Wild Wild Wet Water Park:

Category                                                                                                     Off-Season                                                              Peak Season

Day Passes:
Adult (above 13 years)                                                                                24 Singapore dollars (1233.23 INR)                        32 Singapore dollars (1644.31 INR)
Children (between 3 to 12 years of age)                                                     24 Singapore dollars (1233.23 INR)                        32 Singapore dollars (1644.31 INR)
U Live Member or Pioneer Generation or Toddler below 3 years               Free                                                                          Free
Family Package                                                                                           78 
Singapore dollars (4008 INR)                             102 Singapore dollars (5241.23 INR)

Premium Membership:
108 Singapore dollars (5549.54 INR)                     58 Singapore dollars (2980 INR)
- Annual Pass                                                         - Seasonal Pass (6 months)
Child                                                                                                             68 Singapore dollars (3494 INR)                            38 Singapore dollars (1952 INR)
                                                                                                                      - Annual Pass                                                         - Seasonal Pass (6 months)
Senior Citizen                                                                                               68 Singapore dollars (3494 INR)                            38 Singapore dollars (1952 INR)
                                                                                                                      - Annual Pass                                                         - Seasonal Pass (6 months)
Family Package                                                                                           28
8 Singapore dollars (14798 INR)                         268 Singapore dollars (13771 INR)
                                                                                                                     - Annual Pass                                                          - Seasonal Pass (6 months) 
nEbO members                                                                                            NA                                                                           
58 Singapore dollars (2980 INR)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Seasonal Pass

Annual or seasonal premium membership provides you with an opportunity to enjoy complimentary D’Resort Stay and use of cabana services and a welcome drink.

Experiences at Wild Wild Wet

With heaps of rides and attractions, Wild Wild Wet has become a favorite weekend spot for everyone. From plume rides to wave pools, Wild Wild Wet homes a lot of experiences for you to enjoy. There’s a Professor’s Playground where your child can enjoy amidst all the tiny slides, fountains, and buckets. Or else, you can simply allow them to enjoy their space at Yippie! shallow pool.

If you are not so fond of the water rides, you can simply make your way towards the River Shiok to lounge and soak yourself in water. Relaxing along the sides of the wave pool is the best way to have some personal space. Ular-Lah, raft slide, Kraken racers, 19m tall Vortex, and Royal Flush are some rides meant for adventure freaks. 

Rides & Attractions at Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet Water Park homes to rides suitable for all age groups. Here are some of them: 

1. Vortex: 
Vortex ride at the Wild Wild Wet Water Park is a one-of-its-kind high-speed ride of Singapore. With innumerable twists and turns, vortex works with break-neck speed. There’s a minimum height requirement here which you should be aware of.

2. Kraken RacersKraken Racers gives you a perfect experience of adrenaline. This is a first racer slide of Singapore with four-lane mat zones. Enjoying here is definitely going to take your thrill to an entirely different level. Check for the height requirements before beginning here.

3. Free Fall: 
With a free fall, you have an exciting opportunity to plunge down from a great height through a non-vertical drop. Free Fall of Wild Wild Wet Water Park operates at an airspeed of around 50 feet per second, making it as one of the longest free-falls of Asia.

4. Royal Flush: 
Royal Flush at Wild Wild Wet is Asia’s first hybrid ride blending both TornadoWAVE and Behemoth BOWL40. Make sure to hold your breath as the ginormous bowl starts curving crazily.

5. Torpedo: 
Torpedo at Wild Wild Wet is a substantial 4-story ride to enjoy a high free-fall with twists and turns. This again is Singapore’s unique ride allowing you to eject from a capsule which is 18 meters high and straightway landing up into a jaw-dropping free fall. Make sure that you don’t carry your heart on sleeves while trying this out as it operates with a whopping speed of 70 km per hour.

6. Slide–up: 
The slide-up ride gives you an excellent opportunity to try skateboarding This ride is powered with both kinetic energy and gravity where you can plunge from a height of around 4-story, accelerate while hitting the deck below and then skim through the opposite end.

7. Ular-Lah: 
This is the first of its kind super flume ride in South-east Asia which accounts for the fun and entertainment of thrill and adventure lovers. You can race here with your fellow companions and enjoy this new form of white water rafting.

8. The Water Works: 
This high-speed flume ride has two different forms – open and closed. Every type has its own unique angles and route leading your way finally into the landing pool.

9. Kidz Zone: 
Kidz Zone at the Wild Wild Wet Water Park is a kid’s water paradise filled with exhilarating big rides. The water depth across the pool is around 0.45 m, and it is your responsibility to supervise your child here while he enjoys his personal space.

10. Splash Play: 
Within the Splash Play section, you can find water sprays and fun jets with a lower water level for complete family enjoyment. Although there’s not a high difficulty level here, you need to be there at all times with your child to supervise him completely.

Professor playground, Yippie, Jacuzzi, Shiok River, and Tsunami are some other forms rides and significant attractions here at Wild Wild Wet Water Park.

Places to Shop and Dine at Wild Wild Wet

Tensed about what to do if hunger strikes you in the middle of your Wild Wild Wet visit? Do not worry as there’s a food court inside where you can munch on some excellent quality foodstuffs. Breeze Café & Ice Cream Shop offers a menu of heaps of food options for every age group. They have both sit and dine option or grab on munchies – the choice resides with you. Most international tourists who had an opportunity to have their food here didn’t forget to customize their meal with BBQ items.

Since ages, they have been catering for a birthday or other personal or professional celebrations. All their food preparations are labelled with a highly competitive price. So, do not worry about the affordability and quality being served here.

Shopping at Sun Paradise

Before you bid adieu to the Wild Wild Wet Water Park, do spare some time to buy at their Sun Paradise. This shop is located adjacent to the main entrance of the Wild Wild Wet Water Park so people can easily spot it. Sun Paradise homes to all swimming and swimwear accessories manufactured by a wide array of fashion brands. There are foam rollers, yoga mats, and so on to shop for your next adventure at Wild Wild Wet Water Park.

Places to visit near Wild Wild Wet

Here are some nearby places to stroll after you complete your visit to the Wild Wild Wet: 

1. Tayo Station: 
This is an animated theme park purely based on South Korean adventure. Tayo Station spreads across 100 square feet space and features an indoor playground, sensory play space, attractions, and an edutainment zone. This place is perfect for young children falling within the age of 1 to 12 years.

2. Downtown East: 
Downtown East is a shelter where fun and entertainment blend to keep you engaged for a longer haul. This is a one-stop destination with multiple lifestyle experiences – D’Resort, retail dining, Market Square – E!Avenue, and E!Hub. Before coming here, do not forget to keep track of their different programs and events.

3. Pasir Ris Town Park: 
This is a green luge open space encircling a fitness counter and playground. Pasir Ris Town Park provides a roof for both social and cultural interactions. Locals visit here to enjoy the maximum benefits from foot reflexology points and the fitness zones. Adjacent to it, there’s a playground where your child can enjoy his personal space.

4. Butterfly Garden: 
This is the first-ever butterfly garden in the world built within an airport. Butterfly habitat here is so carved out that there’s a profusion of lush greenery, flowering plants, a waterfall. If you are an avid butterfly lover or observer, you will surely know the importance of spotting 1000 tropical butterflies belonging to around 40 different species.

5. Changi Beach: 
Located at Singapore’s northern tip, Changi Beach is a great place to stroll throughout your leisure time. You can enjoy heaps of beach and other water activities here with your friends, relatives or families. Try to reach here either early in the morning or late evening for some picturesque moments.

6. Singapore Botanical Gardens: 
Last but not least, when you are done with everything else, move in the direction of Singapore Botanical Gardens. Dating back to more than 150 years, there are enormous amounts of both botanical and horticultural attractions here.

Best Time to Visit Wild Wild Wet

Weekends, public holidays and gazetted school holidays are generally considered to be a busy time here. Weekdays are less crowded as people would be engaged in their routine tasks. So, if you are free on weekdays, make the best use of it to plan a family outing at Wild Wild Wet.

Tips for Visiting Wild Wild Wet

- If you are an outsider, it is always best to accommodate yourself at D’Resort. D’Resort guests have an exclusive opportunity to enter Wild Wild Wet and avoid long hours standing in queues.
- Plan your visit to the Wild Wild Wet Park on weekdays rather than weekends. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends.
- Online ticket purchase can help you to save a lot. If possible, consider choosing combo options. Often, they are the ones loaded with heaps of discounted prices.
- Wild Wild Wet Park provides whimsy designer floats such as pizza slice floats, unicorn floats, etc. You may connect with the Wild Wild Wet support team for the rental prices.
- It is good to have 30 to 40 Singapore dollars handy with you. Locker and floater rental systems do not accept swipe cards.
- Pasir Ris Station is the nearest MRT station which is located at a distance of around 10 to 15 minutes.
- In case of extreme weather conditions, it is common that the rides or attractions may remain closed. If the attractions remain closed for more than 30 minutes, you are entitled to receive a return visit vouchers. Make sure that you redeem your coupons within 60 days from its issuance.
- You won’t be allowed to carry any foodstuffs inside. As soon as you step in, there’s only one restaurant where you can have your food – Breeze Café & Ice Cream Shop.
- Wild Wild Wet Water Park expects all its visitors to observe a specific dress code. It is good to browse through their requirements before stepping in here.
- On a lower side, expect your Wild Wild Wet visit to last for around 6 to 8 hours.

How to reach Wild Wild Wet from Airport?

There are seven options available before you to find your way from Singapore Airport to the Wild Wild Wet Water Park:

By Subway: 
Board a subway from Changi International Airport to reach Tanah Merah. After every 10 minute intervals, you have a subway to take you to the Tanah Merah. At Tanah Merah, you have East-West Green Line to take you to Pasir Ris. Now, you need to walk for 9 minutes to get to your final destination. Your subway journey will cost you around 100 to 280 INR.

By MRT: 
Pasir Ris MRT Station is the nearest MRT station to reach Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Many buses are coming altogether from Pasir Ris Interchange to Pasir Ris MRT Bus Station. As soon as you get down, walk for the next 10 to 15 minutes to reach your final destination.

Line 53 Bus: 
From Changi Airport PTB1, catch Line 53 Bus to drive you to Blk 115 at the cost of 50 to 150 INR. From here, you need to walk for the next 14 m to cover a distance of around 1.2 km to reach your final destination.

There are buses running from Changi Airport PTB3 to Bef Pasir Ris Ctrl. You will incur a charge of around 50 to 150 INR per head for this journey. From Bef Pasir Ris Ctrl, Wild Wild Wet Water Park is a 13-minute walking distance.

There are taxi services running between Singapore International Airport and Wild Wild Wet Water Park. It will take around 9 minutes for you to cover the entire distance. Your one-way trip to the Wild Wild Wet Park will charge you around 850 to 1100 INR.

Shuttle Services: 
Jayride provides the shuttle services between Singapore Changi Airport and Wild Wild Wet Water Park. This trip will cost you around 1066 INR per head.

Town Car: 
Jayride also provides Town Car services between Singapore Changi Airport and Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Your town car ride to Wild Wild Wet would cost you around 1300 to 1900 INR per head.


Q1. What are the things that I should carry to the water park?

While coming to the Wild Wild Wet Park, do not forget to pack your bags with sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, and your valid identity card.

Q2. Can I re-enter Wild Wild Wet if leave the park?

Yes, you can re-enter the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. However, do remember to have a stamp before leaving their premises.

Q3. What should I wear to Wild Wild Wet?

Wild Wild Wet Water Park follows a specific dress code to be observed. You are requested to follow the dress code religiously. Modest swimwear or T-shirts and shorts are only allowed to be worn within the premises of Wild Wild Wet Park.

Q4. Are there seating/rest areas for elderly guests in Wild Wild Wet?

Yes, Wild Wild Wet Water Parks has reserved seating areas lined up everywhere for elderly guests to have some rest.

Q5. Are there nursing rooms and baby centres within Wild Wild Wet?

Yes, there are kids shower areas and nursing rooms within the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Nursing rooms facilitate you with nursing, diaper changing, and bottle-feeding services.

Q6. Can I take food inside the Water Park?

No, you are not allowed to carry any food or beverages within Wild Wild Wet Water Park. The moment you feel hungry, there’s a Breeze Café and Ice Cream Shop within the park.

Q7. Is there any locker facility available at water parks?

Yes, there are locker facilities available at the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Charges are as follows: 

Small Lockers - 
Peak – 10 Singapore dollars (513.84 INR)
                        - Off-Peak – 8 Singapore dollars (412.87 INR)

Medium Lockers - 
Peak – 12 Singapore dollars (619.31 INR)
                            - Off-Peak – 10 Singapore dollars (513.84 INR)

Large Lockers - 
Peak – 18 Singapore dollars (928.97 INR)
                        - Off-Peak – 16 Singapore dollars (825. 75 INR)

Extra Large - 
Peak – 20 Singapore dollars (1032.18 INR)
                    - Off-Peak – 18 Singapore dollars (928.97 INR)

Wild & Wet Premium Members can enjoy a discount of 2 Singapore dollars.

Q8. Can you hire towels at Wild Wild Wet?

Yes, Wild Wild Wet Water Park facilitates you to hire towels. Here are the hiring charges - 
4 Singapore dollars (206.45 INR) for Public
3 Singapore dollars (154.15 INR) for Wild & Wet Premium Members or NTUS plus or D’Resort guests
10 Singapore dollars (513.84 INR) as deposit charges.

Q9. Is Wild Wild Wet suitable for toddlers?

Wild Wild Wet is entirely suitable for toddlers. In fact, there’s a kids zone within which your child can enjoy all the exhilarating rides and attractions.

Q10. What are the safety measures for kids at the water park?

Here are some of the standard measures set to ensure the complete safety of your kids at the Wild Wild Wet Water Park: 
- Every person should observe the predefined dress code; including your child. Ask your child to put on his swimwear or T-shirts and shorts.
- Your child must always be under your supervision.
- There are safety and warning instructions everywhere within the Wild Wild Wet water park. Ask your child to observe them religiously. Those are meant for personal safety to be followed by every single visitor.
- Everyone needs to put on their lifejacket.

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