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Warner Bros. World Tours & Activities

About Warner Bros. World

The UAE's newly launched indoor theme park Warner Bros. World situated at Abu Dhabi possesses 29 enthralling rides. Spread across more than 1.65 million sq. m. on Abu Dhabi's Yas Island, this new attraction is the largest and the first indoor theme park on the planet.

You’ll be transferred to the terrains of your favourite characters through a stand-out immersive activity when you set foot on the notorious Warner Bros theme park. In this park, everybody will return to their carefree childhood days spent with comic books and cartoons.

Warner Bros World has brought the fantasy world to life for you with this theme park. Those offbeat characters and thrilling rides, can all be found here to keep you entertained throughout the day.

The theme park is quite sophisticated and takes the visitors on replicated experiences utilizing high-end technology such as virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The Warner Bros World includes six immersive lands, namely, Gotham City, Metropolis, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch. These part off from the central Warner Bros Plaza which projects movies on the walls, and boasts with shops. The stores here sell various merchandise exclusively created for Warner Bros World.

Every division of Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi features various restaurants, cafes, and takeaway outlets based on the themes of superheroes and cartoons. There are plenty of venues offering a delectable and wide assortment of cuisines to the visitors. You won't go hungry from this place as every section has its own kind of themed eateries, cafes, restaurants or grab n go options.

The popular ones are the old Hollywood charm of The Starlight, the dazzling restaurant of Celebrity Scoop, the Italian-themed Hollywood Trattoria, and much more. Each place has its own specific kids’ meal alternative as well.

Also, on-site ATMs are available at the ticketing plaza located near the entrance. Trip to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is all about the fun with family or friends! This place is definitely going to keep both tourists and citizens charged all through the day. Numerous people flock to the rides here, and return with a good heart.

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How to Reach Warner Bros. World

The theme park is established on the entertainment hub of Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, which is only on the distance of 10 minutes from Abu Dhabi airport. You can simply book a taxi from the Abu Dhabi Airport to reach the Warner Bros World theme park conveniently.

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Best Time to Visit Warner Bros. World

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is from November to March as the temperature drops to 19 - 22°C during these months. But since Warner Bros. World is an indoor theme park which is fully air-conditioned to better control the environment. Thus, visiting it during any other time of the year will not be bad as well.

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What Not to Miss at Warner Bros. World

Gotham City

Just like the movies, comic books, and animation series, this section totally imitates the fictional and rough Gotham scene. It contains Batman’s most popular villains like The Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman, and Mr. Penguin.


The iconic Superman world – calls this rambling city his home. Metropolis is the place you'll discover DC Comics characters come to life, for example, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. Also, other cartoon characters like the Teen Titans additionally live here as do Supergirl and Batman.

Dynamite Gulch 

An animation variant of a desert which is home to Looney Tunes legends Road Runner and his foe, Wile E. Coyote rollercoaster. Another ride here called The Jetson's Cosmic Orbiter is an advanced spaceship that gives you the opportunity to fly. There is also Marvin The Martian Crater Crashers, a sort of futuristic bumper car.

The Warner Bros Plaza 

The Warner Bros Plaza has screenings and a rooftop that features evolving skylines.

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Rides Available for

- Thrill

Riddler Revolution
Riddler Revolution ride is designed in a dark, creepy warehouse - a roundabout rollercoaster that will carry you into a dizzying whirl. It's a must-try ride while here.

- Fast and Furry-ous
Now it's your time to be a part of the famous road runner chase. In this ride, sit in Wile E. Coyote’s newest invention called the ACME Road Rocket 9000. It'll take you on an adventuresome and high-speed chase through the desert in an attempt to catch the Road Runner.

- Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin
The ride presents an elegant contraption for stealing cheese and carrying it back to Jerry's den. The ride's cars are developed like slabs of cheese and pirouette as they descend the route in darkness with large statues of Tom and Jerry glowing up as you cross them.

- Justice League: War World Attacks
Get ready to enjoy an immersive and thrilling good-versus-evil 5D ride. You will be accompanying icons like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and others to face-off against their strongest rivals.

Family Attraction

- Bedrock
Go back to the Stone Age time at this stimulated Flintstones section. You can get involved with Fred, Wilma, the Rubbles and their lovable children for a merry ride at The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure.

- The Joker Funhouse
The Joker has his personal twisted carnival funhouse in the city known as The Joker Funhouse. You will have to walk through some physical and mental challenges to escape the villains of Batman series during this thrilling ride.

- Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis
The heroes of the Justice League, as well as Teen Titans, are the stars of this modern superhero universe. It's designed with a contemporary, metropolitan vibe and boasts a superb artificial sky of perpetual sunset. The top favorite ride of this theme park section is the Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey,

- Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries 
You can take part in the mystery-solving task at Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries. You will take different paths and stop in front of various models that come to life. The climax will transfer you to the classic hallway chase of the cartoon with vehicle spinning in and out of doorways stalked by a ghost.

- Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey
Situated in the Metropolis section, in this activity, you will be carried on the awe-inspiring 4D flying theatre experience. This ride is for the brave-hearted. Here you will connect with Hal Jordan and the interstellar peacekeepers to preserve the universe!

- Ani Mayhem
The ride sees passengers going through six classic Looney Tunes scenes for an adventurous quest to receive the award of Employee of the Month at ACME. You'll board a delivery vehicle and go on a rollicking delivery mission to obtain the highest points by scanning moving targets with a barcode scanner. 

Kids Attraction

- Cartoon Junction 
The Cartoon Junction houses delightful double act of Tom & Jerry and the ragtag, lovable Looney Tunes group. This section of the theme parks also boasts some gravity-defying twirling rides, namely Cartoon Junction Carousel, Tweety Wild Rockets, and Daffy Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick.

- Acme Factory
The Acme Factory includes three rides Ricochet Racin’ With Taz, Tweety Wild Rockets, and the Daffy Jet Propelled Pogo Stick. This section is surely going to keep the tots happy and entertained.

- Teen Titans Training Academy
The Teen Titans Training Academy is an adventure playground with rope bridges, zipline, and much more. So, if your children like rope courses, it is an ideal spot!

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Shopping in Warner Bros

One more thing not to miss is buying distinct Warner Bros World merchandise. Luckily, as it has got fame for its much-loved characters in movies as well as animation. There is so much to shop from Abu Dhabi including the stores of this theme park.

- Warner Bros. Studio Store
Your one-stop destination to pick a diverse range of Warner Bros. logo merchandise. This shop stocks fashion items, jewellery, accessories for adults. Additionally, you will discover gifts, collectables, homewares, stationery, and candies.

- Treasures of Hollywood
It features classic Hollywood style products ranging from watches and adornments to collectables.

- Superstar Souvenirs
It is found in Warner Bros. Plaza. This store mainly represents tees, hats and some comic souvenirs stocks of animated cartoon ‘Looney Tunes.’

- Bedrock Boutique
The whole collection is Flintstone themed at this shop. Choose from a wide selection of clothing, accessories, collectables, gifts, and candies available for adults and kids both.

- Yosemite Sam Rootin' Tootin' Gas
Located in Dynamite Gulch section, it is an iconic Southwest Americana-themed service station. You can shop the best of a bygone age from this store ranging from gifts and goodies to clothes and home goods. The shop features items in your favourite Cartoon Junction characters and The Jetsons.

- C.J. Mercantile
Visitors will get a yesteryear retail experience at this shop. You can browse from a wide collection of the finest Looney Toons goodies around. You will find apparel selection for adults as well as kids and gifts to purchase from here. This shop also sells appetizing snacks and candies.

- Cat's Eye Jewelry
This one is situated in the Gotham City section of the theme park. Here you can shop for jewellery, trinkets, handbags, small leather items, and accessories.

- Bugs Bunny & Co.
An ideal store to shop for different types of plush toys and other souvenirs focusing on your favourite crazy cartoon characters - Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Hanna Barbera. This shop is located at Warner Bros. Plaza.

- Park Row Pawn Shop
It is an old-style pawnshop where you can purchase a memento of your visit to Gotham City. The collection features Arkham Asylum and Wayne Tech prop models, and Gotham City accessories.

- Zatanna Books & Magical Curiosities
The highlight of this store is its selection of DC Superhero Girls items like Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn Supergirl, and others! Wonder Woman enthusiasts will definitely adore the selective clothes and accessories on sale here.

- Justice League: Hero Supply Co.
This one is situated in the Metropolis section of the theme park which boasts the coolest DC superheroes apparel, masks, and capes. Further, there are exclusive Justice League products such as statuettes, action figures, mugs, and tees.

- Cobblepot Formal Wear
An apparel store for the gentlemen, you can choose formal attire directly from the sartorial Oswald collection. Visitors can likewise shop for men's accessories such as shaving kits, ties, cufflinks, bags, hats, and umbrellas. 

- Front Page Photos
Enter this classic photo studio to be on the front page! You can get a picture of yourself in action scenes around all your favourite DC characters. You can also design a personalized copy of The Daily Planet Special Edition. A perfect memento to shop for your visit to the theme park.

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Shows at Warner Bros

At Warner Bros. World you can catch hosts of shows as well. You will be mesmerized with a fighting display and lessons represented by your favorite DC characters such as Wonder Woman, Robin, and Green Lantern. Additionally, audience participation is the highlight of these shows. For instance, how Batman saves a hapless audience participant from the grips of The Joker, The Riddler, and Harley Quinn in Gotham city.

- Warner Bros. Cinema Spectacular
Watch Cinema Spectacular, a show that is starring Bugs Bunny and will bring the Warner Bros. movie collection to life. It's a full-sensory 360-degree portrait of mapped projection, lighting effects, and multichannel surround soundtrack. This show totally converts the Warner Bros. aura.

- Meet Bugs! (And Daffy)
Meet Bugs! (And Daffy), a live interactive show, which gives everybody the chance to join the stage to become a part of it. You can play the role of one of any favourite Looney Tunes characters, like Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, or Taz. You further, get an opportunity to click a photo with the cartoon duo at the end of the show

- ACME Beats
A live, all-inclusive entertainment show at the ACME Factory in Cartoon Junction will take you to humour-filled experience. While dancing on the drumming of the ACME Beats, this show demands plenty of audience participation.

- The Joker Surprise Party
Another live interactive show in which visitors will be entertained by the surprise party hosted by Harley Quinn for the Joker. This one is for the brave hearts as the show will go through the latest evil contraption of the Joker, and you may be invited by Harley to become a part of the action.

- DC Super Heroes in Training
DC Super Heroes in Training is a stage show organized near the Justice League Warworld Attacks. In this 15 min. show you can perfect your talents and skills with the range of strength, speed, and activities. Wonder Woman, Robin, and Green Lantern will guide you on this journey to become the upcoming superhero.

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Dining at Warner Bros

Further, you can dig into delicious bites at various restaurants located at this amusement park. After investing so much time and energy in fun-filled activities, no doubt it will build an appetite. So, with its 17 in-house restaurants, visitors will be spoiled for choice. All restaurants and cafes in Abu Dhabi are unique here as every one of them features something special to taste. Here's what the theme park brings to the table.

- The Starlight
At this restaurant, you get to dine with Warner Bros World celebrities and feel treated like a celebrity yourself. You will get a Hollywood vibe while relishing sumptuous dinner plates and watching movie memorabilia here!

- Gotham City’s Finest
It is a quick-service diner situated in the Gotham city ideal for having lunch. Savour finger foods like mini fish n chips, mac n cheese croquettes, nachos, and other delights from its menu.

- Jitters Coffee and Snacks
A grab n go outlet nested in Metropolis section for quick snacks and coffee refreshments. There you will find a lot of drink blends formulated by Booster Gold.

- Celebrity Scoop
A classic American soda shop perfect for your sweet cravings, where you can choose from a wide range of menu featuring malts, sundaes, milkshakes, hot dogs, and pita sandwiches. Must-try its signature Celebrity Split with three flavours of ice cream, chocolate syrup, pineapples, crushed cherries, banana, and whipped cream.

- Hall of Doom
Hall Of Doom is a hub to savour Asian cuisines. The interior of the restaurant is based on luxurious train stations. You can find here delectable meals, fascinating beverages and other of mouthwatering treats.

- Harlequin Confections
To serve your sweet tooth head to this outlet offering a lot of confectionery products. Here you will find an assortment of chocolate, candy, and cookies exquisitely offered in collectable tins and boxes.

- Hollywood Trattoria
This one offers Italian cuisine. You will be served pizza and pasta in a diner ambience with walls covered by posters of masterpieces from Warner Bros' back catalogue. 

- Big Belly Burger
A quick-service all American diner, serving fast food meals like burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken wings, shakes, etc. They have a sumptuous menu that your kids will relish a lot.

- Mammoth Munchies
A counter-service joint at Bedrock section of the theme park for relishing an assortment of prehistoric snack offerings. Kids will love their signature Bedrock Celebrity Shakes like Stoney Curtis, Arnold Palmrock, and Gary Granite along with a variety of gourmet stone-age popcorn.

- Ace O’ Clubs
Located in the futuristic city of Metropolis it specializes in bite-sized intercontinental cuisine. For those who desire some tandoori chicken sticks must pay a visit to the Ace of Clubs.

- Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck
Ice-cream lovers do not miss to visit this roving battle tank like ice cream truck. Here supervillain Mr. Freeze will be treating you with delicious ice-cream treats.

- Huckleberry Hound Pies
Enjoy a sweet treat at this dessert parlour found at Cartoon Junction. It's a grab n go venue where you can buy all sorts of sweet, fruity pies a lot of other delicious sugary savouries.- Park Ridge Market
This grab n go outlet is established in the Metropolis area. There you can buy delicious snack items like ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads, and cookies.

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Places to Visit near Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

The theme park is adjacent to many other attractions of this man-made island, these are:

- Ferrari World
Ferrari World empowers you to have an exciting outing where you can know the history of Ferrari. Also, brimming with adventure rides and interactive events Ferrari World has two record-breaking crazy roller coasters. Flying Aces, the tallest non-inverting loop on the planet and Formula Rossa, the fastest in the world.

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- Yas Waterworld
Get on the unending adventure to appreciate an exciting day out together with the family or friends. At Yas Waterworld, you can surf at the world's biggest surfable sheet wave, hop in a six-person water coaster, dive an epic Slither Slide and wave tunnels. You can also sit back, unwind, and drift along the sluggish stream.

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- Yas Marina Circuit
The Yas Marina Circuit is an interesting extension to the Yas island’s entertainment venues. A fantasy world for automobile lovers, here one can opt for the DriveYAS experience to select supercars like Ferrari 458 GT, Aston Martin GT4, and Mercedes-AMG GTS for 20 min lap around the circuit. Also, you can take the Yas Marina Circuit Tour, to know its history and all that can be done here.

- Yas Beach
A comfortable getaway around the white sandy beach, pristine waters, and natural mangrove background ideal for everyone. Here you can relish tasty bites and tropical sips at any of the on-site restaurants. Also, water activities range from kayaks and jet-skis to sailing.

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Other Essential Information About Warner Bros. World

Warner Bros World Theme Park tickets cost the same for the people of all age group. Children below three years of age get free entry. 

The Warner Bros World opens from 10 am to 8 pm. But the rides begin at 11 am. The huge line up of shows as well as, rides, and famous character meets are included in the entry ticket price.  But shopping and dining out within the theme park will be additional. There are various kinds of passes also accessible for the theme park.

- Location:
 Abu Dhabi, Al Falah Rd, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
- Timings: 10 am - 8 pm
- Price: Daily Pass AED 295 or INR 5528 for all
             Family & Friends pass 885 AED or INR 16583 (Group of 4)
             Annual Passes 995AED (For residents)

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Tips for Visiting Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

- Download the WB World app, which will help you regarding the ride height restrictions and wait times during your visit.

-Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is sharing its area with Yas Island so; parking isn't an issue here. A lot of space is committed to this amusement centre. Then walk to Warner Bros from the parking is generally direct with clear signage guiding the route. You just need to cross a narrow path to make it to the theme park. 

- A range of annual passes is available for Warner Bros. theme park. Those seeking to spend quality time in this theme park across the year can grab the annual pass offer costing Dh695.

- There is a special pass costing Dh1,295 to enjoy the theme park with other two Yas Island Theme Parks, i.e., Yas Water World Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Further, a Yas Parks Annual Platinum Pass costing Dh2,895 comes with a lot of extra benefits on visiting all three parks.
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People Also Ask About Warner Bros. World

  1. Can we take food inside Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    No, due to safety and cleanliness purposes, visitors are not allowed to take food inside. Only baby food is permitted. However, there are several on-site eateries, cafes, and restaurants available.

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  2. How many rides are there in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    Warner Bros Abu Dhabi features a total of 29 rides suitable for all age groups. The rides are distributed in 5 different sections, featuring thrill, family, and kids rides.
  3. Can adults go to Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, adults can go to Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. They will equally enjoy their time at this theme park. As there are a lot of thrilling rides and adventures specially designed for adults.

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  4. How much time is required to explore the whole Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    It generally depends on you, how much time you want to give, and the crowd in the theme park on that particular day. We suggest to set aside at least an afternoon but to explore the whole park thoroughly whole day is necessary.

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  5. Is Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Indoor?

    Yes, it is an indoor theme park spanning on 1.65 million square feet of land. The park is made indoors with the aim to cater to visitors even when the temperature soars in Abu Dhabi.
  6. Is there any dress code for men and women in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    No, there is no specific dress code requirement to visit this theme park. You can dress casually or as you like. It is advisable to avoid dangling jewellery, scarves, etc. because there are many rides in which you will be asked to remove them.

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  7. What is the best time of the day to visit Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    The best time to visit the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi if you are short on time is from 11 am to 5 pm as all the rides will be fully operational by that time. But it is recommended to invest your whole day here to thoroughly enjoy every attraction of this vast theme park.
  8. Is it better to go on a weekday or weekend?

    It is better to visit Warner Bros World theme park on a weekday as it will be less crowded and will reduce your queueing time. Note: In UAE weekends are on Friday and Saturday
  9. How to reach Warner Bros by public transport?

    If you are coming through local taxi from Dubai Mall, it'll take a minimum 1 hour to reach Warner Bros depending on the traffic via E11 highway. Additionally, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes to reach here from Downtown Dubai. The taxi will cost you around Dh200 to Dh250 to reach the theme park from Dubai. Also, if you have booked tickets online, free shuttle services are provided to the visitors by the theme park from different stops including Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City, and Saadiyat.

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  10. Is it required to book tickets in advance?

    No, advance booking of tickets is not necessary. You can purchase the tickets directly from the theme park as the queue for tickets moves quite fast. But when you book the tickets online in advance, you get a 6-month validity on them. Also, when you buy tickets online, you can avail 15 AED discount from the gate tickets price.
  11. Are there any height restrictions for rides?

    Yes, all the rides in the WB world have specific height criteria. Kids will be checked on each ride.

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  12. Is there any place to eat at Warner Bros?

    There are 20 themed dining facilities, from full-service dine-out restaurants and cafes to takeaway eateries.
  13. What is ACME Beats?

    ACME Beats is a 30 minutes show that happens at the ACME Factory in Cartoon Junction daily. It is an entertainment show in the theme park featuring action, physical comedy, a lot of drumming, and audience participation for an immersive fun event.
  14. What is The Joker Surprise Party?

    It is a live interactive show in which you get to enjoy the action-packed surprise party hosted by Harley Quinn for the Joker

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  15. Does this place offer discounts for seniors?

    Yes, the theme park offers a 10% discount to the seniors who are 60+ years of age. Kindly keep the proof of age handy that you need to show at the Ticketing plaza.
  16. Why is ticket price based on height?

    Due to safety and usability restrictions on some of the rides, that are height-based tickets prices are based on height. While visitors under 1.1m, will be able to enjoy rides at these theme park, there are some rides that will be restricted to them. Therefore, the ticket price relies on this 1.1m height factor.
  17. Is there any way to skip ride queues?

    Yes, the theme park offers The Flash Pass. When you buy this pass, you can skip the ride queues to quickly get in on the action for selected rides and attractions at the WB world. It's a perfect choice if you have less time and need to enjoy and explore the park in a short time.

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