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About Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World or commonly called Movie World is the biggest movie-related fun park in Australia. It is located in Gold Coast and is based on various DC Comics and the Warner Bros. studio theme. The theme park was built in 1991 and is the oldest Warner Bros. theme park in the world.

The 415-acre theme park is filled with rides which are based on various themes of different Warner Bros. movies. To make the atmosphere in and around the park more enjoyable and fun-loving, many famous characters of the movies hang around so that visitors can take pictures with them.

One can find characters like Batman, Scooby-Doo, Austin Powers, Wonder Woman, Superman and many more. One can also visit the studio nearby, Warner Roadshow Studios which has been the prime studio and produced movies like Peter Pan, Ghost Ship, Fortress, House of Wax, etc.

The Warner Bros. Movie World hosts an All-Star Parade which showcases the various characters from the movies alongside their vehicles.Warner Bros. Movie World is divided into 5 parts or areas viz. DC Comics Superhero, DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed, Kids’ WB Fun Zone, Wild West and Main Street.

The DC Comics Superhero is the area which is home to DC Superhero rides and attractions. DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed is the newest developed area in the park. The Kids’ WB Fun Zone is filled with fun rides from the Looney Tunes show.

The Wild West is the part of the park which has various fun and water rides. Main Street is the main part of the park and is home to many popular rides and parks dedicated to popular animated movies.

How to Reach Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World is around 40 km from the Gold Coast Airport. One can get to the park from the airport by taking a bus from the airport to Broadbeach South Station. Get down at Broadbeach South Station and take a tram up to Helensvale.

From Helensvale, take a bus from to Wet ‘n’ Wild and get down at the Wet ‘n’ Wild bus station and walk for 5 minutes.Also, you can take a private cab or taxi from the airport to the park but it would be a little heavy on your pocket.

Best Time to Visit Warner Bros. Movie World

The various rides and attractions of the Warner Bros. Movie World are open and operational all-around the year. You will be missing a major chunk of on a few days when the rides are put up for repairing and servicing.

lso, the best season to visit Warner Bros. Movie World is in the Summer season (May to October). One can visit the park on any day of the year. The park hosts some very surprising and fun events, fun-fairs, movie screening, etc. on a daily basis.Also, the park is open for long hours and the detailed timings are:

- 10th January to 19th January - 9 AM to 7 PM &  9.30 AM to 6.30 PM for rides.

- 20th January to 1st December - 9.30 AM to 5.30 Pm & 10 AM to 5 PM for rides.

Other Essential Information About Warner Bros. Movie World

1. Location: 
Warner. Bros Movie World, Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland.

2. Timings: 10th January to 19th January - 9 AM to 7 PM &  9.30 AM to 6.30 PM for rides.

20th January to 1st December - 9.30 AM to 5.30 Pm & 10 AM to 5 PM for rides.

The various rides and attractions are non-functional from 2nd to 9th January as the repairing and servicing work takes place.

3. Distance from Gold Coast Airport: Warner Bros. Movie World is 40 km from the Gold Coast Airport.

Tickets for Warner Bros. Movie World

The detailed ticket division is as follows:

1. Locals Village Roadshow One Pass ($159): This annual pass allows 12 unlimited entries for a year. The pass holder gets access to Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet N Wild, Sea World and Paradise Country.

2. Village Roadshow Three Day Pass ($139): Entry for 3 days to the Warner Bros. Wonder World, Sea World and Wet n Wild.

3. Single Day Pass ($89): The one day entry pass is valid for Warner Bros. Movie World.

4. Village Roadshow Mega Pass: This two-week entry pass allows entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Paradise Country and Wet N Wild.

5. Village Roadshow Super Pass ($159): The 7-days pass offers entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet N Wild.

6. Village Roadshow One Pass ($230): This 12-months pass allows the visitor unlimited access to Warner Bros. Movie World, Paradise Country, Sea World, Sea World and Wet N Wild.  Also, 1 free entry to White Christmas and Carnivale.

7. Gift Card ($50): Get a superb $50 Gift Card and avail a chance to experience the finest things and attractions in the park.

Types of Rides at Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World has some of the finest rides in the world. With adventurous and thrilling rides in the park, here are the types of parks at Warner Bros. Movie World.

- Family Rides

Warner Bros. Movie World has various family rides. They are as follows:

1. The Justice League 3D Ride: In this ride, one has to compete with their fellow riders with a laser gun. In this fight, you will be accompanied by some superheroes like  Batman and Superman and you will have to save the world! You will be on a cart which would be moving from a dark tunnel.

Make your way through the tunnel and kill all the evil of the earth. Also, children who will be on this ride have to be at least 90cm to 110cm tall and accompanied by an adult.

2. Road Runner Rollercoaster: From the ACME Fireworks Factory to the Arizona Desert, ride your roller coaster. This awesome ride is over 11 metres high with a lot of twists, turns, ups and downs. It is the perfect adventure ride for kids and the height limit for children on this ride is from 110 cm to 130 cm.

3. Looney Tunes Carousel: Hop on any one of your favourite Looney Tunes characters and ride on it. This thrilling ride accommodates 4 adults or 6 children on a carriage. The total number of Looney Tune characters in this ride are 24 and each carriage resembles a popular Looney Tune character.

Anyone who wants to ride this thrilling ride has to be around 145 cms tall. Also, the children who want to ride have to be 105 cm tall and accompanied by an adult.

4. Junior Driving School: This fun and learning ride is the perfect ride for children who are into driving and cars. Drive through the roads of the park and follow the traffic rules. Other than fun and adventure, one can also learn about various roads and traffic rules.

A car has two seats and it can accommodate a child and an adult. The minimum height for this ride is between 90 to 100 cm.

5. Tijuana with Speedy Taxis: Another amazing car ride, one can hop on any one of the taxis and ride on the roads. The taxi accommodates one child and in this way, the children get the adventure of driving their own taxi. A height of a minimum of 145 cm or under is allowed.

6. Sylvester’s Pounce N Bounce: Jump alongside Sylvester and hop on this crazy fun ride to catch Tweety. Help Sylvester in catching Tweety and enjoy the ups and downs of this ride.

Riders with the height of minimum 90 cm to 145 cm are allowed on this ride.

7. Yosemite Sam Railroad: Get along Yosemite Sam in his train and travel the park in a miniature railway. Children who wish to get on the ride are to be accompanied by an adult.

8. Sylvester and Tweety Cages: With the rotating and jumping cages, Sylvester would never catch Tweety. Join in Tweety in this ride and help her escape from Sylvester. This fun ride involves rotating cages and one has to get on it and swirl and enjoy.

9. Looney Tunes Splash Zone: Had fun in the awesome rides at the park? Maybe it's time to relax! Get in Looney Tunes Splash Zone and relax. With amazing water jets and a water pool, it is time for children to just sit and chill.

- Thrill Rides

Most popular for its Thrill Rides, the Warner Bros. Movie World has a lot of awesome and amazing rides. Amongst them, the Thrill rides are as follows:

1. DC Rivals Hypercoaster: This is not just a rollercoaster, it is a hypercoaster. With its top speed going up to 115 km/h, this 1.5 km long hypercoaster is the longest and the fastest of its kind in the entire Southern Hemisphere. This iconic ride takes an 89-degree fall from its highest point, the joker’s head.

Enjoy the thrill of height, speed and revolve around in this amazing ride.

2. Green Lantern Coaster: One of the steepest rides in the Southern Hemisphere, the Green Lantern Coaster is a must-try ride. This 488-metres long ride is an El Loco Coaster that can reach up to the speed of 66 km/h.

3. Batwing Spaceshot: This thrilling and amazing ride will take you in the air and back to the ground. With its top speed of a whopping 72 km/h, Batwing Spaceshot will take you almost 60 metres in the air and will drop you down.

Feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy the Batwing Spaceshot. The height criteria for this ride is a minimum of 123 cm tall.

4. Doomsday Destroyer: This amazing ride will take you upside-down. Located in the DC SUpervillains Unleashed Area, this ride is an adventurous and mind-blowing ride.One must be 130 cm to 200 cm tall to enjoy the Doomsday Destroyer.

5. Superman Escape: One of the fastest and quickest rides in Warner Bros. Movie World, Superman Escape is an amazing ride. This ride climbs vertically and can reach 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. This thrill and adrenaline rush can only be felt in a superman hence the name of the ride, Superman Escape.

People with medical problems and height shorter than 140 cm are not allowed in this ride.

6. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation: This indoor ride is one of the finest rides in the theme park. The ride invites your gang to participate in a ride full of fun and joy. With special effects, motions, lights and sound experience the finest time in the park on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation.

People with a height shorter than 110 cm are not allowed in this ride. Also, children who come to this ride are to be strictly accompanied by an adult.

7. Wild West Falls Adventure Ride: This ride is a western-based theme which will take you through some water showers, geysers, ghost towns and buildings on a wagon train. With a few steep drop and narrow turns, you will be having your best time on this ride. Children who are willing to come on this ride must be 95 cm tall and accompanied by an adult.

Facilities for visitors:

Being Australia’s biggest theme park, Warner Bros. Movie World provides all the possible services to its visitors. You can check out the various facilities here:

1. Visitors who have any medical problems can rest in the Guest Services which is located on the main street.

2. Electronic Lockers are provided to visitors to store their valuables and other items.

3. ATM and EFTPOS are available around the park near the Coffee Stall in the Main Street and near the Dirty Harry Bar and Grill.

4. The Lost and Found department is also available in the theme park.

5. Visitors with babies and differently-abled ones can get Stroller and Wheelchair facility.

6. The park has several Water Fountains which provide free-drinking water.

7. A special Taz Rest Stop is developed in the Kids Fun Zone which has services like microwaves, bean bags, books, bottle warmers, etc.

Food at Warner Bros. Movie World

The theme park is not only home to some amazing rides and attractions but also has many cafes and shopping centres. Below are the places where you can eat, drink and shop at ease.

1. Village Bean Coffee House: With a variety of sandwiches, burgers, cold drinks and the popular coffee, the Village Bean Coffee House is the perfect place to go.

2. Gotham City Cafe: As awesome as the cafe sounds, more yummy and delicious burgers and special sauce sandwiches are available in the cafe.

3. Main St. Dell: The cafe selling fresh artisan bread items, Main St. Dell is your pit-stop for bread items.

4. Rick’s Cafe Americain & Bar: Eat some of the yummiest pizza, pasta and drink some fine drinks in this cafe.

5. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: If you are looking for the perfect ice cream in the park, this is your place. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is very popular in the theme park. The different flavoured and different variety of ice cream sold here is one of a kind.

6. Newspaper Stand - Stand and Refill Station: You read it right. Get your newspaper and refill your drinks and snacks from this place. These small stalls are located in various locations around the park.

Shopping at Warner Bros. Movie World

You can never stop shopping souvenirs for dear ones. Get the best souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones from these shops:

1. Superman Store: Get all your superman merch from this shop. From cape to t-shirt and whatnot, this is your one-stop-shop for purchasing the best superman items.

2. Warner Bros. Department Store: Visit this store to shop for gifts and items of all the Warner Bros. Movies.

3. Movie Memorabilia: If you are a cinema-geek, this is the perfect shop for shopping souvenirs. Get some exclusive and awesome gift items of the different iconic movies from this shop.

4. Scooby-Doo Store: The iconic Scooby-Doo is here and has brought many of his products in this store. Shop for some awesome Scooby-Doo merchandise and products as souvenirs from this shop.

Ride Safety & Requirements at Warner Bros. Movie World

Each ride comes with a set of safety and requirements. They are as follows:

1. Batwing Spaceshot: A minimum height of 123 cm is required. Also, for people with back problems, heart problems, pregnant women, motion sickness, an existing limb injury may find this ride unsuitable.

2. DC Rivals Hypercoaster: The main criteria for this ride is a minimum height of 130 cm and children under 7 years are not allowed. The safety instructions of this ride restrict people with motion sickness, any limb injury, physical issues like backache, etc., heart disorders and expectant mothers.

3. Doomsday Destroyer: A minimum height of 130cm to 200 cm. This ride can be dangerous for people with back and neck problems. Also, people with heart problems are restricted from this ride. People with motion sickness are also advised to not ride on this ride.

4. Green Lantern Coaster: This thrill ride is only for people with a minimum height of 140 cm. As this ride has a harness, some riders may find the harness uncomfortable.

5. Wild West Falls: People with a height between 95 cm and 120 cm are allowed in this ride. Riders with seizures and injuries are not allowed on this ride. Also, people with physical limitations are restricted from this ride.

6. Junior Driving School: This fun kids ride is for children between the height of 90 cm to 100 cm. Kids with medical conditions can contact the Guest Service.

7. Justice League 3D Ride: This 3D ride allows children who are 90 to 110 cm tall. Children with physical disorders are not allowed on this ride as they may be exposed to the lasers of the ride.

8. Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxi: This awesome fun ride allows children who are 145 cm tall. Also, as the ride is an individual ride, the drivers are instructed before driving.

Traveller's tips before visiting Warner Bros. Movie World

Before visiting the theme park, it is always useful to check out for some possible tips. Here are some tips before visiting Warner Bros. Movie World.

1. Get a chance to see the various sets of popular movies and shows.

2. You also may get an opportunity to see the shooting of the movie. Other than walking on the movie set, you can be a part of the fun shooting experience.

3. It is advisable to do advance booking of your tickets on the website of the park to avail an awesome discount.

4. Wheelchair and Stroller facilities are available in the theme park.

5. Before visiting the park and other nearby places, it is advisable to plan your visit as it will save you time.
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People Also Ask About Warner Bros. Movie World

  1. Can I bring my own lunch to Warner Bros. Movie World?

    No, you are not allowed to bring your own lunch or any food items inside the theme park. There are various restaurants in the theme park which provide many mouth-watering and yummy food items.
  2. Do you have lockers to store personal items at Warner Bros. Movie World?

    Yes, lockers are available to store personal items at the Warner Bros. Movie World. They are located next to the Movie World Photo Centre and can be rented for $10 to $20 depending on their sizes.
  3. Can you smoke at Warner Bros. Movie World?

    Yes, you can smoke in the Warner Bros. Movie World but only in the designated smoking areas. You can find those on the map of the theme park.
  4. What is the weather like and how should I dress for Warner Bros. Movie World?

    The weather in and around the theme park is mild and humid. Temperature can range from 28-degree Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius in summer and winter respectively. It is advisable to wear lite and comfortable clothes during the summertime and carry a jacket alongside during the winters.
  5. Where can I find lost & found at Warner Bros. Movie World?

    There is a lost and found service in the Warner Bros. Movie World which can be found near the Guest Services on the Main Street of the park. Also, if you are far from the Guest Services stall, you can call on 0755738380 to claim any of your lost items or report the authorities about your lost items.
  6. Where can I get first aid at Warner Bros. Movie World?

    The Warner Bros. Movie World has a First-aid and medical centre and it is located at the Kids Warner Bros. Zone.

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