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About Venetian Ghetto

Originally a small cramped ghetto for Jews refugees, Venetian Ghetto is a brilliant colony to be witnessed by the tourists. The place root back to 1516 on March 29th, when the Italians were replaced by Jews within a week. They were forced to reside in this area after a lot of rents and restrictions imposed on them.

However, this was still a better place than others where they were forced to change their religion. Since then, Venetian Ghetto was an open prison until the city was seized and the gates were turned down by the Napoleons in 1797.

However, because the Jews felt privileged to have this place, they constructed two synagogues along with various other monuments. Tourists visit to witness the world’s first open prison and Jewish vibes at this Tourist attraction in Venice .

Location: Cannaregio, Italy

Entry Fee (Only if applicable): Not Applicable

Timings (Only If any): Not Applicable

Fact: In the present times, unlike the old times, there is no particular boundary which could suggest the starting or ending of the ghetto.
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