About Tenganan Pegringsingan

A village that still lives in history, Tenganan Pegringsingan is located on the regency of Karangasem in Bali. Secluded from the modern culture and lifestyle of Bali, Tenganan Pegringsingan embraces the ancient way of living. The layout of the houses resembles the ancient Balinese period and they are arranged on both sides of the village.

These houses have very narrow entrances that only allow one person to get in the house or come out. The impact of history and culture has been deep into the minds of the people of the village that they only allow villagers to marry among themselves and socialize along with fellow villagers. 

Prior to 1970, many anthropologists considered Tenganan Pegringsingan as one of the most isolated and secluded society. Post that, many changes have been developed in the village by the Government of Indonesia like local transportation, promoting tourism and its culture, etc. The supreme factor that attracts tourists to the village is the unique Bali Aga culture which is still prevalent in the village. Tourists visit the village in large numbers to learn about the historic importance of Bali Aga as the village houses the original and the first Balinese people in Bali.

Tenganan Pegrisingan is home to many rites and rituals which are celebrated from the old Bali Aga culture. Many of these rituals are similar to the Balinese culture but a few unique rituals are followed by the villagers. One such ritual is the use of geringsing (a traditional attire) to keep out the evil from the village. It is said that geringsing has magical powers which protect the villagers when they pass from one phase of life to another one. Tourists who are keen to know about Geringsing can visit the workshops and observe the weaving process of it

How to Reach Tenganan Pegringsingan

The way to reach Tenganan Pegringsingan from Ngurah Rai International Airport, one has to:

By car: One can hire a private cab or minibus from the airport to the village

By bus: Take a bus from Sarbagita Bus station near the airport to Batubulan Mini Bus station. Get down at Batubulan Bus station and take another bus to Amlapura. From Amlapura, take a bus to Candidsa and get down at the Candidasa Cafe. From Candidasa Cafe,  you can hire a scooter or taxi to reach the village. 

Best Time to Visit Tenganan Pegringsingan

The best time to visit the village is in June as the popular ritual tradition of Mekaré-kare or Pandan War takes place in June and lasts for over a month. This tradition takes place 2-3 times a day. In this festival, the men of the village fight with each other using the leaves of the Panadanu plant. This festival is performed in order to worship Lord Indra. 

Also, the best time of the year to visit Bali is from April to October as the climate remains cool and mild. 

What Not to Miss at Tenganan Pegringsingan

Places to Visit Near Tenganan Pegringsingan

There are many interesting and fascinating places near the ancient village. Below are some of the places to visit near Tenganan Pegringsingan.

1. Candidasa and its beaches

Candidasa is a seaside town located in eastern Bali and 8 km from Tenganan Pegringsingan. One can visit the many freshwater lagoons, beaches and spa-resorts in the town. One can also practice fishing in the fresh and clean waters of Candidasa. The three islands - Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and Gili Biaha are the most popular scuba diving and snorkelling spots in eastern Bali. 

The town is very popular for its clean and tranquil beaches like Virgin Beach, White Sand Beach and Dasa Beach. 

-Virgin Beach - The cleanest beach on Candidasa, Virgin Sand Beach is the perfect beach to spend a wonderful day. One can walk along the tranquil sand and water of the beach and eat some of the tastiest dishes of

-White Sand Beach
- Popular for its white sand, White Sand Beach is visited by tourists in large numbers. There are various massage centres along the beach where one can relax and have a great massage 

-Dasa Beach -
One can go for boating in the Dasa Beach. The black sandy Dasa Beach is located very close to the main road of Candidasa and can be reached easily. 

2. Taman Sukasada Ujung Park 

Popularly known as Suksada Park, this park is a big and beautiful park surrounded by the old Karangasem Empire’s heritage buildings and monuments. One can learn about the history of Karangasem Empire and take a dip in the various pools of the park. 

The park also has a European Style building, Bale Gili which is open for visitors. In the building, one can see the various artefacts and paintings of the Karangasem empire. 

3. Tirta Gangga

Tenganan Pegringsingan Water Palace or Tirta Gangga Water Palace is an old palace which houses the royal family of eastern Bali. Named after the holy Indian river, one can visit the water palace to see the Patirthan temple, various bathing pools and much more.

Other Essential Information About Tenganan Pegringsingan

North-west of Candidiasis, Jalan Nyuh Tebel, Tenganan, Indonesia

8 AM to 6 PM

There is no entrance fee to the village but one can donate to various centres in the village. 

Places to Eat Near Tenganan Pegringsingan

Bali is very popular for its various cuisines ranging from seafood to traditional Indonesian food. Near the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan, one can find many restaurants, cafes and beach hotels to eat. Below are some of the places to eat near Tenganan Pegringsingan.

1. In the village
The locals of the village offer several dishes to the visitors. One can have the local Tipat (Meat and Rice wrapped in Coconut leaf) and some fine Fried Meat. 

2. Lezat Beach Restaurant
Lezat in Balinese means ‘Delicious’ and this the motto that this restaurant follows. 

Located near the Dasa Beach of Candidasa, Lezat Beach Restaurant serves the finest seafood in the locality. One can try out various fish dishes which are made with a blend of the Balinese taste and local essence. The restaurant offers a great view of the Dasa Beach. 

After the sunset, one can enjoy the mouth-watering food of the restaurant with some magical live performances by local bands. 

3. LaRouge Restaurant
Offering luxury amidst Dasa Beach, LaRouge Restaurant is very popular among tourists. The restaurant serves various International dishes from the cuisines of Italy, China and Mexico.  

LaRouge Restaurant is very popular for its Prawn dishes and fresh fruit juices. One can have a fine dinner facing the beautiful beach. 

4. Puri Amerta hotel and restaurant
Located in the town of Karangasem, Puri Amerta hotel and restaurant offers various food items. One can stay in the hotel and have the finest food in the locality. If you are looking for a place to eat in Karangasem, this is the perfect spot. 

Enjoy the view of the small cliffs whilst eating some finger-licking food. 

5. Warung Panti Garden
Situated very close to the village, Warung Panti Garden serves the finest noodles and rice in the region. The restaurant has a garden type ambience and offers the finest view of the village. 

6. Garpu Restaurant
A very popular restaurant, Garpu Restaurant offers the finest breakfast in the locality. The most famous item of the restaurant is the Royal Kingdom. The restaurant offers a very calm and magnificent view of the beach. 

Tips for Visiting Tenganan Pegringsingan

It is advisable to opt for a guide as the villagers do not speak English. Many hotels offer guide services and at a very cheap rate. 

2. The mobile signal in the village is very poor. 

3. The village has a few public restrooms and bathrooms. It is advisable to carry tissues and hand sanitizers. 

4. Parking facility is available near the village and the parking charges are as follows:
-Scooter: IDR 2000
-Car: IDR 5000
-Minibus: IDR 10000

There are a few souvenir shops in the village where one can purchase the local food items, a few clothing items and local paintings.

It is advisable to not make noise and havoc in the village. 

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People Also Ask About Tenganan Pegringsingan

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Tenganan Pegringsingan?

    One can visit the village at any time of the day between 8 AM to 6 PM. Although to have a chat with the villagers and see their way of living, it is advisable to visit the village during the evening time. Also, one can eat some fine local food made by the villagers.
  2. Is the Tenganan Pegringsingan near Candidasa Beach?

    Tenganan Pegringsingan is around 5 km from Candidasa Beach. The village is connected by the main road that runs across Candidasa and to the village.
  3. What is unique about Tenganan Pegringsingan?

    Till 1970, the village was considered as one of the secluded places of the archipelago. There are many things that are unique about Tenganan Pegringsingan. From the people of the village who live in the ancient ideology of the Bali Aga culture to their houses which are constructed in the Bali Aga architectural style. The various rites and rituals which are unique and separate the village from other small villages are towns.
  4. How long does it take to go around Tenganan Pegringsingan?

    It takes around 1-2 hours to go around the village. There are a few workshops that manufacture the traditional Geringsing textiles. There is a sacred temple in the village which is located right in the middle of the village.
  5. What is the history of Tenganan Pegringsingan Water Palace?

    Tirta Ganga popularly known as Tenganan Pegringsingan Water Palace was home to the Raja of Karangasem, Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. The water palace was originally built in an area spanning 400 hectares but was reduced to 10 hectares to install various land reform programs. The water palace houses many beautiful statues and an eleven-tiered fountain in the heart of the palace.

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