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About Teatro Alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala, inaugurated on 3rd August 1778, is a stunning theatre in the romantic city of Milan, Italy. It has an excellent holding capacity of 2030 people in it. La Scala theatre orchestra and La Scala theatre ballet are two schools associated with the theatre.

La Scala academy's primary objective is to teach and train the young blood to excel in music, dance, and technical programs. The La Scala shows begin on feast day that is celebrated in Milan with great enthusiasm. Evenings are the time when the performances starts, and one gets to enjoy the opera till midnight.

Another epic place in the opera house is the Museo Teatrale alLa Scala. One can get to see a tremendous set of drafts, paintings, costumes, statues at Museo Teatrale alLa Scala (Musume of the La Scala theatre), which is an open museum.

The history of the theatre is also depicted here and one can learn a lot of fascinating facts by just visiting this marvellous piece of art. The interesting part about the theatre is that famous Italian singers, as well as artists, have made an appearance at this beautiful opera.

It is amongst the most famous ballet and opera theatres in the world. One should definitely visit this theatre because of the artists, as well as the artwork that it features. This place’s history and its impressive performances attract the tourist to visit this place and everyone who visits the theatre is sure to have an amazing time.

How to Reach Teatro Alla Scala

The distance from the airport to the theatre is 41 kilometers by train and 49.3 kilometers by road. The best means of transportation is considered to be the train. Below are the best means of commuting from the airport to the Teatro alLa Scala.

By Road:
The cheapest way to travel from the airport to the destination is to drive. 

By Train:
People who like to travel through train, there is a direct train that departs from the airport and arrives at Milano Cadorna. This train operates every day and departs every 30 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Teatro Alla Scala

Keeping in mind, the best time to visit Italy is in the spring season. The time of fall which is (April to June) or fall season (September to October). These seasons have a temperate climate with fewer tourists and lower prices. On the other hand, the weather in Milan is lovely during these periods. 

The La Scala requires at least 3 days to explore. Also, due to the fact that the tourists keep pouring in, the reservations are required to be made at least 6 months in advance so that they get to see the art gallery as well as the restaurants. Depending on the season the program takes place the concert lasts about 2 hours, one looking for an opera experience must come before 15 min the time from the ticket showtime mentioned.

What Not to Miss at Teatro Alla Scala

If you are planning to watch the performance at the La Scala theatre, then you must check the schedule and the availability of the tickets; most of the tickets get sold out during the seasons. Spend the best of the time, enjoying the performance, and watching the enchanting architecture.

Below is a list of events that are held at this fabulous Opera house.

1. Romeo and ṁ
So, whenever someone hears the word love story, the first character’s development that comes into the mind is Romeo and Juliet. Teatro alla Scala, conducts a beautiful ensemble of Romeo and Juliet with step to be undertaken by Lorenzo.

2. The Concert of Puccini's Tosca
Apart from this, another mind-blowing concert is Puccini's Tosca. This is amongst the most excellent concerts in which they have 15 Opera titles and seven voice reciters. This calendar is brilliantly filled with extraordinary concerts and performances from singers to conductors to stage directors. Everyone is the best in their field. 

3. The Season Concert
It is the year's first concert which is one of the most memorable season calendars. The variety of ensembles that are put together by the performers make the audience feel the love and kindness that the performers have to offer to them. Although the season is full of a variety of different concerts and reciters and singers, to name a few, there are Tosca, Il Trovatore, and many more events. 

4. The Brilliant Opera
Amongst most different things that have been planned this year will touch your soul. Every year the house of opera tries to do something very different that makes it amongst the most brilliant and unique in the world. They always bring out the best things out of singing as the Opera dedicates their time to work day and night.

Places to Visit near Teatro alla Scala 

If you are here in this magnificent city, why just to attend only the Museum when you have so many beautiful restaurants and castles to go and have a pleasant experience in. Let's dig into the places to visit nearby the house of opera.

1. Sforza Castle
As we know that Milan is the city of beautiful designs and unique culture, and it never fails to impress every person that visits this city. And one of its major attractions is this castle, which was built in the 14th century. It is popularly known as the Citadel in Europe. It is one of those particular Museums that portrays the remains of Civic history of Milan, which includes Michelangelo's work.

2. Pinacoteca Di Brera
This is amongst the most popular public galleries in the whole of Italy. It is known to attract visitors from all around the globe. It has a rare and unique collection of Lombard works of art and Venetian too. It was once the observatory for astronomical activities, and was actually controlled by the Jesuits, in the year 1773.

Since then it has undergone many changes and changed many hands to finally become the home for fabulous art after separating from the main Academy in 1882.

3. Santa Maria Delle Grazie 
Without any doubt, this is amongst the most beautiful and holiest Churches around the globe. It has a beautiful dome by Bramante and a lovely sanctuary. This Church is known for glorifying the history and narrating the whole storyline of the Milanese Court of Ludovico.

Amongst big things about this holy Church is it has the most extensive collection of Da Vinci paintings with the crucifixion painted by Donato Montaufano from the last supper.

4. Milano
Milano is amongst the most beautiful cities one can ever visit. It is most definitely a go-to list for a travel freak. It is the perfect mixture of modern and traditional culture, which is completely packed. With History fashion food and whatnot, it is amongst most visited cities in Italy best places to visit from the Duomo Cathedral to Galleria Vittorio Emauelle II.

Other Essential Information About Teatro Alla Scala

Via Filodrammatici, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Opening hour: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM (suggested duration 2-3 hours)

Entry fee:
- Fee for students: € 6
- Fee for schools: € 3,50
- Full fare ticket: € 9
- Tickets for disabled and below 12: free

Distance from the nearest airport:
The total distance from the nearest airport, Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), Italy is around 50.6 km. From the airport it takes about 51 min via train to reach La Scala, Lombardy, Italy

- Via bus, it takes: 1hr 12 min
- Via taxi: 38 min
- Via town cars: 38 min

History of Teatro alla Scala 

La Scala, the full form for which is Teatro Alla Scala, and the translation is ‘the theatre at the stairway’. Known to be the leading Italian house in Milan, it was built in the year 1776. The theatre is a very journey associated with a ballet school and a singing School too. 

One of the stories about the theatre states that the entire place was illuminated with numerous lamps inside and outside of the academy, when it was inaugurated. Also, buckets of water were kept in each room to prevent fire. 

Empress Maria Teresa of Austria was the one to build it before the start of World War 1. To secure the house from the tyranny of World War 1, it remained closed till the war ended; however, the theatre still had to face the wrath of World War 2 as it was bombed during the second World War.

In 1946, the theatre was opened, and renovated. Then in 2001, the house was closed for extensive renovation, after which it remains open till date. This House of opera is known to be different from the other leading House of operas due to the history that it has.

The Museum at Teatro alla Scala

The ‘Museo Teatrale AlLa Scala’ is a famous theatrical museum where various artists showcase their amazing talent. It is obvious that its particular focus is on the history of Opera. But along with the house of opera, the museum also extends its knowledge to the theatrical history of the Italian culture in general. 

This Museum is established adjacent to the house of opera. It was established in the year 1913. The funds raised to build this Museum was through auctions that continued for two years, and the sources were mixed both from Government and private. Along with the Museum, a library is also attached, which is on the second floor and is very popular for its rare edition collection.

The Museum is popular for revealing the main characters and their storylines that made the Teatro Alla Scala what it is today. One such is the play of Romeo and Juliet, which actually made the characters come to life after the play was enacted there. They get to hear a dramatic ending, which will make this an unforgettable experience. This is amongst the most spectacular museums in the whole world. 

The best parts about the theatre is that the narrator also is able to enthral the audience by their melodrama and amazing talent of making everyone laugh, even when the play is a serious one. Along with this, the pieces are performed on the piano as well.

Facts about Teatro alla Scala

Let's study some great facts about the Milam House of opera

- This is amongst the most popular House of opera in the whole world. In the last 200 years, The Best Singers and perform there and have added feathers to the hat. 

For those who don't understand the meaning, Scala here means staircase. There are myths that the theatre is built on the church site, and a famous story has been heard for decades now about a sick child that was a cure in here.

The first Opera that was performed in this Museum was by Mozart. But funnily enough, the next time Mozart was heard in the museum was in the year 2004.

Who doesn't know the fantastic violinist Paganini, but what you don't know is that his debut was done this house of opera in the year 1813. 

This was not just an exclusive House of opera for theatres because other services were also performed here, which were not received critically well. The services include the trading transaction, stock-jobbing, and such other services that were carried on the pit. 

The house of opera is also famous for maintaining an extraordinary and unique relationship with Verdi. Although some believe, Verdi did not perform there for many years because the orchestra modified the music he was performing. But later in 1874, he played there, and it was announced in the year 1886 that this House of opera would host the premiere, which we know today as Otello.

As we know, the house of opera was severely damaged during World War II, but it was later rebuilt and opened in the year 1946 that year. There was a very memorable concert that was conducted by Toscanini, which was followed by Renata Tebaldi’s Soprano solo. And for those who know, this was a sensational opening.
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People Also Ask About Teatro Alla Scala

  1. How old is La Scala?

    Nuovo Regio Ducal Teatro alla Scala also is known as La Scala in Milan, Italy is a House of opera. The La Scala was established on 3 August 1778, which makes it more than 240 years old. It can fill around 2030 people in it. Mario Botta and Giuseppe Piermarini were the architects behind the La Scala. La Scala has a neoclassical architectural style.
  2. When was the Teatro alla Scala built?

    The La Scala was established on 3 August 1778 by the architects Mario Botta and Giuseppe Piermarini. It was built just way before the start of World War 1; however, after the building collapsed due to bombing in World War 2, it was rebuilt in a better way.
  3. Why is La Scala famous?

    The La Scala has contributed to bringing many great musicians, and other artists to fame. This House of opera of Milan has a seating capacity of more than 2000. Its sense of artistry, along with its architecture, is amongst the reasons why this monument is famous. Also, the ‘Scala’ in La Scala means 'staircase,' and The La Scala is over 240 years old.

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