About Tashigang Village

With a total of 6 families residing in it with a population of just 40, Tashigang is a tiny beautiful village at an altitude of 4650 metres. The village’s entrance is dotted with ancient chortens and it is definitely one of the most secluded yet fascinating places to visit in Spiti.

Visiting the village is like taking a step back in time where you can witness thatch roof houses, a small lake and people practising agriculture. The postcard perfect village is an escape for solitude seekers who keep seeking for places where the mobile network doesn’t exist.

The beautiful village is located near the India China border and faces many climate wise obstacles in the form of chilling winds and heavy snowfall. However, for the six families, Tashigang Village is their only retreat despite all the difficulties that they have to face while staying here. 

Location: Tashigang Village, Himachal Pradesh 


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