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One of the highest peaks in the Kodagu region, Tadiandamol has been a favourite not only amongst the trekkers but also with nature lovers, bird watchers and photo enthusiasts. The mountains have withstood the testimony of time and have inspired many since time immemorial.

The erstwhile rulers of the Kodagu region have drawn serious inspiration from the mighty mountain. Trails of their legacy have been left behind at the Nalknad Palace which is close to 200-year old now. Tadiandamol has a rich diversity in its flora and fauna harmoniously co-existing amidst the dense forests and grasslands of the Western ghats.

Tadiandamol Peak is the third-highest point in the region of Karnataka offering a magnificent view of the valley after crossing the meadows, water bodies, Shola forest and lush green vegetation. This peak stands at a height of 5,735 feet above sea level and is a favourite spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The mountain has stood testimony to the time and has witnessed several incidents both natural and man-made. Though scaling one of the tallest mountains in Karnataka is not the only adventure but it offers a great view of the surroundings and is one of the famous places to visit in Coorg.

Trekking along Tadiandamol teaches one to be valiant and patient while one observes the bounty of mother nature. As one starts from the base village of Kakkabe, the snaking trails are at times broad and of concrete and at times just muddy and unpaved. The excitement begins when the trail gets a little narrower with the sight of dense vegetation, coffee, pepper and other spice plantations. You will be able to witness and enjoy the sight of colourful birds and butterflies and hear them. 

Trek Routes to Tadiandamol Peak 

The highest peak in Kodagu offers a fascinating trek to nature lovers. At an elevation of 5740 ft, it takes you through verdant greens of Shola forest, valleys and rivers. The starting point of the trek is at Nalaknad Palace, where large vehicles like buses and tempo travelers can be parked free of cost. There is a motorable road until the viewpoint which is another 2km ahead. Only small vehicles can access this motorable road.

The trek to the peak starts from the Forest entry point, where one needs to buy tickets for the trek. The next major point is the big boulder where trekkers usually take a short break to witness a charming view of the surroundings. Beyond the big boulders are the grasslands leading to the silent forest. The pinnacle of the trek is the brilliant forest replete with flora and fauna of varied species. This is a moderate level trek which is 6km one way and takes close to 2-3 hours each side. The trails are broad and chances of getting lost are less.

History of Tadiandamol Peak

The third highest mountain peak in Karnataka is extremely popular amongst the tourists. It is adorned with lush Shola forest throughout the valley. The Nalaknad Palace built-in 1792 in the periphery of the mountain has historical relevance. It was used as a site to seek refuge by different rulers during the times of war amongst the neighboring states.

For the warrior clans also referred to as the Kodavas the highest peak in Coorg has been a source of inspiration. The stoic warriors were led by the mighty mountain to showcase their valour and strength which has been recorded in the pages of Indian history.

How to Reach Tadiandamol Peak

By Rail:
 Tadiandamol does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Mysore, at a distance of 107km from Tadiandamol. Thus, one needs to take a conveyance from Mysore to Tadiandamol.

By Road: One may also drive down from major cities like Bangalore/Mangalore or other places directly to the Kodagu district and get access to the highest peak in Coorg. It takes approximately 6 hours and 4 hours by road from Bangalore and Mangalore respectively.

By Bus: Regular buses ply from major cities and towns crossing Tadiandamol. Buses are available every 30 minutes from Bangalore bus depot and take approximately 6 hours to reach. Chennai to Tadiandamol is 611km and takes approximately 11hours to reach. 

Best Time to Visit Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol peak can be visited at any time of the year except for the monsoon months. However, a few tourists enjoy trekking in the rain when the hills are much greener and fertile thus looking splendid. 

What Not to Miss at Tadiandamol Peak

1. Trekking: Trekking along Tadiandamol Peak is one of the finest experiences that one can gather amidst natural surroundings. The trek will not only help one scale new heights along the peak but help witness the myriad beauty of nature from close quarters. With every turn, the meandering pathways lead you to a new experience to witness nature from a fresh perspective.

2. Photography: A trek or a walk along the Tadiandamol mountain peak is a delight to every photographer. A bounty of surprise awaits the nature lover and create unforgettable memories for time to come. The panoramic vistas of the valleys, coffee plantation, green vegetation-all create wonderful frames for an avid photographer.

3. Cherish the natural beauty:
 One will remain in awe after viewing the magnificent beauty of the verdant valleys, flora and fauna of different species and the looming age-old trees standing testimony to time. It is considered to be one of the best places to witness the sunrise or sunset.

4. Nalknad Palace: This 200-year old Palace has stood the test of time. Built-in 1792 by the Kodavas it is an architectural marvel constructed in wood. The finer detailing and intricate artwork will keep the visitor glued for long.

5. Big Rock: The camping ground has a huge rock which is often referred to as the Big Rock by many and is a favourite spot for either a stopover or for camping.

6. ViewPoint: The viewpoint is the end of the motorable road from where one needs to walk and enjoy the trek. Witness the meadows, verdant valleys, tiny huts and lush green vegetation resembling a rich green carpet.

7. Camping: There are a few designated places for camping at Tadiandamol. One is near the Big Rock which is popular amongst the tourist deciding to stay back for a day to watch the brilliant sunrise the day after. The other site for camping is at the peak which offers a brilliant view of the entire valley and beyond. It is a divine feeling to wake up to the first ray of sunlight beaming through the tent. 

Other Essential Information About Tadiandamol Peak

 Madikeri Taluk, Kodagu District, Karnataka.

Timings: Sunrise to sunset, thus 6 am to 6 pm is a good time to visit the hill.

Entry Fee: Rs. 20/- per head for trekking till the peak. The entry fee is taken at the forest checkpoint. 

Height: 1,748 metres.

Average Temperature: Temperature ranges from 15 – 20degree celsius throughout the year, thus pleasant weather to explore.

Distance from Bangalore: It takes close to 6 hours to reach Tadiandamol peak by road via the Mysore-Thalassery road. 

Traveller's Tips for Visiting Tadiandamol Peak

1. It is best to complete the trek before sunset and return before it is dark.

2. Avoid monsoon season for smooth and successful trekking till the peak.

3. Moderate fitness level is required to accomplish the task. Visitors with a breathing problem, blood pressure, expecting mothers, people with vertigo and with severe back problems can let go of this activity.

4. Start the trek with light exercise and nasal breathing to warm up.

5. Carry a bottle of water, cap, apply sunscreen, wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing.

6. Stay away from dense and bushy areas as it might unnecessarily attract animals and creepers on an attack mode.

7. There are no shops available beyond a certain point, thus carry your food and beverages.

8. Check out for leeches and other blood-sucking creatures which one may encounter. It is advisable to wear leech socks.

9. Carry night lamps or head torches to be used if it turns dark.

10 . Carry an extra change of clothes in case one gets wet or clothes get muddy.

Things to Carry for the trek to Tadiandamol Peak

1. Food, as there are no shops available after a certain point at Tadiandamol, thus it is suggested to pack food even if one wants to return the same day.

2. Water needs to be carried during the trek to keep yourself hydrated throughout.

3. One may choose to carry foldable tent in case one decides to stay back the night at the peak or at the camping site.

4. A light jacket/cardigan to ward off the chill if it rains or the temperature gets low.

5. Rainwear in case it rains to keep oneself dry.

6. A change of clothes in case one gets wet or muddy and feels the need to change

Things You Should Know

1. Places to Stay: There are quite a few homestays and camps close to Tadiandamol. One may either choose to stay back and put up a tent on the mountain and stay back for a day or two on the mountain top. The other option could be to cherish the moments spent at the many homestays available close to the mountain, post the trek to Tadiandamol.

2. Places to Eat: One would be surprised to find an array of eateries, Cafes and restaurants nearby Tadiandamol in Virajpet area. Ranging from Indian food, Chinese, Continental, fast food and Kodagu food it is all available to tantalize your palate.

3.Transportation: The last point of entry for vehicles is till the Viewpoint which permits only small-sized vehicles. After reaching the ViewPoint one has to start trekking as the use of vehicles is restricted beyond this point.

4.Medical Facilities: There is no provision for a pharmacy or a medical shop at Tadiandamol. It is suggested to carry the necessary medication along during the trek to the peak.

5.Network Connectivity: The network connectivity at Tadiandamol peak is pretty poor with occasional signals popping on the screen.
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