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About St. Mary's Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral is in the centre of Sydney. It is in true sense a statement of wonder and grace. A lot of artists have contributed to St Mary’s Cathedral in their designs in stone and glass thereby creating a special space of solitude in Sydney. The Cathedral is believed to be the most treasured historic building here in Sydney and it is one of the finest places to visit in Sydney.

More importantly, St Mary’s Cathedral is a one of the most surprisingly beautiful English style of gothic churches in the world. William Wilkinson Wardell conceptualized a gothic type structure shaped from the local yellow-block sandstone. The building was finally completed 100 years after Wardell's death.

Location: It is located on The St. Mary's road in Sydney, NSW.

Highlight: This Cathedral is representation of the origins of the Catholic Church. Not only Catholics but people irrespective of the religion can make a visit to the St Mary’s Cathedral to gather some inner peace. 

 Best time to visit: September to November, Christmas.
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