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About Russian Church

One of the most visually appealing places to visit in Geneva, the Russian Orthodox Church was installed in the 19th century with golden, onion-shaped domes. It is an architectural marvel, one of its kind in the city of Geneva, and is said to guard a load of treasure within. 

The church exhibits some of the most pristine pieces of art dating as far back as the 16th century. Belonging to the Russian Royal family, these art pieces are quite a sight to behold, especially for all those who have a thing for history and culture.

Carrying a touch of the Byzantine Moscovite style of architecture, the church is part of a rich history. Take a trip inside and watch it unfold before you. At the entrance of the church is a beautiful Byzantine-style porch that leads you inside. It is a great place to explore the history of Geneva, while also capturing some timeless memories in your camera! 

Timings: Open from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM, every day

Location: Rue Rodolphe-Toepffer 9, 1206 Genève
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