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About River Safari

The River Safari Singapore is the largest and the first zoo and aquarium built on river theme. Built over a sprawling 12 hectares in between the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Singapore, the park hails of its exotic biodiversity and wildlife found in the banks of the Amazon, Mississippi, Nile, Yangtze and so on. The River Safari is one of the must visit places in Singapore and it also has the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. The rainforest setting of the park allures tourists to embark on different cruises and other riverine sports that bring them close to the varied marine creatures inhabiting in the watercourses. 

The River Safari is home to 6,000 animals of more than 300 different species. About 40 among them belong to the endangered species that include the Giant Salamander (largest amphibian in the world) and the Giant Mekong Catfish. One of the chief wildlife attractions of the River Safari park is a pair of Giant Panda which is one of the national treasures of China. The pair was brought to Singapore from China in 2012 to commemorate the twentieth year of Sino-Singapore diplomatic relations.

Besides a diverse range of wild animals, the reserve is also home to more than 150 categories of flora that gives a comfort zone to the animals who inhabit there. The freshwater aquarium of the River Safari park is home to a number of ferocious marine predators viz. Piranha, Sharks and many more and watching them in their natural habitat and at times getting close to them will certainly challenge your guts. Rest assured, you will be thrilled and amused at the same time by their aggressive gestures in the aquarium.

There are different exciting water rides and cruises in the watercourses of the park for visitors through different zones. The two most popular are the Amazon River Quest and the Wild Amazonia which lets you meet the endangered animals from close proximity and gather fair knowhow about them. Last but not least, you have a great chance to complement your trip to the River Park with a delectable platter at any of the themed restaurants inside the park.

Here's everything you should know before making your reservation for a mind-boggling trip to one of the amazing theme parks of Southeast Asia.

Essential Information:

Location: - 80, Mandai Lake Road, Singapore- 729826

Timings: The River Safari in Singapore remains open every day of the year between 10 AM -7:30 PM. The last entry to the park is at 6:30 PM.

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Price: The entry fee for adults is SGD 32, for children between 3-12 years are SGD 21 and Singaporean seniors are SGD 12. For the Amazon River Quest, the entry fee is SGD (3-5).

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River Safari Attractions Pass Types

Want to make the most of your time and money at the River Safari Park Singapore? There is a season and daily passes with discounts and other add-ons that you can avail just for a few bucks.

Trust us, the options are unlimited! Choose the best safari pass from the list given below before venturing out for some extra fun:

Friends of River Safari- Becoming a member of the River Safari will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy unlimited admission to the park for one year along with mind-boggling privileges at the River Safari park in Singapore. You can enjoy great discounts on F&B, tours, retail, and many more things.

Friends of Wildlife- Want to be a member of the wildlife circle? Become a member of the Friends of Wildlife and enjoy unlimited fun at the River Safari, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, and Jurong Bird Park. You can also enjoy a complimentary tram ride and other special attractions. Your excitement will be heightened by exclusive discounts on F&B, tours and retail and more add-ons.

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Experiences at River Safari 

An unforgettable journey down the river trails awaits you! The River Safari gives you a chance to experience the incredible wildlife of Amazon. For a tranquil respite, you can cruise along the Upper Seletar Reservoir and click a few nature snaps. Here’ a varied range of things to experience at River Safari. Don't forget to check out on them:

Wildlife Tours- If you are a real animal lover, this has to be in your bucket list. It gives you a great opportunity to build a close connection with the wildlife, experience the intriguing behaviour of animals, how animals are looked after and also you can feed some among them with your hands. Manatee Mania Tour and Marvellous Manatees are the best wildlife tours in which you can meet and greet the adorable manatees.

Once Upon a River- A leisurely cruise along a river gives you the opportunity to know the untold story of a river. You can explore the water’s edge and meet some of the fascinating creatures and even interact with them. You can even take snaps with the doting pelicans and feed the beavers at the new animal presentation at the water’s edge.

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Camps- It will keep your kid engaged for hours while you are touring around the other attractions of the park. The camps encourage kids to develop self-learning skills and engage them in team bonding activities. River Safari houses an exciting family camp “Sleep with the Manatees” in which you can spend quality night time you family in the Amazon Flooded Forest amidst the manatees.

Animal Encounters- Come close with the animals such as pelicans, green iguana, beavers and the giant panda in this expedition and get to know the unknown facts of their traits. You can also meet the famous giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia on your Animal Encounter voyage and help the caretakers prepare breakfast for the bears at the backyard area of the Giant Panda Forest. 

River Trails- River Trails is an educational voyage in which you get to know everything about the marine creatures from a lively presenter. You can also get a chance to hear interesting trivia and come in close acquaintance with the wildlife creature. The most highlighted guided tours are Wild Amazonia, Rivers of the World and Amazon Flooded Forest. 

Amazon River Quest- It's an enthralling experience to see the animals hailing from the untamed Amazon and hear their mysterious noises on a boat ride which is artificially designed to render you the thrill of a real Amazon river expedition on a boat. You will have to make use of your senses to spot camouflaged wildlife amidst the lush vegetation to perceive the uniqueness of Amazonian flora and fauna. Some of the must-see wild animals are the Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir and Giant Anteater who are ready to welcome you with their mysterious behaviours and interactive gestures.

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Things to do at Singapore River Safari

-There is, in fact, a plethora of things to revel at the River Safari Park in Singapore. Here's a list of things you should do in your River Safari trip:

- You can explore the secrets of the Amazon River through the boat ride sports River Safari and Amazon River Quest. 

- Get closer to the Chinese Salamanders, Mekong Catfish, and Chinese River Otters.

- Meet the giant pandas at the Giant Panda Forest.

- As you enter the Squirrel Monkey Forest, you will come across the adorable squirrel monkeys of the Central and South America. They will amuse you with their playful gestures and noises.

- Enjoy an unforgettable cruise along the Seletar reservoir in the River Safari. You can enjoy the river cruise with family and click photos of the beautiful flora along the way.

- The most iconic and popular attraction in the River Safari is the River Zones which offers you a thrilling experience of the famous rivers of the world. You can spot the snapping turtles.

- Mississippi, Congo Tetra and giant freshwater puffer in the Congo, African Arowana and giraffe catfish in the Nile, goonch catfish and Indian gharial in the Ganga, freshwater stingray in the Mekong and the ancient sturgeon and the Chinese alligator in the Yangtze.

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Places to Dine & Shop at River Safari

When it comes to dining, you will be spoilt for choices at the River Safari park in Singapore. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can look forward to unique dining experiences at one of the most sought after themed parks in the world. Rest assured, the food and other cooking ingredients are bought from sustainable sources and hence quality is restored. 

Below is a list of restaurants which you should include in your bucket list:

- Ben and Jerry's
- Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant
- Jungle Rotisserie
- Safari Sizzles
- Mama Panda Kitchen
- Starbucks

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If you want to get some unique collectables and souvenirs back home, there are places in the River Safari park that are ready with their gift items to allure you. 

- Night Safari Gift shop
- River Safari Shop
- House of Jia Jia and Kai Kai

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Places to visit near River Safari

Don't miss out on touring around the following places of attractions near the River Safari and enrich your experience of Singapore trip:

Rain Forest Kid's World- A great place for children's amusement which houses domestic animals such as dogs and parrots. Children can watch the amusing gestures of these birds and animals from close quarters and feel entertained.

Night Safari- It is one of the most hunted tourist attractions of Singapore and the world's first nocturnal zoo. It is an amazing place of hangout for those who want to see the wild animals roaming in their natural habitat in the moonlight. The Night Safari opens at 7:30 pm and remains till midnight. To Book, Singapore Night Safari click here.

Singapore Zoo- It is built in a rainforest zone housing over more than 2,800 animals from 300 different species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. It is also the first-ever zoo with a free-ranging orangutan habitat. You can enjoy photo sessions with your favourite animals, presentations on animals and many more. Click here to book Singapore zoo tickets.

Laser Battle- It is a great fun-filled game for visitors of all ages in which bright green laser rays are shot. The Laser Battle game is designed by using the Laser Tag Gaming Technology.

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Best Time to Visit River Safari:

The River Safari park remains open from morning till night. Some people prefer visiting the park in the morning so that they have the entire afternoon to enjoy various rides and adventure sports. Later they can go on a Night Safari. Since the spot is quite far from the heart of the city, morning is the best time to make the most of the day at Safari Park.

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Tips for Visiting River Safari 

Check out the following tips before preparing your itineraries for an exhilarating trip to the River Safari in Singapore:

- The River Safari Singapore lasts for 2-3 hours only. So, for having the best wildlife experience you must check out on Night Safari and Singapore Zoo.

- Boat rides are subject to availability of seats which is arranged on a first-come-first-served basis. The weather condition is also taken to be a consideration for the availability of seats.

- Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the River Safari park.

- To participate in the Amazon River Quest, the minimum permissible height of a guest has to be 1.06 metre.

- The tickets for entering River Safari Singapore are only permissible for use of tourists. Singaporean citizens or permanent residents of Singapore are not entitled to the use of tickets.

- The validity of tickets is for 60 days from the date of purchase. During this time you can enjoy complete flexibility of visiting the River Safari.

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How to reach River Safari from Airport? 

From the Changi Airport PTB2 to Yishun Station there is frequent bus service. From Khatib to Singapore Zoo you can take another bus that will take you to the zoo in about 1 hr. 24 mins. The other cheapest route is to take the subway between Tanah Merah to City Hall and then again the subway from City Hall to Khatib which takes about 1 hr 32 mins.

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Other Attractions in River Safari Singapore

Take some time to indulge in the array of other attractions awaiting you in the River Safari. Some of the most hunted ones are given below:

Wildlife reserves Singapore- Get close to the scaly buddies and watch them in varied moods in their natural terrain. Watching snakes and dragons will certainly make your day.

Once upon a river- It is an exhilarating river show at the River Safari Singapore which showcases the story of a river and the living creatures that make a river their habitat in a vivid way. A team of anchors introduce the marine creatures viz. Great White Pelican, Hedgehog, Brahminy Kite, Red Panda and Giant Panda with the guests.

Wild Discoverer Tour- A wonderful wildlife excursion for animal lovers which gives you a chance to get close to the baboons and white rhinos and feed them with your own hands. A guide will accompany you and show how the animals are looked after daily and also share secrets about them. 

Panda rise and shine- The morning session of this expedition gives you an opportunity to know the routine of the pandas and how the experts take care of them. If you want to get involved in the caregiving methodology, you can assist the caretakers in preparing Bamboo Breakfast or development of toys for the pandas.

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Q1. What is the Amazon River Quest?

The Amazon River Quest is a thrilling boat ride designed artificially replicating a journey along the Amazon River. You can experience the wilderness of a river and Amazonian wildlife adventure in the backdrop of dense flora. The Amazon Quest gives you the rare opportunity to spot wild animals from the most diverse rainforest of the world. In this expedition, you can watch the mysterious behaviour of the Giant Anteater, Brazilian Tapir and Jaguar from close proximity.

Tickets are available both online and at the Singapore Zoo Ticketing Counters and River Safari's Boat Plaza. 

Q2. How do I get to River Safari Singapore?

The River Safari is located in the same precinct as the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Buses 138, 926 and 927 will drop you at the Singapore Zoo Bus Stop.

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Q3. How long does it take to complete a visit to the park?

The huge variety of flora and fauna of the River Safari Park is worth your time to explore, shop and dine. Most of the animal habitats in the park have to be journeyed on foot. It depends on your level of interest and the time you are ready to devote to your expedition as to how much time it may take to make a complete tour around the park. However, it usually takes 2-3 hours for a 
complete visit to the River Safari Park.

Q4. What is unique about River Safari Singapore?

The River Safari Singapore is Asia's first and only park which is themed on river. It houses the largest collection of freshwater animals in the world. Also, it is home to exotic flora and fauna from eight different rivers and forests of the world which makes it unique among other aquariums.

The River Safari park is also the first attraction in Singapore to have won the accolade of Green Mark Platinum Award in the park category from the Building and Construction Authority.

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Q5. Is River Safari Singapore worth going?

If you are looking for quality, i.e. something unique and one of its kinds, the River Safari park in Singapore is certainly a place worth visiting. 

Q6. Can I bring food into the park?

There are various restaurants and food joints that serve lip-smacking cuisines for the visitors of the Safari Park. However, you can bring outside food and enjoy that at the picnic spots of Boat Plaza. 

Q7. Which is best in Singapore night safari or river safari?

The best attraction is the River Safari in Singapore. The Night Safari is basically a wildlife safari in the moonlight where you can see the nocturnal activities of wild animals. But, River Safari is a complete wildlife tour package in Asia's first river-themed aquarium and zoo which showcases the biodiversity found across the main rivers of the world. In this expedition, you can watch the animals who dwell on the edge of the rivers. In a nutshell, the River Safari gives you a rare opportunity to learn about the diverse riverine biota within the precincts of a wildlife reserve.

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Q8. Does the admission ticket include boat rides?

Yes, admission ticket to the River Safari includes boat ride for 2 people. It also includes a Reservoir Cruise.

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Q9. Is it safe for children?

It is a fun-filled trip for children who can have a great time in water under the supervision of adults. There are also life jackets for children that help them remain afloat.
However, for toddlers, it may not be an ideal trip. There are some thrilling sports in which you may have to toss around and move swiftly midst boulders. Also, there are a lot of biting sand-flies. In addition to that, there may not be seat belts and restraints. So, it is recommended not to take children below seven years for adventurous sports in the River Safari.

Q10. How many types of boat rides are there in River Safari?

- There are broadly two types of boat rides in the River Safari Park-the Amazon River Quest and Reservoir Cruise. 
- The Amazon River Cruise is a 10 minutes' boat ride which enables you to witness a variety of animals dwelling on the  Amazon River. You need to book tickets for availing this ride. 
- The other ride is the Reservoir Cruise which is a 15 minutes' slow cruise along the Upper Seletar and Reservoir.  

Q11. Can I bring the wheelchair or baby stroller in  River Safari Singapore?

Yes, you can bring your baby stroller or wheelchair. But, you are not allowed to take them in the Amazon River Quest. So you need to park it before embarking on the adventure sport

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