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About Ponte Dell’Accademia

Built as a temporary replacement for an iron bridge of 1854, Ponte Dell’Accademia took its arch shape like a cat’s back in the year 1933. It is an elegant wooden footbridge used by the natives ever since. However, the tourists get attracted towards the bridge not only because of its classic beauty but also for the panoramic views of the Laguna and Santa Maria de Salute.

One could also use it to cross the Grand Canal as it connects sestiere with Dorsoduro. However, the insider fact is that this Tourist attraction in Venice you can see now was constructed in the year 1985. As the bridge was crumbling into pieces half a century later, a competition was held to come up with a new design for the new bridge.

However, nobody won and an exact replica of the already existing bridge replaced it. Since then, the bridge has been renovated and restored whenever needed.

Location: 30100 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

Entry Fee (Only if applicable): Not Applicable 

Timings (Only If any): Not Applicable

Fact: Ponte Dell’Accademia is situated 1 minute walk away from the Gallerie dell’Accademia.
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