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About Pileh Lagoon

Popular for its scenic beauty and crystal clear water that is apt for experiencing snorkelling and swimming, Pileh Lagoon is among the best places to visit in Krabi. The lagoon is located close to Maya Bay and Lo Samah Bay, so you can cover all these places on a day tour. 

With sights of deep blue waters and high limestone cliffs, a visit to this wonderful site will add a surreal charm to your overall vacation experience in Krabi. Just go there on a boat or kayak, jump right in, and indulge in a refreshing swimming experience in this hidden gem of a place.  

Highlights: Pileh Lagoon is widely famous among snorkelers and divers.

Location: Between Maya Bay and Lo Samah Bay

Getting there: Take a long tail boat or kayak from Phi Phi Island to reach here.
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