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About Phajoding Temple

There is possibly no one in the world who isn’t aware about the rich and prosperous culture of Bhutan. So, when you are here how can you miss out on one of the best temples of Bhutan? One such temple is the Phajoding Temple.

Highlights: Phajoding Temple is a 15th century temple. Built by a saint named Shacha Richen, the temple lies at an elevation of 12,138 feet. It is enveloped by the mixed conifer forests that offer you a magnificent look. To reach the temple, you’ll have to undertake a 3 hour hike from the nearest road that is located above the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. This once used to the most decorated and richest monasteries in the country.

Location: Phajoding Temple lies on the Phajoding-Pumola Trail in Phajoding, Bhutan.

Timings: Open everyday from dawn to dusk.

Pricing: Entry is free.

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