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Parc des Bastions Tours & Activities

About Parc des Bastions

Located in the heart of Geneva, Parc des Bastions is a lush green park, spreads across an area of 64,968 square meters. Parc des Bastions or Bastions Park is one of the most-visited places in Switzerland. The park houses the world-famous Reformation Wall, the Palais Eynard, a great up-scale restaurant, a playground for kids, former botanical garden and the first University of Geneva along with its library.

Visitors can reach the park from Place Neuve through a big wrought-iron gate. You will see a big black and white chessboard just behind the giant gate. The huge chessboard is always filled with people immersed in the game or posing with the huge pieces. Next to the chessboard, there is a famous restaurant, which was formerly a bandstand. You can find it inside a greenhouse brightened with dazzling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, offering a range of tasty eating options.

Behind the Restaurant des Parc des Bastions, a big playground awaits you to play with kids. The green-coated adventurous area with its big trees as well the sandpit, the small fountain, are all you could demand in your summer holidays here. Apart from spending time with your kids and families, you can also check out several musical and cultural events that happen in the park.

Walking along the park, you will find the main attraction, a 100-metre long monument, Mur Des Réformateurs or Reformation Wall. It was built back in 1909 as a memorial of the protestants of the European reformation movement.

How to Reach Parc des Bastions

1. By Bus: You can reach Parc des Bastions from Geneva airport via a direct bus service, line 5, that departs every 15 mins every day. The journey takes around 24 to 30 mins. Operated by Transports Publics Genevois, you can catch the bus from the Genève Aéroport station.

2. By Train:
A direct train service operates between Geneva Airport and Parc des Bastions. The line 15 train departs from the airport station every day, every 15 minutes. It takes approximately 30 mins to reach Place de Neuve, which is at a 4-min walking distance from the park.

3. By Car:
This is the fastest way to get in Parc des Bastions. A car takes around 10 mins to cover the distance. There is also a rideshare facility, which you can find as the cheapest way to travel. However, it only operates twice a day.

Best Time to Visit Parc des Bastions

1. Peak Season: Summer is usually the peak season to visit the Parc des Bastions. During June to August, the weather is found pleasant, in which the tourists can enjoy while wandering the park. Moreover, you can enjoy a number of cultural and musical events that happen here throughout this time.

Besides, you can stop by the cafe-restaurant in the park to enjoy a cup of coffee on the elegant terrace soaking in the summer sun.

2. Low Season: The snowy winter, from December to February, when the temperature falls to one digit and below(-4 to 8 ℃), the park becomes an adventurous spot. The blanket of snow covering the park is used as an ice rink for skating and other activities.

In addition to this, the Christmas market in the park or Noël aux Bastions is another attraction to step in during December. 

3. Shoulder Season: The Spring, from March to May and Autumn, from September to November are the two relatively quiet seasons to visit the park. You can enjoy roaming around the park in a peaceful manner without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

The greenery looks more delightful at these times than in the other seasons. However, you might face cool weather with rainfall in the earlier spring as well as the late autumn.

What Not to Miss at Parc des Bastions

Some places to visit near Parc des Bastions:

Geneva is a popular destination among travellers across the globe. Apart from Parc des Bastions, there are several places you can visit while visiting Geneva. Some of the must-go places are:

1. Musee Rath:
 This art museum is located in the Place de Neuve, the new square area. A three-minute stroll will take you to the place from Bastions Park. Musee Rath or Wrath Museum offers several temporary exhibitions on art and culture. The 19th century built building remains open from 11 AM to 6 PM every day except Monday.

2. Barbier-Mueller Museum:
 This 600-metre away museum from the park is home to the collection of around 7,000 tribal artefacts and artworks. The largest collection was assembled from Asia, Africa, pre-Columbian America and several ancient civilizations over 100 years. In the year 1977, the collection got a home, which was founded by Monique and Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller.

3. Grand Théâtre de Genève:
 The Grand Theatre of Geneva is a classic architecture building that hosts opera and dance performances. The venue is highly recommended to experience a fabulous ballet. The ballet of the Grand Theatre of Geneva was made up of 22 artists back in the year 1962. Now, the company also performs outside the country, all over the world.

4. St. Pierre Cathedral: 
The largest church of the city, St. Pierre Cathedral is also the tallest building of Geneva. The scenery of the Great Fountain from the highest point of this French church will be a lifetime memory for the visitors. The floor underground the church is committed for a monument exhibition, which you can experience without a fee with a Swiss pass.

Things to do in Parc des Bastions:

Visitors can have plenty of opportunities in the park and the surroundings to do memorable things. Some of them are:

1. Roam Around The Park:
Parc des Bastions covers an area of 64,968 square meters in the heart of Geneva. You will get a huge place to have your morning or evening walk in a green-coated place amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Have a walk with your loved ones, discover the true magic of nature. This will be no matter a truly beautiful moment to remember again and again.

2. Have Brunch At
Restaurant des Parc des Bastions: Restaurant inside a greenhouse, also elegantly decorated. Moreover, it serves tasty cold hors d'oeuvres. What else you need to spend a relaxing time after wandering around the large park. Having brunch at this place you must not miss if you are visiting Parc des Bastions.

3. Play Chess:
Sports enthusiasts especially chess lovers will surely have a splendid time at the Parc des Bastions. While entering the park you will see the gigantic black and white chessboard. The place is always occupied with the players. You can also join them and play a game with the locals.

4. Check Out The Reformation Wall:
The Reformation Wall is the most popular attraction in the park across the travellers. It is actually a monument, named as the International Monument to the Reformation. The wall was founded by John Calvin in the Geneva University ground.

It was built to pay tribute to the Protestant Reformation. You will find four tall (five-metre) statues of William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza and John Knox at the centre of the wall.

5. Click beautiful pictures:
It is all greenery and it makes a perfect background of your picture. You can click awesome portraits of your friends or yours, standing in front of the green layers in the park.

The five-metre tall statues are also a great background to check how small a human is in front of the Reformation Wall. Moreover, do not forget to click pictures with the big size king and queen on the chessboard.

6. Attend Music Festival in Summer:
The peak season to visit the park in summer. One of the main reasons is the annual music festival. This festival turns the park into a massive party floor and it is not to be missed if you are in Geneva in late June. You can attend this festival free of cost.

7. Skate on the Bastions Ice Rink:
The park becomes an ice rink in winter when the temperature differs between -4 and 8℃. It is that time of the year when the park turns into an adventurous spot. You will find people skating on the ice rink and doing other stuff. If you are that kind of person, you can join the crowd else enjoy the atmosphere and capture photography or videography.

8. Visit Christmas Market in Winter:
In December, the Parc des Bastions converted into a magical place filled with lights and ice. The illuminated path will lead the visitors to the Christmas Village. At this place, you will find the local craftsmen, producers and designers along with their wonderful objects.

Other Essential Information About Parc des Bastions

Parc des Bastions is located at the heart of Geneva, the second-most populous Swiss city. The address is Prom. des Bastions 1, 1205 Genève, Switzerland and it is next to Place de Neuve.

Entry fee:
It is great to mention, there is no entry fee for visiting Parc des Bastions. This place remains open for 24 hours every day.

Distance from Geneva Airport:
The distance between the park and the Geneva airport is around four kilometres. Visitors can take a direct bus, train or a car to cover the distance.

Places to Eat near Parc des Bastions:

There are a number of eating places near the park, where the visitors can take a meal after visiting the park and the surrounding places. The options are:

1. Restaurant des Parc des Bastions:
The up-scale restaurant inside the park where you can find a lot of tasty food in a buffet-like setting. The warm atmosphere of the restaurant is enlightened by the elegant chandeliers, which gives the extraneous flavour to the food. Do not miss the cold hors d'oeuvres, with an option of pasta salad, caprese salad, oysters and amuse bouches.

2. Restaurant Les Armures:
Restaurant in an old urban setting with friendly staff and ambience, Restaurant Les Armures is perfect for spending leisure time while having a meal. The highly recommended dish here is Cheese Fondue. Moreover, you can also enjoy live music along with your food at this place.

3. Street Beirut:
Visit this place for late-night food after an evening walk at the park. Located at a one-kilometre distance, Street Beirut is home to fresh and tasty food made with high-quality ingredients. A range of delectable foods and the modern look are what you can find out here.

4. Restaurant de la Cigogne:
The ideal place for having authentic French cuisine, Cigogne can be reached within five minutes by car. The foods at this place are inspired by the season. They can be enjoyed in an outdoor setting under the warmth of the sun.

Facilities at Parc des Bastions:

Parc des Bastions or
Bastions Park is open for all age groups. The facilities you can find here are:

1. Visitors can access the toilets here.

2. Free Wi-Fi is available.

3. You can visit the park along with your pet such as dogs, cats, etc.

4. The park has a separate route for bicycle access.

5. Electric bikes are also allowed but upto 25kmph speed.

6. A big playground is available for the kids.

7. Plenty of sunbathing spots.

8. Several eating options like cafes and restaurants are also available inside the park.
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