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Panwa Beach Tours & Activities

About Panwa Beach

Those who love the beaches just for its beauty and tranquillity will find Panwa Beach a safe retreat from other noisy beaches of Phuket. Covering the west coast of Cape Panwa, this beach is just five miles away from Phuket town. The beach is yet unexplored and is only visited by those who are looking to find peace and natural surroundings. The water here is shallow and not apt for swimming, however, you can take an early morning stroll or spend a lazy afternoon under the shades, enjoying the food and drink from nearby beach restaurants. Stay at one of the beautiful resorts or visit to the nearby attractions of Panwa View Point and Panwa Aquarium.

: Ideal to spend lazy day in a tropical environment. Drive to Panwa View Point for a panoramic view of the area and islands and visit the Panwa Aquarium to watch beautiful sea life.

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