About Old Town

Old Town within Basel will take you back to the 15-century with its eccentric and still intact architecture. You will find buildings in every nook and cranny that were designed by world-renowned architects. Amongst the most compelling monuments here is the Cathedral.

The town is rather small and is best travelled on foot, with the medieval style streets and squares it is actually quite fun. The town's cityscape is an unexpected blend of traditional and modern that compliments the overall vibe, making it one of the Places to visit in Basel.

While here, take a look at the beautiful fountains, including the one by Holbein, the Spalen Gate and the olden streets like Andreasplatz, Petersplatz etc. You can do this by taking any of the five walking tours of this historical town or go on your own little adventure.

Best time to Visit- July - September
Entry fee- Free (Tours are paid)
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