About Nisargadhama

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Nisargadhama Ecological Park is tucked between a lush coverage of bamboo groves and a serene Kaveri river. Standing at a distance of 28 km from Coorg, this place amplifies the overall beauty of Coorg. Stretched across a land cover of 64 acres, this place is abundantly blessed with a good variety of flora and fauna. 

As soon as you reach here, there’s a hanging rope bridge. This hanging bridge is your roadway to gain access to the Nisargadhama. The place homes to myriads of wildlife. Deers, peacocks, rabbits are amongst the most notable ones. There’s a small playground for children and an orchidarium. The orchidarium displays numerous orchid species blooming all over. 

Nisargadhama is covered all over with a thick foliage cover of sandalwood and teak trees and bamboo groves. Boating, elephant riding, and sightseeing are the fun-filled adventures here. River Kaveri is the place meant to enjoy your boating adventure. Make sure to check the exact boating points with the forest department officials. Some spots are so shallow that you won't be allowed to reach there.  

Nisargadhama Forest

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Nisargadhama Forest is a dazzling land which is abundantly covered with a wide array of floral and faunal species. The lush greenery and the untouched environment makes it a great weekend retreat for the locals. Out of all the attractions here, the hanging bridge is a chief one. Elephant riding, swimming, boat riding, and other sightseeing activities will ensure that you spend a good day here. As you move in further, you will come to a spot where you might find guest houses which are run and maintained by the forest department officials. 

How to Reach Nisargadhama

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By Rail: If you are an outstation tourist, Mysore Railway Station will be your convenient rail route. This is present at 90 km distance from Nisargadhama and is well-connected to Bangalore and other nearby places. 

By Road: You can reach Nisargadhama by travelling in KSRTC buses. Many such buses are running between Nisargadhama and Bangalore. Besides, many nearby cities provide local bus service to reach Nisargadhama. 

By Air: Bajpe Airport is at a distance of 78km from Nisargadhama. Once you reach the airport, you can hire a private car to travel further. Amongst other airports, Bangalore International Airport is the other one present at a distance of 220 km. 

Best Time to Visit Nisargadhama

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From October to April.
You can plan your Nisargadhama visit either in November or December. This is immediately after the end of the monsoon session. Post monsoon scenic tranquillity is something out of the box adventure to capture. 

What Not to Miss at Nisargadhama

Places to Visit near Nisargadhama

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Whimsical Barapole River: Go for a river rafting adventure at the Whimsical Barapole River. There are some really adventurous stretches to enjoy rafting here. 

Namdroling Monastery: If you are here in Madikeri for a more extended stay, do make it a point to attend the one-month retreat session of Namdroling Monastery. Also, do try the stuff being sold at the shops here. 

Harangi Reservoir: This reservoir is situated near to the village of Hudgur. It is an excellent sightseeing adventure for Coorg visitors. 

Chiklihole Reservoir: Chiklihole reservoir lies amidst Kushalnagar and Madikeri. This place is adored by those who seek some seclusion from the city crowd. The scenic beauty here is worthy of capturing. June to March is the best season to explore this reservoir. 

Things to Do in and near Nisargadhama


Boating: The reason why tourists prefer this spot as a weekend getaway is due to the bosting activity here. However, tourists who want to indulge in boating activity here are prohibited from visiting all places. Some points are shallow which are inaccessible for either to walk along or enjoy boating there. 

Elephant ride: Thrill-seeking adventurers have an excellent opportunity to find some relaxation here with an elephant ride. 

Sightseeing: The spot itself is a fun, adventurous spot where you can enjoy a one day picnic with your friends and family. Rabbit Park and Deer Park within this zone are favourite spots amongst the family tourists visiting here. The moment you step in, you can mark the presence of different species of rabbits, peacocks, and deer here. Last but not least, the mini zoo here is worthy of visiting if you are fond of birds such as bee-eaters, parakeets, woodpeckers, and so on. 

Enjoy fishing and boating at Honnamana Kere Lake: Honnamana Kere Lake accounts amongst Coorg’s serene lake and a must-visit point where boating and fishing are the two essential things to do. The place is soothing and is also suitable for perfect relaxation in Nature’s lap. 

Indulge in Rock Climbing at Honnamana Kere: The pristine valley of Honnamana Kere offers you heaps of adventurous activities. Amongst all, rock climbing is the most popular one amongst tourist visiting here. Gavi Betta and Mori Betta offer exciting rock climbing opportunity. 

Thandiyendamol sightseeing: This stands amongst Coorg’s highest trekking destinations where the surrounding beauty will inevitably force you to fall for its beauty. The breath-taking views of the mist-covered forests and the hill ranges are really a fantasy to capture. Nalknad Palace is situated at the base of this sightseeing adventure. 

Go for an ayurvedic spa experience: Enjoy a rejuvenating experience at Ayurjeevan Ayurveda Hospital. Be ready to pamper yourself with different ayurvedic spa sessions here. 

Other Essential Information About Nisargadhama

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 Nisargadhama is located within the Dubare district of Karnataka State. 

Entry Fee: To enter Nisargdhama, you need to pay a nominal fee of 5 INR per child, and 10 INR per adult. You can enjoy boating at 100 INR per head and elephant riding for 25 INR per head. 

Average Temperature: Nisarghadhama experiences an average temperature in the range of 20 to 25 degrees. 

Distance from Coorg: Nisargadhama stands at a distance of 39 km from Coorg and is easily accessible within 1 hour and 16 minutes drive.

Travellers Tip for Visiting Nisargadhama Forest

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1. A visit to Nisargadhama would last not more than 3 to 4 hours. 

2. It is always good to combine your Nisargadhama visit with other nearby locations. 

3. Golden Temple and Namdroling Monastery are located at only 7km distance from Nisargadhama. This could, therefore, be included in your Nisargadhama itinerary. 

4. Located at a distance of 8.5 km from Nisargadhama, Harangi Dam is the next best tourist spot to adore. 

Things You Should Know

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1. Places to Stay near Nisargadhama:

- Purple Palms Resorts & Stay: This resort promises a luxurious stay and is equipped with five-star facilities. The place is all over surrounded by misty mountain ranges. 

- The Casiita: Located on Kushalnagar’s outskirt, this property offers 21 luxurious rooms and cottages. They provide family rooms, seating area, shower facility, and bottled water facilities.

- Oyo Maharaja Palace Resort: This palace offers you a good mind, soul, and body relaxation point. The room here features air-conditioning facility, room servicing, telephone facility, desk service, and complimentary toiletries. 

- Jungle Hut: This place is surrounded by lush green beauty with Chikhlihole dam, green shades, and a temple. The entire property offers a cozy feel and equipped with all modern facilities. 

2. Places to Eat near Nisargadhama:

- Coffee Cup: This café offers you a vegetarian-friendly breakfast and meal. The ambiance of Coffee Cup is good where you can enjoy a sip of coffee and indulge in some light music.

- Fish Curry Rice: Indian style seafood preparation is the best to have here at the Fish Curry Rice restaurant. Prawn ghee roast is their chief preparation.

- Shanthi Bites: Asian style halal delicacies and vegan options are best to try here. Malabar biryani is its unique offering. 

- Rangoli Multi-cuisine restaurant: Try their multi-cuisine preparations from the land of Tibet, India, China, and other Asian regions. The ambience of this place is excellent, and the food is really affordable for all. 

3. Transportation facility

The nearest town here is Kushalnagar (3 km). Any bus leaving from here to Madikeri stop at the bus stop on the highway that trespasses the Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest. 

In case you are travelling here by train, you need to get down at Mysore Railway Station. From there, you can ride a bus leading you to the Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest highway stop. 

For air travellers, Bajpe Airport is the nearest one.

4. Medical Facilities

There are no medical facilities in and around the Nisargadhama Forest Cover. 

5. Network Connectivity

You may face hindrances in the network connectivity at Nisargadhama. Also, some mobile service providers may not even have their network access there. 
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