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About Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 tops the table of Hong Kong’s chief attractions. This 5.7-kilometre-long cable car ride presents some breath-taking views of all the surrounding beauty. Ngong Ping cable car or gondola cable car connects Tung Chung Town Centre with Ngong Ping Village.

As you ride from the Tung Chung Town Centre, first you will be crossing Tung Chung Bay and then trespass Airport’s steering station. From here, your cable car will take a 60-degree turn towards North Lantau.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to grab a bird’s eye view of overlooked Hong Kong’s green doors. As you continue your cable car ride, you will be able to capture some pictures of the mightiness of the South China Sea and North Lantau Country Park. Your entire journey will last for around 25 minutes, offering you some stunning views of Lantau’s unrivalled beauty.

This cable car ride will finally conclude at Ngong Ping Market. This ride lets you explore Hong Kong’s famous tourist points – Big Buddha or Tian Tian Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, and many others. You can experience Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride in three ways – Standard Compartment, Crystal Car, and Exclusive Private Box. A standard round trip Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride will cost you around 235 Hong Kong dollars per adult and 110 Hong Kong dollars per child.

Essential Information

Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Timings: Ngong Ping 360 is open 24/7 for visitors. However, if you are planning to go for a Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride, you will have to be present between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekdays and 09:00 am to 06:30 pm on weekends.

Places to Visit Near Ngong Ping 360

After you are done with your Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, here’s where you can wander for some more fun - 

1. Tian Tian Buddha: This forms Lantau’s iconic attraction. Cast with 250 tonnes of bronze, Tian Tian Buddha is a must-visit for those who seek enlightenment. Right-hand mudra of this statue indicates fearlessness; whereas the left-hand mudra indicates fulfilling wishes. Within the pedestal, there’s a 3-storeyed exhibition hall where you can explore Buddha’s relic and other Buddhist items. Locals visiting here offer flowers, ointment, lamp, incense, fruits, and music to seek Lord Buddha’s blessings.

2. Po Lin Monastery: Po Lin Monastery is located in such a way that it overlooks the Tian Tian Buddha statue. Earlier this monastery was known as Big Thatched Hut. The prominent architectural structures will surely indulge you in its beauty. Besides the central axis, there’s a Hall of Skanda Bodhisattva, Buddha Shrine Hall, Bell Tower, Meditation Hall, and the Drum Tower as some key attractions.

3. Wisdom Path: As you start walking down the wisdom path, you will see giant wood columns on both sides. These are around 38 in number and resemble the symbol of infinity. At the entrance, there’s a phoenix sculpture. Adjacent to it, you will find a getaway to take you to the Lantau Sunrise point.

4. Ngong Ping Piazza: This architecture is highly inspired by Buddhist style. Bodhi Path leads you to the doors of Ngong Ping Piazza. The structures surrounding Ngong Ping Piazza reflects the Chinese aura of antiquity. There are four lotus ponds inside which caters to hosting the religious ceremonies.

This was about the cultural beauty of Ngong Ping Village. Moving ahead, we will see some natural points for the hikers - 

1. Nei Lak Shan Country Trail: This trail is a 5km long trail and is generally considered to be the best one for novice hikers. Your path will commence from East Mountain Teaching arch and ends at the Ngong Ping 360 cable car station. As you keep on trailing further, you will be trespassing the Sunset Peak which is entirely covered by silver grass. In the presence of sunlight, this grass shines golden. If you want, you can further continue to make your way to the Ngong Ping Village by joining Ngong Ping Trail.

2. Lantau Trail: This 70km long trail has 12 sections to enjoy. Section 1 or Mui Wo Ferry Pier is the beginning point of your Lantau trail. Your path ends in section 12 or Mui Wo. If you are physically fit to endure this trial, then it’s a real-life adventure for you. Just make sure that you carry plenty of water with you.

3. Ngong Ping Trail: This is a rugged mountain trail connecting Tung Chung with Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping trail is parallelly aligned with your Ngong Ping Cable Car. As you descend yourself towards the exit of this trial, you will see the Tian Tian Buddha. Isn’t it a perfect conclusion for a strenuous trail?

Places to Shop in Ngong Ping 360

Besides its scenic biodiversity, Ngong Ping 360 has a lot to offer for the real shopaholics. There are shops selling both international branded items and Ngong’s hand-preserved speciality. Here’s a quick tour of some shops in Ngong Ping 360 -

1. Pop Vague: This is a clothing retail store where you will find both minimalist and contemporary style clothing. Besides the premium local fashions, you will also find Korean and Japanese accessories here.

2. Citygate Outlet: This shopping outlet is adjacent to the Terminal of Tung Chung Cable Car. Citygate Outlet accounts as Hong Kong’s only outlet mall. You will find the presence of more than 70 internationally recognized brands. Being people’s first choice for an incredible shopping experience, Citygate Outlet offers a huge discount every day. There are local and international brands of sportswear, children’s clothes, branded handbags, cosmetics, and accessories.

3. Tai O Dried Seafood Market: If you are amongst seafood lovers, this place is meant for you to crawl for long hours. At one of the oldest fishing villages of Hong Kong, you are surely going to find a lot to satiate your hunger for some exceptional quality seafood. Aromatic salted fishes, shrimp pastes, dried seafood, textiles, herbs, and fruits are some of the critical products of this seafood market.

4. Hong Kong Market – Yat Tung: Hong Kong Market is a recent one in Ngong Ping 360. No sooner you step in the market, you will mark the presence of numerous paper planes flying here and there. These are exclusive creativities of the local paper-craft masters. Throughout the Hong Kong Market, there are road signs, signboards, school advertisement, street posters, and so on. There’s a mini food square next to this market where you can find some delicious and inexpensive food to eat.

Places to Eat in Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping has got some excellent dining options where you can taste the local flavours of Hong Kong: 

1.Zaks: This fresco dining area provides the best dining option in town with some splendid sea views and ocean-side dining experience. There are long wooden benches, love seats, sun chairs, and family areas to drive you back to the traditional era of Hong Kong. Tropical cocktails served here are delicious. Innovative fusion cuisines are their chief serving and ZAKS Surf & Turf, and baby back ribs are their signature dishes.

2. Koh Tomyums: To have your meal here; first, you need to head towards the Discovery Bay’s D Deck zone. Koh Tomyums features a traditional style of Thai architecture with some contemporary panoramic views for a relaxing dining experience. This restaurant’s cuisines present a perfect blend of local herbs and spices which imparts a deep flavour to your ordered food. Fresh seafood is their prime centre of attraction. If your tummy still has some space left, do go for a Thai contemporary fusion serving.

3. Carampa Mexican Cantiana: Carampa Mexican Cantiana has a casual ambience with sun-washed colours. You sit on the natural woods here amidst some upbeat music to make your presence lively and energetic. Guests love to couple their Mexican food with some unique drinks served here.

4. Midam Korean Restaurant: Midam Korean Restaurant is a perfect place to replenish and recharge after a cumbersome and stressful Ngong Ping village visit. The venue is quite spacious with tall ceilings, where you can witness sunlight peeping in through the window panes to warm your heart. There’s a wide array of authentic servings here with Korean Kimchi Wraps being their signature dish. Ginseng and Chicken soup is yet another side serving to try here.

5. Po Lin Monastery: Po Lin Monastery is a place where you get to see the blend of traditional architecture and sculptural arts with a tinge of Buddhist culture. Vegetarian delicacies and tea are best to try here. To enjoy their regular or VIP meals, you need to purchase a meal ticket before climbing the steps that lead your way to the Tian Tian Buddha. Soup, vegetable, rice, and deep-fried delicacies usually combine to form their menu. Occasionally, you may have pastries, sweets & savouries, and noodles coupled with it.

6. Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant: For some novel Lantau food dishes, Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant is a place for you. The aroma of their steam cooked rice wrapped in lotus leaf leaves you craving for some more food to try. Baked seafood pumpkin, cuttlefish patties, charcoal roasted goose, and rice cooked in the bamboo steamer are their unique servings.

If you are here in Ngong Ping for a more extended stay, you may try one restaurant at one time. The above list is just a glimpse of what Ngong Ping wants to feed you. There are more additions to the list where you can enjoy some international flavoured cuisines too. Solo Balcony, Ki Kei, Shrimp Pastes, Speciality Seafood, Giant Cuttlefish in Marinated Sauce are some of them.

Hotels near Ngong Ping 360

Here are some hotels to accommodate yourself during your visit to the Ngong Ping 360 -

1. Regal Airport Hotel: Regal Airport Hotel is the best stay place near Ngong Ping 360. This hotel is well-equipped with some stylish rooms and state-of-art technology. There’s air-conditioned access to lead you directly to the Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal. Restaurant, bar, and pillarless banquet hall forms the central attractions of this hotel. Luxury spa rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and massage centres add on to complete their recreational facilities.

2. Hong Kong Sky City Marriott Hotel: This hotel is recognized as an award-winning hotel situated on Lantau Island. All its 658 rooms offer stunning views of the South China Sea. You can even schedule your corporate events here as this hotel homes to some 11 corporate meeting rooms. Besides, there are 5 restaurants, a 27-meter swimming pool, Spring Spa centre, 24/7 fitness centre, and some other facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for you.

3. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: This is yet another luxurious stay destination of Lantau Island. This resort homes to three themed hotels – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and Disney Discovery Park for your pleasant stay. Furthermore, you have conference venues, dining options, and entertainment and event spots.

4. Silvermine Bay Hotel: This hotel is at a distance of 5 minutes from the Mui Wo Ferry Terminal. With your accommodation here, you can enjoy some beautiful sights of the sparkling beaches. Facilities such as outdoor swimming pools, sauna, and steam bath centre club to make this hotel a peaceful stay place.

5. Return to the Countryside: Return to the Countryside offers you some sophisticated rooms well-equipped with everything you need to feel the comfort of your own home. The staff here is quite co-operative and renders excellent hospitality service. You will witness the bliss of Nordic minimalist décor here.

6. Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association Liang Shaorong Resort: This place provides a tranquil environment where you can enjoy your holiday with some adventurous fun. Rock climbing, archery, rope nets and so on are their chief outdoor adventurous interests. For added fun, be a part of their camping activities.

Besides those mentioned above, Silver View Resort, Hong Kong Discovery Bay Hotel, Ngong Ping Davis Youth Hostel, Novotel Citygate City, and Tai O Heritage Hotel are some more accommodation options to explore.

Best Time to Visit Ngong Ping 360

If you are a regular Ngong Ping 360 visitor, you might be well-versed with the temperature variation here. June to August are the hottest seasons in Ngong Ping 360. June accounts for a higher humidity whereas October for the lowest. Concerning the tourism sector, April, September, and October are the peak seasons here. The weather throughout this period is ideal for exploring every nook and corner of Ngong Ping 360.

You may experience a hike in both flight and hotel booking rates. To avoid the last-minute hustle, it is better to pre-reserve your Ngong Ping 360 accommodation well in advance. If you do not want to be a part of the crowd, you can plan your visit to the Ngong Ping 360 during December.

How to reach Ngong Ping 360 from Airport?

From Hong Kong International Airport, you have two options to reach Ngong Ping 360 - 

By Taxi: First, you need to ride a blue Lantau taxi to reach Tung Chung Cable Car Station. This station is located at Ngong Ping 360. Your journey from Airport to Tung Chung Cable Car Station will last for around 10 minutes, and you need to pay 40 Hong Kong dollars (366.96 INR) per head for the same.

By Bus: You have four bus alternatives before you – S1, S56, S64, and S64 X to travel from Hong Kong International Airport. These buses will drop you at Tung Chung Bus Stop which is situated close to the Tung Chung Cable Car Station. Your entire journey shall last for around 10 minutes.


Q1. Does Ngong Ping 360 provide baby-care facilities?

Yes. Ngong Ping 360 provides baby care facilities. To avail these facilities, you need to contact the Ngong Ping 360 officials. You may be charged additionally to avail these services.

Q2. Does Ngong Ping 360 have a luggage storage service?

Yes. Ngong Ping 360 has luggage storage facilities. During your cable car ride, you can approach 360 Tourist Information Centre or Tung Chung Cable Car Station to avail the same. You do not need to make any prior reservation for the same. For your baggage storage, you will be charged around 100 Hong Kong dollars (917.18 INR) per piece. If you have light and portable items, you can carry those along with you while you enjoy your ride. However, if your baggage size exceeds that of 48cm x 34cm x 23cm, you have to store it with the luggage storage service. For any technical queries, you may reach their hotline at (852) 3666 0606.

Q3. Do children have to be accompanied by an adult to take the cable car?

Yes. Any person willing to ride the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride is subject to follow specific regulations as prescribed under Tung Chung Cable Car Bylaw. According to this bylaw, children under the age of 12 years are supposed to be under the moderation of a person aged above 15 years.

Q4. Can I eat in the cable car?

No. You won’t be allowed to carry any foodstuffs within your cable car. However, you may bring your water bottle with you. For baby food, you need to enquire about it at the visitor support counter at Ngong Ping 360. It is still advisable to feed your child either before the start of your cable car ride or after you are done with your ride.

Q5. Can I bring my pet to Ngong Ping 360 together?

No tourist is allowed to bring in his pet and enjoy the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. Only, internationally recognized medical dogs are permitted within the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Other than that, you may occasionally find the presence of a guide dog there. This is just for security reasons. In case you bring in your pet, you need to leave him with the security until you finish your Ngong Ping 360 cable car experience.

Q6. Will the bad weather affect the cable car service?

Yes. You may witness the effects of bad weather on the cable car ride service. In the event of storm or thunderstorm, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride may undergo a temporary suspension. Keep their hotline number handy with you. This will help you to check the availability of the cable car ride service during such extreme weather conditions.

Q7. Is there a parking lot there?

Ngong Ping 360’s parking lot is reserved only for the coaches to be parked. In case you are planning to bring in your personal vehicle here, you can approach the parking space located at Citygate Car Park. Nominal parking charges may be applicable. You need to connect with the Citygate Car Park authorities to know their parking charges.

Q8. How long is the Ngong Ping cable car ride?

Your Ngong Ping cable car ride shall last for around 25 minutes.

Q9. Can the round-trip cable car tickets be used separately for 2 days?

No. You are supposed to use your round-trip cable car ticket on the same day when it is issued. If you fail to do so, your ticket will be deemed to be invalid on your next visit.

Q10. What are the unique instagramable places in Ngong Ping 360?

Ngong Ping 360 is loaded with heaps of unique instagramable places. Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin, Bodhi Tree, Wisdom Path, Tian Tian Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, HK Market Yat Tung, Sunset Peak, Ngong Ping Piazza, and Tai O Fishing village are some of them. Ngong Ping 360 homes to some beautiful natural ecosystems. Maitreya Mountain Trail, Phoenix Trail, and Ngong Ping Plank Road are amongst them. If you are highly spiritual, head toward the Baolian Temple to experience tranquillity.

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