About National Defence Academy

If you’re fascinated by the defense forces of our country, the National Defence Academy is one of the most unmissable places to visit in Pune. It is a joint training institute for the members of Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, and Indian Army. A visit to National Defence Academy offers an interesting glimpse into the lives of valiant men who receive their training here. The place has been famous for producing for some of the finest military personnel who have gone on to champion in various fields like sports, arts, Olympics etc.

A visit to National Defence Academy is an unforgettable experience for children who can learn more from the place where future Indian soldiers are made. The place is also popular for its magnificent architecture, the largest inter-service museum in the country and the Weapon Technology Park that are great places for tourists.

  • Location: National Defence Academy is situated in Khadakvasla which is around 15 km from Pune

  • Best Time to visit: It can be visited throughout the year as per your convenience

  • Entry fee: There are no entrance fees, however, one has to take prior permission 48 hours before visiting.

  • Timings: It can be visited only on Sundays between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm by the tourists.  

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