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About Musée Rath

Home to numerous Swiss and International artefacts, Musee Rath Geneva is a renowned art museum in Switzerland. Situated opposite to the old city walls, the museum houses the masterpieces of fine art created by various renowned Swiss artists. Besides, the museum is world famous for hosting exhibitions every year which lets you get a sneak peak of some of the preserved fine arts.

Resembling a Greek Temple, the architecture of the museum is adorned with six huge pillars at its entrance waiting to welcome its visitors. The pale gray exterior of the monument contrasts with the multi colored murals and frescoes hanging inside the museum.

These paintings also include some of the most contemporary collections of art which made the name of the museum pop under the list of Swiss National Important Cultural Properties. Besides these paintings, you could also spot an array of collection from the 17th century along with many still portraits which seems to have bound the time within its frame.

Also, some of the 18th century portraits are certified as ‘Dead Life’ because of the essence of silence they possess inside them. You can come to the place to witness all these along with permanent and temporary exhibits, art teachings and social meetings which will refresh your love for art and paintings and give you a memorable experience.

How to Reach Musée Rath

The museum is well-connected by the various modes of transport from the Geneva Airport. The fastest way to reach the museum is by taking a cab or walking down the street to view the beauty of the splendid city.

Best Time to Visit Musée Rath

Summer Season (June to August):
Summer is the perfect time to visit Geneva. During summers when the climate is mild and breezy. Summers in Switzerland typically have plenty of sunshine but there can be rain.  You must relish a cruise on Lake Geneva.  If you are planning a Geneva trip in summers book your tickets around two major festivals - Lake Parade in July and Fêtes de Genève in August.

Winter Season(September to November):
If you want to experience the amusing winters in Musee Rath, Geneva, then plan during winters. The temperature ranges from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. You will be saved from the traveler.

December to April:
The temperature can go below  -2 degrees Celsius.  You can enjoy skiing swarm the region to pander in adventure activities near the Jungfraujoch region. chilling storms blow in from Lake Geneva and the snow-covered Alps lure in mountain fans. Book your hotel in advance. Prices fence around Christmas and year-end holidays.

Spring season (May to June):
Spring is pleasing in Geneva and the temperature can go from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Most of the resorts are closed during these months, so be assured to call them before booking as Geneva’s springtime weather can be hot winds.

What Not to Miss at Musée Rath

Here are some of the best things to do at Musée Rath:

1. Check out the “Broken Chair”
Broken “The chair” is a massive monument in wood by Daniel Berset who was a Swiss artist, made by Louis Genève - the carpenter. It is made of 5.5 tons of wood and is 12 meters tall. It depicts a giant chair with a broken leg and stances across the street from the Palace of Nations, Geneva.

2. Take a selfie with the Jet d’Eau
The Jet d'Eau is a huge fountain in Geneva, Switzerland, and is one of the city's most celebrated landmarks, being introduced on the city's authorized tourism website and on the authorized logo for Geneva's put on of the 2008 UEFA Competitions. 

3. Try some vintage and bohemian shops in Carouge
A short tram ride from Geneva will let you step into a different world altogether. Carouge was developed by the Italians and lets you imbibe the essence of Italy. With stone painted shutters and red roofs a quick stroll around the streets will help you catch so many things in a quick glance. Bookshops, markets, antique restores, and so many other things will surely inculcate the shopping desire in you.

4. Experience Geneva’s vivacious cocktail scene
The cocktail scene in Geneva is hugely popular with everyone. Taking a sip of your drink with the posh scene of the elite hotel’s waterfront is something that shall be included in your travel itinerary. Check out the L’Atelier Cocktail club or La Verre a Monique and both these places will have quite a few surprises for you served in the form of cherished drinks.

5. Grab dinner at Local Restaurant
If you are wondering why we haven’t mentioned dinner till now, then here it is. After enjoying shopping, do not forget to check out the restaurants, cafes which serve you the most tempting treats that will surely suit your palate. 

6. Natural History Museum of Geneva
This museum demonstrates the Earth & human history, local flora & fauna, plus science exhibitions. 

7. Museum of Far Eastern Art
Museum in a late 19th-century townhouse with exhibits of Chinese & Japanese ceramics, jade & prints.

Places to Visit near Musée Rath

1. St. Pierre Cathedral
St. pierre Cathedral is a Christian church built in the 12th century. The church is most known as the home church of the Reformation leader named John Calvin.

2. Reformation Wall
This stone wall memorial is built in memory of the Protestant Reformation & its founders- John Calvin.

3. Place du Bourg-de-Four
This eminent square is Geneva’s ancient place known for its shopping & dining. The beautiful location features luxurious shops, cafes & fountains.

4. Bastions Park
It is a jade space with a large playgrounds along with 6 giant chess boards, chairs & botanic gardens.

5. Musée Ariana
It is yet another of the neoclassical museums dotted around the city with an enormous collection of 25,000 glass & ceramic items.

6. Patek Philippe Museum
This Museum has portraits that tell-a-tale of Patek Phillippe & Swiss watchmaking from way back in the 16th century to now.

7. Chapel of the Maccabees
This Gothic Chapel is vibrant and admirable in its own rights. Located to the south-west wing of the St. Pierre's Cathedral, the chapel was built in the fifteenth century as a tomb for Jean de Brogny. A hugely significant place to catch a glimpse of medieval architecture.

Other Essential Information About Musée Rath

Location: Place de Neuve 1, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Entry fee:
- Adult Price: INR366
- Geneva Pass: FREE
- AVS price: 220 
- Permanent collections: admission free

Temporary exhibitions:
- Adults: INR366
- Senior citizens, disabled persons, students, unemployed: INR 220
- Children up to age 18: admission free
- On the first Sunday of the month: free admission

- Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am-6 pm
- Closed on Monday
Distance from Geneva Airport
Musee Rath Museum is around 5.8 km from Geneva Airport. So you can take a taxi or book a cab directly to visit this fine art Museum.

History about  Musée Rath

Although famous The Musee Rath is only used for short-term art exhibitions. Its unique architecture was put up between 1824 and 1826 by architect Samuel Vaucher. The design of the building hugely resembles the Temple of the Muses. 

The basic design was done by great architect and planner Samuel Vaucher for the Société des arts. The partial payment was done with the funds that General Rath had gifted to his sisters, Jeanne-Françoise and Henriette Rath. The rest payment was done by the state of Geneva. The Architecture Vaucher took the construction as a temple of the muses, inspired by Primeval Greek temples.

Tips for visiting Musée Rath

- Make a list of your requirements before booking and choose a package accordingly.

Look for travel companies with round-the-clock customer service to get help whenever you require.

Compare packages of different companies before booking to avail the best deal.

Gather information about the places that require permits and obtain the.

Save money on flight tickets and accommodations with bookings.

Must pack Jackets and woolen as the weather is a bit chilly during the morning and nights.
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People Also Ask About Musée Rath

  1. Is the museum is stroller accessible?

    No there is no stroller accessibility.
  2. Is the camera allowed in the museum?

    Yes, the camera is allowed but does not use a flashlight while using the camera.
  3. Is there a locker to keep my belongings in Musee Rath?

    Yes, there are few lockers available but you find them near stations only.
  4. Is photography or videography permitted at the museum?

    Not exactly as there are few sections where you cannot click pictures or photography is prohibited.
  5. Are there food and drinks provided in the museum?

    No, there are few great options near the museum but there is no such provision inside the museum.
  6. What restaurants are near Le Musee Rath?

    Here is a list of few restaurants near Le Musee Rath museum:
    - Restaurant Les Armures
    - Restaurant Les Trois Verres
    - Cafe Papon
    - Brasserie Lipp
    - La Pignata
  7. Which are the few best hotels are near Le Musee Rath?

    Some of the best options near Le Musee Rath:
    - Hotel d'Angleterre
    - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva
    - Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva
    - Hotel Beau-Rivage Geneva
    - Swiss Luxury Apartments