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About Monumental Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery (Cimitero Monumentale), known for its artistic tombs and monuments is one of the largest cemeteries and places to see in Milan. The cemetery was designed between 1818-1899 by the architect Carlo Maciachini, as a place to merge all smaller cemeteries spread around the city; it formally opened in 1866.

As mentioned, the cemetery is home to a wide range of Italian sculptures, both classical and contemporary along with Greek temples, obelisks (pillars) and the Trajan's Column. Furthermore, the main entrance has a 'Famedio' a hall of fame made out of marble. It is a neoclassical style building that accommodates the tombs of well-known citizens, including- Alessandro Manzoni (novelist).

The tombs here, of famous industrialists and dynasties of the city and country, were designed by famous artists such as Adolfo Wildt, Giò Ponti, Arturo Martini among others. Besides that, The cemetery has a specific Jewish section and an open-air- museum that has a permanent exhibition of maps describing the cemetery's historical expansion, prints, photographs, and two battery-operated electric machines built in the 1920s.

Location- Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, 20154 Milano MI, Italy
Entry Fee- Free
Timings- 8am – 6pm
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