About Lotus Lagoon

Embellished with pink and fuschia lotuses, Lotus Lagoon in Candidasa is a vast pond of water with a lush green garden in the middle of it. Housing a sacred and prominent temple of Bali near the Lagoon, the place attracts locals and tourists alike. You can climb up the stairs leading to the temple to witness the panoramic view of the fragrant lotuses floating on the water.

Very easily accessible from the roadside, the place and temple is visited and loved by almost all the foreign travelers. Built on a hilltop, locals visit the temple to the blessings of the Goddess of Fertility for a successful pregnancy. Whereas, foreign tourists can get lost in the mesmerising beauty of the pond.

Try to reach the place as early in the morning as possible to get a sight of the picture perfect full-blossomed lotuses. The beauty and fragrance of the fresh lotuses is truly enchanting and will leave an imprint in your heart. This flawless scenario is perfect to capture in your frame and show off to your Instagram fam!

Take some time out from your hectic Bali itinerary and visit the place beholding beautiful and adorable lotuses. Visit the nearby shrine and steal the bird’s-eye view of the lagoon. The garden at the centre of the pool aids the view and mesmerises all the visitors who can not stop themselves to dive in the charm of the destination.

How to Reach Lotus Lagoon

The distance from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali to Lotus Lagoon is about 65 kilometres taking the time of a little more than one and a half hour to reach the destination by car. You can visit this site by means of Bemo, Ojek or Taxi. All these means are readily available in Bali to help you commute to places.

Best Time to Visit Lotus Lagoon

If you wish to relish the views of blossomed lotuses, the best time to visit is before 10:00 am. But if you are looking for some good photographs or overall best experience, a visit in the evening would be better. The weather will be cool and the setting sun gives an amazing effect at that time.

What Not to Miss at Lotus Lagoon

Located in the vicinity of the Lotus Lagoon Candidasa, there are many places of interest which are worth a visit. From relaxing places to adventurous terrains or eateries where you can satiate your gastronomic feels, these are some of the picks you can rely on:

1. Bali Bubbles:
Situated in East Bali, Bali Bubbles is a place to dive deep under the water and glide with the fishes. If you are lucky enough you might stumble upon a turtle swimming with you. Coral reefs and colourful fishes make this a worth-taking experience and take back a lot of beautiful memories.

2. Candidasa Beach:
One of the very famous tourist spots in Bali, Candidasa Beach beholds the beauty of pristine white sands and rolling blue waves. With coastline running parallel to the road, the beach satisfies you with the cool breeze and pleasant aura.

3. Tenganan Pegringsingan:
Beautified with walled homes and unique crafts, Tenganan Pegringsingan is an ancient village in Bali portraying the history  it beholds. The pristine heritage sites and spots it carries with it is what you get attracted to most.

4. Charly’s Chocolate Factory:
Charly’s Chocolate Factory does not lie very close to the lagoon but the site boasts to be a prominent tourist attraction. When here, you can satisfy your taste buds with the hot chocolate you get served with. The best part about the drink is that you can relish it with the resident goose named Agus.

5. Crazy Kangaroo:
Proudly claiming to use just the fresh ingredients, Crazy Kangaroo is a restaurant where you can taste the best version of Balinese Cuisine. From being greeted by a drink and serving seafood freshly caught by local fishermen to the wide variety of fresh steaks, this restaurant is ready to take your heart away.

6. Alam Zempole:
One of the best places to shop is Alam Zempol. The store employs a variety of natural bathing products whose fragrance is soft yet seductive. The soaps are made with organic clay having a property to absorb dust, dirt and excess oil leaving your skin glowing and smooth.

Other Essential Information About Lotus Lagoon

1. Location: Lotus lagoon is located in the Candidasa region in Bali and is easily accessible from the main road.

2. Timings:
The attraction is open 24-hours and can be visited whenever you feel like visiting.

3. Price:
No charges are incurred to visit this delightful destination.

Places to Stay Near Lotus Lagoon

Being in the centre of the city, Lotus Lagoon is a prominent site that attracts a lot of staying options. From luxurious to regular hotels all types of options are available near the attraction.

1. Rama Shinta Hotel:
A 3-star hotel, Rama Shinta is located right opposite to the temple of Candidasa, very near to the lagoon. The hotel is very close to the beach as well and is a place to find peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Bayshore Villas Candi Dasa:
Bayshore Villas Candi Dasa is a villa Stay and is located in front of the beach. The villas carry with themselves the charm of the tradition and still carry modern architecture. This hotel is furnished with a private beach and the luxury you deserve.

3. Sagara Candidasa:
Nestling near the side of a lake, Sagara Candidasa is blessed with the adorable beauty of surrounding nature. An affordable option, the hotel is best suited to seek the calm away from the tumult of the city.

4. Amarta Beach Cottages:
Augmented with modern amenities, Amarta Beach Cottages is an accommodation option travellers love to stay in. Ornate with a pool, free Wi-Fi and a restaurant, the beach cottage provides a comfortable and convenient stay. Near to many other destinations of interest, the property becomes an ideal option for visitors.

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