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About Legian Street

Legian Street is the most famous street in Legian, Bali and is often considered as one of the most visited streets because of the various shops, pubs, bars, hotels and its wonderful nightlife that attract many visitors. The street is very famous in Bali for its atmospheric nightlife and partying culture. Due to its proximity to the popular Kuta Beach, tourists visit Legian Street in large numbers.

Tourists not only visit Kuta Beach but also go to other popular places in Legian Street like the Ground Zero Monument which is located on the southern side of the street. Other than the various popular attractions, one can visit and experience a carefree and chill evening in the various clubs and pubs in the street. For people who are not party-goers, they can shop in the various shops of Legian Street.

Shopping in Legian Street is very popular in the night and especially after 11 pm, as the street is filled with the rush of tourists and the shopkeepers offer some great discounts. One can hunt for some of the finest quality clothes in Bali with designs that range from simple to the fanciest ones in these shops. To save your time and shop from the best shops, start exploring the Legian Street from the southern end i.e. from the Ground Zero Monument and move in the northern direction. You will find many shops on your way and after shopping move along the northern side to relax on the Kuta Beach.

How to Reach Legian Street

The distance between Denpasar Airport and Legian Street is around 6 km. One can taxis or cabs that cost around IDR 80,000 to IDR 100,000. It usually takes around 10-15 minutes to reach Legian Street from Denpasar Airport but during rush hours, it may take some 30-40 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Legian Street

The best time to visit Legian Street is during the night as you can products at cheaper rates and also see the wonderful street in various colors.  Also, the best time of the year to visit Bali is from April to the month of September. During this period, the climate is neither too cold, nor too hot. It is humid and is best suitable for tourists. 

What Not to Miss at Legian Street

Things to do in Legian Street

Legian Street is a tourist hub and it has many places to go and activities to do. 
Below are some of the things to do in Legian Street.

1. Learn Surfing at the Rip Curl School of Surf- 
Founded in 1998, Rip Curl School of Surfing is the most popular and internationally acclaimed institute for learning surfing. One can surf there for a few hours just to experience the real surfing feeling and vibe. 

The school offers many professional courses that range from kite surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboard, tow-in, etc. One can hone their surfing skills or just surf the school complex for fun. 

2. Dive in the waters of Waterbom Bali- 
Water rides ranging from the Super-Loop to Smashdown make Waterbom one of Bali's finest waterparks. The waterpark is very close to Legian Street and is filled with adventures and natural beauty, The lush green gardens and the adrenaline-pumping rides make it a very popular weekend getaway spot. Alongside the rides and adventures, one can eat some of the finest Indonesian and International food on the roof-top restaurant in the waterpark. 

3. Get yourself in the fun of the Dream Museum Zone- 
Dream Museum Zone is a very popular place near Legian Street that has a collection of various 3-D and 4-D murals for tourists. One can click some funny and fantastic photos with the various murals that are spread across this 3-level museum. Other than this, the museum also houses some 120 artworks of the lost years. 

3. Ready for 5GX Reverse Bungy?

Get in the most adventurous sport in Legian Street. The 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy offers its visitors that experience of a ‘reverse bungee’. Hop on the Bungy, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to feel the adrenaline rush. The Bungy can reach up to 200 km/h. 
A fun fact; The slogan of 5GX is “Only the legal way to get high in Bali”.

Other Essential Information About Legian Street

- Location:
Jalan Legian, Bali

- Timings: Open 24 hrs (for best experience visit during the night)

- Price: The street is the cheapest shopping hub in Bali.

Tips for visiting Legian Street

Visit Poppies Lane I and II and Garlic Lane. These streets have the best shops, clubs, and pubs in the entire Legian Street.

2. Always bargain for the product that you are buying as the sellers often charge more from the tourists. Do not restrict yourself to one shop. There are many shops in Legian Street where you can buy some of the finest clothes and other things. 

3. Legian Street is always crowded and filled with tourists. Make sure that you take care of your belongings. 

4. A must experience thing is to feel the sunset on Kuta Beach. This enchanting experience of watching the sunset among those clouds above the crystal clear waters is one of a kind. 

5. To enjoy the best dinner and ambiance in Legian Street, have your dinner at one of the beach bars or restaurants. 

Places to Go for shopping in Legian Street

From local souvenirs shops to International brand shops, one can find many shops in Legian Street. 
Below are some of the places to go for shopping in Legian Street

1. Kuta Beachwalk- 
This 4-floor shopping complex is located near the northern end of Legian Street. It has many shops where one can find some of the finest things in Legian Street. The beach walk is a unique mall in Bali as it has some special and unique flowering design and open-air layout. Kuta Beachwalk is always jam-packed with visitors and the timings of the shopping complex are 10 AM to 10 PM.

2. Jalan Legian- 
Jalan Legian is the main portion of the Legian Street and is housed with maximum shops, bars, and clubs. One can shop in around 50 different shops and choose the best things at the cheapest rates. 

The street has many alleys and side roads which also has many famous shops. On both sides of Jalan Legian, you will find shops that are filled with tourists throughout the day. The street is popularly known as the “Downtown Street”. 

3. Garlic Lane Shopping Street- 
Jalan Sahadewa or popular known as Garlic Street is a narrow street off the main Jalan Legian Street. Garlic Lane has many small shops that sell the best souvenirs and clothes in Legian Street. Since the streets are narrow, it is advisable to explore the shops on the street on foot. 

4. Silverberry- 
Silverberry is one of the most famous shops on Legian Street. The shop manufactures some of the finest sterling silver jewelry in Bali, From silver beads, pendants to chains and earrings, one can find some of the finest Indonesian and Balinese type of jewelry in SIlverberry. 

5. Ticket to the Moon- 
Ticket to the Moon is a special store in Legian Street that specializes in selling hammocks. The hammocks are of fine quality and manufactured in silk-nylon material. This small shop has many products other than hammocks like the special ‘Moon Chair’, pocket frisbees, beach blankets, nautical ropes, tarps, mosquito nets, and carabiners. 

Best Restaurants in Legian Street

Legian Street is the hub for foodies as it has many restaurants that have some of the finest dishes. 
Below are some of the Best Restaurants in Legian Street.

1. Pearl Restaurant- 
Pearl Restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in Legian Street. Situated amidst a garden, the beautiful restaurant has the best ambiance in the street. One can enjoy the best and sensational cocktail in Pearl Restaurant. Have some of the mouth-watering dishes in the restaurant and enjoy the true vibes of Legian Street. 

2. Seminyak Italian Food- 
The restaurant serves Italian food with a blend of some of the finest Indonesian spices. Overlooking the popular Double-Six Beach Seminyak Italian Food serves some of the classic seasonal items. The restaurant serves the finest and finger-licking breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked in the typical Italian style. 

3. Donbiu- 
With live musical performances, Donbiu offers the most refreshing ambiance with the finest food items. Savor yourself with the finest Indonesian and Continental cuisine items. The restaurant is located in the Padma Resort of Legian and is very popular in the locality for its authentic Indonesian food. 

4. Lais Restaurant- 
Overlooking Kuta Beach, Lais Restaurant serves some of the finest food items and has the perfect romantic ambiance. The menu of Lais Restaurant is filled with the finest Indonesian items and the best dessert of the region. 

5. Yuyake Teppanyaki- 
Yuyake Teppanyaki is located on the second floor of Yuyake Building offering the finest view of the Kuta Beach. This restaurant is known for its presentation skills and food quality. For people who want to beat their hunger late in the night, this restaurant is the best option as it remains open till 2 am. 

6. Kuali Restaurant- 
This beautiful restaurant is located under a big tree and offers the finest view of the ocean water. Kuali serves some of the finest non-veg especially chicken items. 

Best Clubs and Bars in Legian Street

Legian Street is very popular for its nightlife and is home to the finest clubs and bars in Bali. 
Below are some of the best clubs and bars in Legian Street.

1. LXXY Bali- 
Offering cuisines from the International kitchens with some of the loud DJ Music, LXXY Bali is the most popular club on Legian Street. It houses some of the finest International DJ Artists who give an electrifying experience. With food, great music and the best liquor, one can have the best Nightlife experience in LXXY Bali. 

2. Sky Garden- 
Sky Garden is one of the biggest clubs in Legian Street. The club has multi-floors and each floor has a different kind of music and vibe.This rooftop club houses the best bands and gives the best musical experience. 

3. Ku De Ta Bar- 
Located alongside the beach, Ku De Ta Bar is the perfect club for people who want to experience great music alongside the ocean waters. The club has different sections where people can relax and dance to the loudest music on the beach. 

4. Engine Room- 
One of the biggest clubs in Legian Street, this multi-storey club houses many popular DJs. With its multiple dance floors, one can groove on the best EDM and rock music in the town. 

5. Jenja- 
Jenja serves the finest liquor in Legian Street. It is also regarded as the best club in Legian Street as it is close to Kuta Beach and main streets in Legian Street.
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