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Located at an elevation of 440 metres, Langza village is one of the most fascinating places to see in Spiti Valley. This is a picturesque village which offers a number of tourist attractions in the form of prehistoric buildings and ancient monasteries.

Langza Village forms an immensely gorgeous backdrop which comprises of green pastures, snow clad mountains and awe-inspiring man-made buildings. The majestic village in Himachal Pradesh has a population of just 137 people and the tough way of life they lead in this part of barren land as they sometimes have to face sub-zero temperatures and be disconnected from the world.

Langza is known for production of vessels of all shapes and sizes and crafts such as shawls, carpets, etc. It also has an ancient temple which is surrounded by a scenic view of the valley amidst the mud houses and snow-clad peaks among which Chau Chau Kang Nilda can be seen. 

Location: Langza Village, Himachal Pradesh 


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