About Krushnai Water Park

A quaint little amusement centre at the heart of Pune, Krushnai Water Park is one of the best-known water parks in Maharashtra. Set amidst 15 acres of verdant green landscape, this adventure park is one of the best entertainment options in the city. The park has a number of different water-based attractions and rides, for adults and children alike.

The park prides in a variety of pools, adventure rides, and slides of different sizes and heights, making this a popular spot  for thrill-seekers and leisure-mongers alike. Have gala time in the Wave Pool and the Rain Dance Centre, or test your courage at the daring Turnpikes and Black Hole RIde- one is spoilt for choice at the Krushnai Water Park. 

 Apart from the water area, the park also has an entertainment arena, with fun ride options like the Dashing Cars, the Bull Ride and a Gaming Zone for young visitors. The Water Park also accommodates vast green lawns which provide a perfect spot for picnics with family or groups of friends.

Krushnai Water Park provides its guests with locker room facilities against an extra charge. The Park also provides swimming costumes on rent for those who need one, against a slight added charge. The swimsuits here are available in all sizes, for men, women and children alike.

The water park also has medical and first aid facilities available in case of medical emergencies at any point of the day. It has parking facilities as well, allowing free parking for its visitors.

Experiences at Krushnai Water Park:

1. Twister: Twister is a unique one-person ride that allows one to enjoy unique whirlwind sensations. One has to only slide into it and experience fun water whirls around the circular platform.

2. Black Hole: The Black Hole is a two-person ride, where one can, with his or her partner, enjoy a steep slide along the dark tunnel on a rubber float. The Black Hole slide, carefully designed to maximize the adrenalin rush in its riders, is perfect for thrill-seekers and is bound to elicit a scream or two from the riders. The experience is further heightened by the rapidity of the descent down the slope and the echoes that reverberate through the darkness of the tunnel.

3. Turnpikes: If you are brave-hearted and are looking for an adventure, Turnpikes is the ride to go to. This multilane ride, spread across three adjoining slides, allows one to ride down its descending slopes on a mat. The sharp bends and angles of the Turnpikes ride only adds to the thrill factor. One can decide to fly solo on it, or even race with their friends on the adjoining slides. The rapidity of the ride, however, makes it unsuitable for those who are not comfortable with extreme speed or steep drops.

4. Pirate Island: A perfect haven for little adventurers, Pirate Island is an elaborately equipped adventure pool restricted for the use of children only. The pool is designed to occupy kids with various short and long slides. Each slide descends from a different level and caters to the thrill-requirement of children of various heights and ages. Each level is connected by stairs and elaborate passages for navigation. Atop the slide monument is a giant water bucket, which empties every ten minutes upon those on the ride.

5. Wave Pool: The Wave Pool is a family pool, and one of the most popular attractions at Krushnai Water Park. Here one can experience the slow swelling of waves against a bank of faux sand, recreating the experience of a beach. The waves are often directed to rise and fall to the rhythm of music, and the proceedings are directed by the presiding DJ, playing catchy tunes to go along with the swell of the water. If one is looking to enjoy a dance or to simply relax, the Wave Pool is the place to go to.

6. Crazy Cruise: Crazy Cruise is an adventure water slide catering to those looking for thrill and adventure only. It is a water slide, where one must ride down a daunting 30 feet on solo, to land in the swimming pool at the bottom.

Rides & Attractions at Krushnai Water Park:

-Aqua Trail: Aqua Trail is a two-person ride, where riders must travel down an open slide on water tube rafts to descend into the pool below.

-Rain Dance: The Rain Dance is a secluded dance area, where one can groove to the tunes of the DJ with their friends or family, amidst showers of sprinklers emerging from all directions.

-Turnpikes: In this multilane ride spreading across three adjoining slides, one must brave steep angles and bends on their stomachs, hurling headlong down the rollers.

-Crazy Cruise: An adventure water slide where one must brave a 30 feet descent into the swimming pool down below.

-Magic Sway: Magic Sway is a special swing-like attraction, in which riders must sit in a group on a tube, which sways back and forth across the length of the ride.

-Twister: A one-person ride unique to Krushnai Water Park, where one can enjoy water whirlwinds on a circular structure.

-Black Hole: A duet ride, where riders must, with their partner, descend through a dark tunnel of a steep descent.

-Tunnel Funnel: A fun water slide which requires two to four riders seated on a water tube. The tube emerges out of a funnel, oscillates around the main element of the ride, which is a funnel-shaped structure, and then drops into a splash pool.

-Pirate Island: Pirate Island is a pool catering specifically to kids, with rides of multiple levels and lengths, allowing little ones to get into the skins of pirates and enjoy the wonders of water and navigation.

-Little Champs: Little Champs is a specially designed pool for toddlers, offering fun rides and slides while catering to the safety of the children.

-Family Slide: The Family Slide is a wide-body slide, designed for multiple riders to ride down its fairly gentle slope. Although open to all, this ride is specifically designed for little children who are afraid to face the thrill of descent without parents or friends alongside.

-Mushroom: An attraction made especially for children, Mushroom recreates the waterfall experience for young ones, with sheets of water continuously flowing down from a mushroom-shaped roof on those standing below.

-Wave Pool: A family pool, recreating the typical beach experience through slow- swelling waves rising and falling with accompanying music.

The water park also has an entertainment centre on dry land, including a Bull Ride, a Video Game centre, Dashing Cars Zone and a Play Zone for children.

How to Reach Krushnai Water Park

There are a number of easy ways to reach Krushnai Water Park from Pune Airport, which is only 8 kms away from the place. One can take a taxi, rent a cab or a car, which would be the fastest route here. To avail public transport, one would need to hail one of the many buses travelling to and fro the route.

Best Time to Visit Krushnai Water Park

The best time to visit Krushnai water Park is during summer or autumn months, from May to June and October. During this time, the temperature is usually high and makes it pleasant to enjoy water attractions.

What Not to Miss at Krushnai Water Park

Places to Visit near the Krushnai Water Park:

1. ISKCON Temple: The ISKCON NVSS Centre is a newly inaugurated Radha-Krishna Temple in Kondhwa Pune. The beautiful temple in white and red is flanked by lush green gardens and hosts regular programmes of bhajan and dance within its premises. The temple grounds also has its host of snack and souvenir shops. 

2. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: The Raja Dinkar Museum hosts the artefact collection of Dr. Dinkar G. Kelkar, and houses a number of splendid 14th-century sculptures made of ivory, gold and silver, along with musical instruments, war weapons and vessels. The museum was started in 1920 and houses nearly 15,000 attractive artefacts on display for the public.

3. Narayani Dham: The Shri Narayani Dham in Pune is a famous Dadi Temple built in emulation of that in Hyderabad. The clean premises of the widespread temple grounds, the serenity that pervades its atmosphere, the plush rose gardens and the fountain showers make this temple an aesthetic treat. Along with its cultural and religious programmes, the temple also does charitable work, like blood donation camps, medical check-up, and scripture lessons among other things.

4. Chaturshrungi Temple: The Chaturshringi Temple is a Hindu temple dating back to the ages of the Maratha dynasty. Although the presiding deity here is Goddess Ambareshwari, the temple also houses two smaller temples dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha. On the eve of Navaratri, this temple hosts a special festival on the foothills, which attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world.

5. Taljai Hill: Taljai Hill is a wildlife reserve located in the heart of Pune. The reserve is a popular tourist destination among birdwatchers and ornithologists, as it attracts plenty of migratory birds and is home to a large number of peacocks. At the entrance of the reserve is a temple to the Hindu Goddess Taljai, to which it owes its name.

6. Gram Sanskruti Udyan Village Park: Known as Pune’s first mock-village, this is the city’s newest addition to its sightseeing map. With models of thatched huts and village crowds, the park is an immaculately detailed recreation of the Maharashtrian village life. The green lawns of the Udyan Park allow its visitors to take a casual stroll or simply sit down for picnics. 

7. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary: The Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary in Pune was established mainly with the motive of protecting the Giant Flying Squirrel. Filled with dense green forest terrain and swift-flowing waterfalls, this sanctuary is a favourite weekend getaway spot for people in Mumbai and Pune. The sanctuary also houses the Bhimashankar Temple, to which it owes its name. The Bhimashankar Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, or self-emerged Shiva Temple, making it an important pilgrimage site for Hindus from all over the country.

Other Essential Information About Krushnai Water Park

Location: Gate No. 186, Donje Gaon-Sinhagad Road, Sinhagad Base, Pune, Maharashtra – 411025

Timing: The park remains open between 10:00 AM and 06.00 PM on all days of the week. 

Krushnai Water Park Attractions Pass Types:

Weekday ticket prices (Monday-Friday): 

-Rs. 500 for kids below the height of 4 feet.
-Rs. 600 for adults

Weekend ticket prices (Saturday and Sunday):

-Rs. 600 for kids below the height of 4 feet
-Rs. 700 for adults.

Places to dine at the Krushnai Water Park:

The Krushnai Water Park and Resort has a restaurant of its own, which can house around 150 diners at the same time. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, with the vegetarian plates starting at the price of Rs. 800 per person, and the non-vegetarian starting at the price of Rs. 900 per person. 

The air-conditioned banquet cum restaurant serves food of multiple cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, Continental, North Indian and Italian. The Water Park also has multiple snacks counters serving Chinese, Indian, Jain and Chat items. The drinks and snacks available at the counter is enough to keep visitors full while enjoying the rides.The park provides group discounts. It may, however, levy extra charges on government holidays or festive days.

Tips for visiting Krushnai Water Park:

-For purposes of hygiene maintenance, all water in Krushnai Water Park is heavily chlorinated and must be avoided by those who are allergic to chlorine. For ones prone to eye irritation in chlorinated water, protective eye goggles are recommended.

-It is advisable to carry minimal luggage and keep little cash at hand, to ensure safety while depositing ones belonging in the public locker room. 

-Visitors are recommended to carry their own toiletries- soap, shampoos, sunscreens, lotions- for showering purposes, as none are available for sale or rent.

-All pools are monitored by well-trained members of the staff. However, if one is not well trained in swimming, it would be advisable to keep off the deeper ends of certain pools.

-Those that are prone to vertigo, nausea, have heart conditions, or are pregnant, are advised to keep off the steeper adventure water slides to avoid health havocs.

-Wearing comfortable footwear is advisable.

-The rides require swimming costumes that are made of either nylon or polyester. If one is not carrying the same with them, it is available on rent at the water park Counter.
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People Also Ask About Krushnai Water Park

  1. What are the timings of the park?

    The park remains open between 10.00 AM and 06.00 PM on all days of the week.
  2. How many thrill rides are there at Krushnai Water Park?

    All rides in the water park have a special thrill factor associated with it. There is the Tunnel-Funnel, Black Hole, Twister, Magic Sway, Turnpike and Crazy Cruise for the adventure seekers. The Family Ride, Pirate Island and Little Champs are thrill-bombs for the younger visitors, catering especially to their needs.
  3. Is there any locker facility available? If yes what are the charges?

    Yes, Krushnai Water Park has locker rooms available for visitors to store their belongings in. The charge for each locker is Rs.100, which is refundable later on.
  4. Is there any medical facility available at the water park?

    Yes, the park provides medical and first aid facilities. Medical staff and lifeguards are stationed and present in the park premises at all times.
  5. Is it mandatory to wear swimming caps?

    No, it is not mandatory to wear swimming caps. However, proper swimwear must be donned before entering the pools. Swimsuits made of polyester or nylon are the preferred type. If one requires a swimsuit, costumes of all sizes are available on rent at the waterpark counter, at the rate of Rs. 50 apiece.
  6. Is WI-Fi available at water Park?

    No, currently there is no WIFI facility available at the Park.
  7. Do I need to book tickets in advance?

    No, tickets do not have to be booked in advance. The ticket to the water park can be purchased at the entry gate. Once inside, the tickets are revoked and replaced with a hand band, which acts as a pass on all the attractions at the water park.