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The Kali River in Dandeli is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Karnataka because of the myriad activities that tourists can enjoy near it. It is not only the perfect place to spend an adventure-filled weekend but also an incredible sight-seeing spot in Karnataka, if you like spending time in the midst of nature.

It is known for its lush green jungles that fringe the banks of the river, as well as the dams that are located on the river to create the famous backwaters of Karnataka. The river starts at a small village called Kushavali in the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats and flows into the Supa Dam, where it is met by another famous river- Pandri. The river flows for a total distance of 184km before it finally meets the Arabian Sea.

The freshwater of the Kali River meanders through endless stretches of lush green vegetation over beautiful rock formations that make it ideal for sports like river rafting. The river, which is otherwise rather peaceful and quiet, suddenly transforms into a rush of white eddies as the river bed drops 10-20 feet near Dandeli, and then settles back into its peaceful pace.

There are several dams, forts, temples and forests along the river, but the adventure camp in Dandeli is one of the primary attractions of the Kali River. The camp organizes adventure sports and activities such as river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, birdwatching, trekking, hiking and nature walks, which makes for an ideal vacation for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

How to Reach Kali River

By flight: The nearest airport to Dandeli is Hubli Airport, which is 73km away. From the airport, you can find several taxis and cars that you can rent to take you to Kali River in Dandeli. You can also travel to Dandeli via the KSRTC buses that connect Hubli to Dandeli.

By train: There is a train station in Dandeli which is called Ambewadi station. There are regular trains plying to and from the station from nearby cities like Bangalore, Vijaypur, Karwar and Hyderabad. From the station, it is a short ride away on a rented taxi or local bus to the Kali River.

By road: There is a well-planned bus service that plies between Bangalore and Dandeli. It is called the Rajahamsa Executive Bus Service, which is organized by the KSRTC, which takes you on a 12-hour journey from Bangalore main to the Kali River in Dandeli.

Best Time to Visit Kali River

The best time to visit the Kali River in Dandeli is between the months of October and May, which consists of the winter and summer season. However, the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, and you can plan your visit depending on the activities you are planning to enjoy during your vacation.

Summer: The summer months in Dandeli last from March to May, when the temperatures are moderate and the conditions of the Kali River are ideal for adventure activities. You can enjoy river rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the waters of the Kali. On land, you can go bird-watching and hike through the dense jungles.

Monsoon: If you are planning on visiting Dandeli for river-rafting, then it is best that you avoid planning your vacation during monsoon, which is between July and September. This is the time when the area experiences very heavy rainfall and the Kali River also gets flooded. The shores are muddy and the waters are more turbulent than usual.

Winter: The onset of winter starts from October and lasts till March-April. You can see many migratory birds that visit the area during this time and also engage in other, more rigorous adventure sports such as mountain climbing and trekking. This is the best time to visit the Kali River in Dandeli.

What Not to Miss at Kali River

Attractions near Kali River Dandeli

Apart from the kali River itself, there are several attractions that you can visit near the River, to make your trip to Dandeli even more memorable. Here are a few suggestions for places you can visit when you are in the vicinity:

1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary : This is a National Wildlife Sanctuary that you must visit if you are in Dandeli to spend time in the midst of nature. This sanctuary is home to over 40 tigers and is the second-largest sanctuary in all of Karnataka. You can also see animals like leopards, deer, elephants, crocodiles, woodpeckers, hornbills and much more.

2. Sykes Point : Sykes Point is a viewpoint that is located quite close to the River Kali and is one of the most beautiful places in Dandeli. It is a place from where you can see the rolling green hills of the Western Ghats surrounding both sides of the equally beautiful Kali River. The panoramic view you get from this place is truly a sight to behold and not something you should miss if you are visiting Dandeli.

3. Kavala Caves : These are some of the oldest caves in a region that are made of limestone and were formed thousands of years ago because of intense volcanic activity. Apart from the fascinating history of the caves, you should also visit this place because it is a great place to go trekking, hiking, camping and nature walking. The cave, which has 375 steps and several winding tunnels is always sought out by lovers of adventure and exploration.

Places to Stay near Kali River Dandeli

The Kali River in Dandeli is a popular tourist attraction with many resorts and hotels nearby where you can take up accommodation. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Dandeli Rangers Camp : If you are in Dandeli for an adventurous vacation, you can stay at this camp, where they will organize most of the sports and activities for you. It is also located just 1km away from the actual river, making travel to and from the main activity points very convenient.

2. Magenta Resort, Dandeli : With an outdoor pool, private balconies and well-equipped, luxurious rooms, this resort is the perfect place to spend your holidays in. It is also an eco-resort, with an infrastructure that allows you to be in close proximity to nature.

3. Shree Lodges : For a comfortable and pocket-friendly stay, you can always check out Shree Lodges, a series of small cottages and rooms that are located quite close to the river for you to enjoy the best of adventure activities and water sports on the Kali River.

Water sports at Kali River Dandeli

The Kali River in Dandeli is sought out for its ideal conditions in terms of temperature, weather, speed of the water currents and location. It is also a paradise for nature lovers because of natural scenic beauty which fringes the river as you engage in the water sports that you can enjoy on the river. Here are some activities that are organized in the waters of the Kali River:

1. River rafting : There are several milestones along the Kali River, one of which is the Bison River Resort. It is near this resort that the peaceful and level waters of the river suddenly drop 10-20 feet, creating an undulating river bed and small eddies that are ideal for river rafting. The white, foamy waters, the smooth rocks and the fast currents create the perfect opportunity to go river rafting with your friends and family.

2. Canoeing and kayaking : If you want to do something adventurous but not as intense as river rafting, then you can also take a private canoe or a kayak and sail on the peaceful waters of the Kali. The reservoir in which these activities are held is fringed with lush greenery and makes for the perfect activity to enjoy during your vacation.

3. Zorbing : Zorbing is more of a game and less a sport, and requires no skill or expertise whatsoever, promising unadulterated fun to the participants. You can roll around the waters of the Kali River in a giant and inflatable balloon in the shape of a hollow ball. You can float on the surface of the river and even have your loved ones join you.

4. Natural jacuzzi bath : The waters of the Kali River are clean, and the undulating river bed creates a natural jacuzzi where you can unwind and relax. The currents of the river, when they hit the jagged rocks, creates a foamy texture which is very soothing on the skin. The natural minerals of the river are also beneficial and make for one of the most comfortable and relaxed experiences in Dandeli.

Other Essential Information About Kali River

Location : Dandeli, Karnataka 581363

Stretch : 184km (course of the full Kali River)

Height : 472m above sea level

Average temperature : 25 degrees Celsius

Distance from nearest airport : 73km from Hubli Airport

Places to Eat near Kali River Dandeli

Although you will find an ample spread of food and beverages in the resorts near the river in which you are staying, you can also check out some of the other eateries nearby:

1. Bismillah Hotel : This is a small, road-side tea shop that sells all the essential dishes for a good, healthy and hearty breakfast. You will find an unlimited supply of tea and biscuits along with light snacks to keep you full during your breaks.

2. Kamath Refreshment : Serving up a flurry of fresh South Indian dishes, along with snacky, fast-food, this is the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal with your family. It is a very popular breakfast joint which is also frequented by the locals.

3. Vali’s Hyderabadi Biryani Plaza : If you are in the mood for a heavier meal with proper seating and uncompromising quality, then you can also check out this restaurant which serves a host of North and South Indian dishes, prepared in the most authentic style.

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People Also Ask About Kali River

  1. Is Dandeli river rafting safe?

    Yes, the river rafting activity on the Dandeli river is absolutely safe. You can also enlist the services of a guide if you are no travelling in groups, to accompany you on the adventure. Even non-swimmers are allowed to take part in the activity without fear of accidents.

  2. Which river flows in Dandeli?

    The Kali River flows through Dandeli.

  3. Why is the Kali River black?

    Unfortunately, nearby industries and factories have been draining their toxic and chemical waste into the Kali River for several decades, which has led to some parts of the river appearing black to passers-by.