About Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach is something every single beach lover will fall in love with. It is an assortment of some of the luxurious hotels, amazing coral ridges, and sun loungers. This beach is a connecting link between mainland Bali and Bukit Peninsula, which offers a peaceful environment to all the tourists landing here all over the year. It offers a very unique and distinctive open dining experience to the visitors. Many tourists love to spend time on the serene beaches witnessing the blood-red sky in the course of sunset.

The beach is located at south Bali and it spread over an area of almost 4 km. It has been widely acknowledged for its peaceful environment which makes vacationing in this place a bliss. 
It has everything for everyone starting from a wide range of opportunities of having seafood, drinking options and lounging in the sun. The coral ridges which is yet another attraction of the beach protects the bay and promotes better surfing in the water.  If you love surfing then there is no better place in Bali other than JImbaran Beach. Tourists come here to enjoy body surfing at its best.

Jimbaran Beach opens its magical doors for tourists all over the year. The best part of Jimbaran is its weather which remains moderate all over the year and boosts tourism like anything. It offers amazing stays to tourists in some of the amazing villas and resorts that take the experience of this place to a next level offering traditional cuisines to the tourists as well as providing them with a number of playful options. Check out this article to know more about what has Jimbaran kept for you and your loved ones. If you haven't planned for your next holiday hideout, think about this surreal place once and pack your bags.

How to Reach Jimbaran Beach

The distance between Jimbaran Beach and Denpasar airport is about 5.2 Km. There are more than a few ways to travel. You can hire a cab to take you to the beach or else travel in a town car. It will hardly take 10 mins to reach at your favourite beach after landing at the airport. If you want to explore the township after landing at the airport, you can also choose to walk along the streets.

Best Time to Visit Jimbaran Beach

The best time to visit Jimbaran Beach is considered from April to August. However, you can come to this amazing place all over the year with your loved ones. The cool and pleasant climate will make your stay comfortable and also let you make the most of the beach in the course of the stay.

You will find the beach a bit crowded in the course of the peak season in the months of July, August, and Easter holidays. So, it would be better if you can land in this amazing place in the months of April, May, June, and September.

What Not to Miss at Jimbaran Beach

Things to do at Jimbaran Beach 

1. Swimming-
If you know how to swim then you would just love to swimming in this beautiful shimmering blue water to refresh your body and soul. Tourists love to swim on the beach as it is not at all spoiled and remains super clean all over the year promoting various water activities. Spending some time swimming will certainly give you a sense of rejuvenation and enjoyable experience. 

2. Surfing- 
The Jimbaran beach is a perfect place for surfing all over Bali. It has been moved ahead as one of the leading surfing destinations in Bali and a number of surfing schools have also been established to educate novice on surfing. If you are aware of surfing then you can easily get into the water with your boards and surf through the waves in the direction of the wind. 

3. Sunbathing- 
Sunbathing is the most treasured offering Jimbaran beach has for its visitors. You can think of relaxing under the sun and take in some of the bright sun rays. This exposure will not only provide warmth to your body but it will also make you feel a bit more rejuvenated and refreshed. Almost all the tourists coming to Jimbaran beach spend time sunbathing in the countless sun lounges. 

4. Witnessing the scenic beauty- 
The beaches of Bali are famous for their scenic beauty and Jimbaran beach is no different. It lets you have amazing sunset views. You can sit and relax on the sun witnessing the picturesque sunset of the beach and take some amazing pictures of the sky. 

5. Stroll around the place- 
If you are not interested in any of the activities available on the beach, you can go ahead and spend some time strolling around the beach. You would love to stroll on the sandy beach and witness the magical beauty of the place with your loved near and dear ones.

Places to visit near Jimbaran Beach

1. UluWatu- 
Located at the south-western tip of Bukit, it is an amazing place for surfers coming from all over the world. The tricky waves of this place make it more favourable for surfing. However, swimming in this place is strictly prohibited because of the associated risk factor.

UluWatu offers amazing surf breaks as well as some of the luxurious hotels and restaurants. This place is also widely renowned among pilgrims. The famous Pura Luru Uluwatu Temple is visited countless visitors all over the year. On a visit to this place, you can spend some time relaxing on the beaches and rejuvenating your soul. 

2. Kuta Beach- 
Kuta Beach is considered to be one of the most important places in the tourism landscape of Bali. It is not only known for its amazing water sports activities, but it is also known for its plethora of other playful activities. A trip to this place will a fun-filled trip and you will take away zillions of memories to be cherished all over your life. Kuta Beach is known to have amazing nightlife and it is a mixed bag for travellers. The administration has been constantly putting efforts to make it better and safe for tourists. 

3. Tanah Lot- 
The Tanah Lot is located on the mesmerizing offshore in the Tabanan Regency. This is a Hindu place of worship and it dates to more than 500 years. It is a perfect example of a mixture of the Hindu and the Balinese Mythology. You will definitely fall in love with the architecture of the place of worship.

The base of the temple is carved with sea snakes and it also serves as a natural source of holy water. Tourists are only allowed to the base of the temple whereas the priests and local Bali inhabitants are allowed to reach the top of the temple.

Other Essential Information About Jimbaran Beach

- Location:
 Jimbaran is located on the south of Kuta on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The beach is spread over an area of 20.05 Km2

- Timings: 
There is no fixed timing for tourists on Jimbaran beach. Tourists are welcomed to the beach 24X7. The beach is very safe and you can spend time on the beach till late nights partying and relish the delicious local cuisines.

- Price: 
There is no price for tourists visiting the Jimbaran beach. You would only need to pay for the activities you take part in the beach. 

Tips for Visiting Jimbaran Beach

You can start your day in Jimbaran visiting the Jimbaran fish market. 

2. If you want to get some souvenirs then it would be awesome to get them from the local markets. You can get them at a reduced price if you bargain. 

3. Don’t forget to relish the local cuisines and seafood delicacies of Jimbaran. 

4. Jimbaran Beach can be visited with family and friends. It is also a favourite honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. 

5. The best way to move around in the town will be by walking. If you want to go a bit further, then you can hire bluebird taxis. 

6. If you face any problem in the course of the stay, you can get in touch with the locals. They are very helpful and will lend you a helping hand for sure.

Best places Stay near Jimbaran Beach

1. Villa Aiko-
The Villa Aiko is one of the wonderfully designed places to stay in Jimbaran. It is designed as per the contemporary style of architecture and is surrounded by lush greenery all around. You can get direct sunlight to bath all day besides the pool as well as get soothing water highlights. A stay at this place will let you have amazing views of nature and also let your body rejuvenate by the soothing massage from the experts. 

2. Villa Adenium- 
The villa Adenium is one more amazing place to stay in the course of your holiday travel to this amazing place. It will not only give you a sense of relaxation but will also cater to all your needs. You can spend time in the long-stretched swimming pool as well as spend some playful time in table tennis and billiards room. The stay offers you to chill at the poolside, spend time in the sun lounges, relax on the rooftop. 

3. Jimbaran Sea View Villa- 
This villa is situated in Ulu Wata. This place happens to be a hub of all the fun that Jimbaran can provide you starting from amazing beaches, romantic sightseeing tours and many more. You can get mesmerizing sights of the sea beach of Jimbaran as well as get lost in the tranquillity and serenity of the place. The villa has a golf course, swimming pool, massage centre, fitness corner, and a beautiful garden. 

4. Villa Yasmine- 
This is a tropical villa that is designed with Alang-Alang roofs. It is situated in the Karma Jimbaran area. It is located in close vicinity to the sea beach and it hardly takes 5 mins to touch the sandy beach from the stay. It has a huge dining area, living space, 3 master bedrooms, private pool, gymnasium, and many more. 

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People Also Ask About Jimbaran Beach

  1. What is there to do in Jimbaran at night?

    Nightlife at Jimbaran is very lively. There are a number of bars and clubs that pump up the atmosphere. If you want to make your nights memorable then can spend time in the following places:

    Rock Bar
    Karma Beach
    El Kabron
    Smoqee Lounge And Sky Bar
    Kedonganan Seafood Cafes And Restaurants
    Single Fin Jimbaran Beach Club Sundaran
  2. What is unique about Jimbaran Beach?

    Jimbaran beach is known for its tranquil environment and turquoise waters. Nevertheless, the coral reefs that surround the beach makes it more intriguing for tourists to visit. It has something or the other for all the tourists visiting this place. You can choose to spend time on the surreal coastline or get spoiled having the amazing seafood delicacies.
  3. How long does it take to go around Jimbaran Beach?

    If you want to get around each and every corner of this amazing beach, you would need to spend at least 4-5 hours.
  4. What should I wear to Jimbaran Beach?

    When you come down to this place, you will find tropical heat, shady jungles and sun-kissed beaches all over. So, depending upon your taste of the vacation, you need to carry your clothes. If you come here in the dry and wet season, you need to pack light cotton and loose-fitting clothes.

    You also need to carry an umbrella to protect you from the rain showers. If you are planning to visit the southern coast, you need to carry boardshorts, tank tips, wavy dress, jean shorts, and swimsuits. If you are coming to this place in the course of winters, you would definitely need to pack sneakers, wet weather jackets, warm clothes and hiking shoes as well.

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