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About Hong Kong Disneyland

Opened in the year 2005, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is one of the largest theme parks in Hong Kong. This must-visit venue is a land filled with magic, adventure, laughter, and fun. Hong Kong’s Disneyland witnesses an annual expansion plan which contributes to new additions. Crowning itself as Asia’s second themed destination, it is much inspired by the customs, cultures, and traditions of China and the visitors visiting here, rate this place as a real marvel to explore from the best attractions in Hong Kong.

Across the world, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is recognized for its unbelievable fun and fascinations. From kids to couples to families to senior citizens to differently-abled persons, Hong Kong’s Disneyland serves the purpose of everyone.  There are seven different wonderlands – Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, and Adventureland. Every single wonderland here has got a different story to narrate.

Fantasyland has a wide array of attractions for your entertainment. Begin your journey from Cindrella’s Carousel and then have some fun at Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Get to know the secret behind the Pandora’s box at Fairy Tale Forest, or enjoy your tea party at the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. Besides the attractions above, there’s an exciting opportunity waiting for you to meet and greet your favorite Disney character here. Moana, Tinker Bell, Donald, Mickey and Minnie, Iron Man, Woody, and others are ready to meet you.

Moving further, there’s thrilling rides, mystical museums, great entertainment, and dining options. Live performances and street shows add on a different flavor to your Disneyland visit. Chef Mickey, Dragon Wind, World of Color Restaurant, Enchanted Garden Restaurant, and Royal Banquet Hall are the usual dining options at Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

Before walking out from here, do not forget to shop for some souvenirs from here for your loved ones. Celebrity Gifts, the Trading Post, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Kingdom Gifts, Professor Porter’s Trading Post, Merlin’s Magic Portraits are some shops to hop-in here.

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Essential Information

Disneyland is located at Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland’s schedules are as follows -
                Weekdays – 10:30 am to 08:00 pm
                Weekends – 10:30 am to 08:15 pm

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Hong Kong Disneyland Attraction Pass Types

For year-round fun, there are three different ticket pass types available for Disneyland

You get an access to 220 days entry to the Hong Kong Disneyland. Your entry to the park will mostly be for weekdays. On your birthday, you will be entitled to a free 3 in 1 hotel dinner buffet. The pricing for Silver Pass are as follows –

1278 Hong Kong dollars (11750 INR)
915 Hong Kong dollars (8412 INR)
Student                             915 Hong Kong dollars (8412 INR)
Senior Citizen                   
316 Hong Kong dollars (2905 INR)

You get free access to the Hong Kong Disneyland for more than 340 days. This will be inclusive of most weekdays and occasionally weekends. Throughout 365 days, you will receive a free parking facility for 24 times and after that at discounted rates. You are eligible for a FASTPASS ticket for every single entry. On your birthday, you will be entitled to a free 3 in 1 hotel dinner buffet.

2059 Hong Kong dollars (18925 INR)
1459 Hong Kong dollars (13410 INR)
1459 Hong Kong dollars (13410 INR)
Senior Citizen                   
525 Hong Kong dollars (4825 INR)

For 365 days in a year, you are entitled to free entry to the Hong Kong Disneyland. You will receive a FASTPASS ticket, free car parking facility, a 10% discount on a one day ticket. On your birthday, you will be entitled to a free 3 in 1 hotel dinner buffet.

3599 Hong Kong dollars (33081 INR)
2569 Hong Kong dollars (23614 INR)
2569 Hong Kong dollars (23614 INR)
Senior Citizen                     
890 Hong Kong dollars (8181.06 INR)

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Rides and Attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland

Rides at the Hong Kong Disneyland - 

1. Iron Man Experience: 
Meet the Iron Man and all other superheroes at the Irons Man Experience. This place is meant for all teenagers, tweens, and adults. You can walk in anytime between 10:30 am to 07:30 pm.

2. Hyperspace Mountain: 
This ride gives you a fair chance to witness the magical charm of Star Wars. This Jet speed ride is open for all from 10:30 am to 07:30 pm.

3. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars:
This place is all filled with mysterious caves, dangerous mines, twisted caverns, and so on. Teens and adults make a perfect fit to walk in here. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars are open for your visit from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

4. RC Racer: 
RC Racer is a U-shaped tracker which accounts as one of the thrilling rides at Toy Story Land. As here you need someone with a strong heart, this is suitable for teens and adults. RC Racer is available for your enjoyment from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

5. Toy Soldier Parachute Drop: 
As you start enjoying this ride, you will yourself start witnessing some butterflies bouncing in your stomach. Toy Soldier Parachute Drop gives you a chance to drop down from the sky with your favorite soldier at Toy Story.

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Attractions at the Hong Kong Disneyland -

1. Main Street USA: 
This forms the gateway which guides your entry to the Fantasyland. Main Street USA stretches from the main entrance and ends at the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, City Hall, The Animation Academy, and the Town Square are the chief attractions here.

2. Fantasyland: 
Fantasyland is all about a fairy-tale moment. Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Cinderella’s Carousel are chief attractions of this place. As you keep on exploring this adventurous world, you’ll come across some of your favorite characters from Disneyland. So, be ready to get lost in the world of your favorite Disney characters.

3. Tomorrowland: 
Tomorrowland is all about Star Wars Experience and Marvel Heroes. Hyperspace Mountain, Orbitron, Command Post of Star Wars, Iron Man are some key rides here.

4. Toy Story Land: 
Be ready to meet all your Toy Story Characters at the Toy Story Land. Andy, Buzz, Woody, Rex, Potato Head, Ham, and Slinky are all waiting to share some beautiful moments with you. Entire Toy Story Land exhibits toys at the centre with soldiers, blocks and alphabets in the backdrop. Although it is considered to be the smallest amongst all wonderlands, it is still the most vibrant of all.

5. Grizzly Gulch: 
This wonderland is highly inspired by Old American Wild West Town. Everywhere there are rock structures, local jail, natural geysers and amidst them, there’s a grand roller coaster ride. In the backdrop of this place, you will find the presence of a massive mountain. Finally, before moving on to the final wonderland, do not forget to meet Chip & Dale and your all-time favorite cartoon characters – Mickey & Minnie here at Grizzly Gulch.

6. Mystic Point: 
Last but not least, Mystic Point is the newest addition to this mighty adventurous world. This section or wonderland revolves around a supernatural theme featuring nothing but magic and illusions. Garden of Wonders and 3D illusions are chief attractions here.

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Things To Do In Disneyland Hong Kong

1. Explore the Seven Wonderlands: 
Hong Kong Disneyland’s principal attraction is their seven wonderlands – Main Street USA (1st), Adventureland (2nd), Fantasyland (3rd), Tomorrowland (4th), Toy Story (5th), Grizzly Gulch (6th), and Mystic Point (7th). Every wonderland is a themed attraction and has got its own story to present in front of you.

2. Meet your Favorite Disney Characters at Hong Kong Disneyland: 
Have you been eager to meet your favorite Disney characters live in front of you? Well, now your own Disneyland brings in this exciting opportunity before you. Come and meet all your favorite Disney characters. You can even have lunch with some of them. Click pictures and make your friends jealous!

3. Experience the Thrill of Rides here: 
The rides at Disneyland will inevitably force your adrenaline rushing from head to toe. Iron Man Experience, Hyperspace Mountain, RC Racer, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop are some of those thrilling rides here.

4. Tour through the Star Wars in a VIP Way: 
There’s a lot to enjoy in your Star Wars VIP tour. Right from greeting your favorite Disney characters to attending the Disney Parade, it has got everything for your entertainment. If you have a kid between 4 to 12 years, let him undergo a Jedi training. You need to be present sharp at 10:00 am as your tour will start by 10:30 am.

5. Cruising the Jungle River: 
Embark on a thrilling cruise ride with your family and make your own way out of a dense jungle setting here. Challenge yourself with Big 5 Spottings as you enjoy your cruise ride.

6. Explore the Sleeping Beauty Castle: 
Sleeping Beauty Castle is a stunning palace within the Hong Kong Disneyland where visitors gather around to witness the magical night fireworks.

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Places to Stay at Hong Kong Disneyland

There are many accommodation options available for your stay outside the Hong Kong Disneyland itself. However, the stay places inside Disneyland will complete your entire Disneyland memory. Here are some stay options for you -

1. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel: 
This place is both elegant and charming for your Disneyland stay. The interior is highly inspired from the Victorian style of architecture. The gardens here are well-manicured to provide a soothing relaxation to your eyes, thereby refreshing all your excited senses. A night stay here will cost you around 2700 Hong Kong dollars (21600 INR) for a double sharing room.

2. Disney Explorers Lodge: 
This place is highly inspired by natural wonders and exhibits a unique cultural touch. Nestled amidst a natural setting, Disney Explorer’s Lodge is an ultimate luxurious accommodation option for you. Rooms and suites here are well-equipped and are engineered in accordance with the climate of tropical regions. One night stay at the Disney’s Explorer’s Lodge will cost you around 2200 Hong Kong dollars (17600 INR) for a double sharing room.

3. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel: 
Standing amidst Hong Kong’s luxurious hotels, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is all about glitz and grandeur. Here, you have a chance to meet your Mickey and trouble him if anything goes wrong during your stay. One night accommodation here would cost you around 1900 Hong Kong dollars (15200 INR) for a double-sharing room.

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Places to Shop & Dine at Hong Kong Disneyland

Where to eat?

Hong Kong’s Disneyland won't leave you with an empty stomach. Here are some food courts you can eat during your visit - 

1. Chef Mickey: 
Head towards Chef Mickey at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for some international cuisines. It is the best place to have your favorite meal, the Mickey way. Meal for two people would cost you between 200 to 500 Hong Kong dollars (1838.44 to 4596 INR). However, do check for the timings so that you do not reach when they are closed.

2. Studio Lounge: 
As the name suggests, Studio Lounge is nowhere less than a luxurious hotel with sophisticated interiors and intricate doors. Here, you will get to try some multi-cuisine dishes. While you are busy having your food, do not miss out to capture some stunning views of the garden that stretches across. Meal for two people would cost you around 100 to 200 Hong Kong dollars (919.22 to 1838.44 INR) here. This place is also located on the ground floor of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

3. Crystal Lotus: 
Standing different from other food courts of Disneyland, Crystal Lotus presents some exotic Chinese dishes for you. You can try heaps of flavors from Sichuan, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong. Disney dim sum is a signature dish to try at the Crystal Lotus. Meal for two people will cost you between 200 to 500 Hong Kong dollars (1838.44 to 4596 INR). This food court is a part of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

4. Enchanted Garden Restaurant: 
Here you get to witness the exquisiteness of Victorian architectural style. Authentic international dishes are their signature servings. Their flavors will surely tantalize your taste buds to crave for some more. Meal for two people is available at 200 to 500 Hong Kong dollars (1838.44 to 4596 INR). You need to head towards the Disneyland Hotel for having your lunch at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

Where to shop?

Celebrity Gifts (Disney’s Hollywood Hotel); The Trading Post (Disney’s Explorer’s Lodge); Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Kingdom Gifts (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel) are some shopping points. Besides those at the hotels, you have shopping points at each wonderland too.

1. Adventureland: Professor Porter’s Trading Post

2. Fantasyland: Merlin’s Magic Portraits, Merlin’s Treasures, Pooh Corner, Storybook Shoppe.

3. Main Street USA: Centre Street Boutique, Emporium, Main Street Cinema, Main Street Jewellers, Marty’s General Stores, Town Square Photo.

4. Mystic Point: The Archive Shop

5. Tomorrowland: Expo Shop, Pavilion Shop, Space Traders

6. Toy Story Land: Andy’s Toy Box

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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

Between November to April, the weather in Hong Kong remains dry and comfortable and hence makes a season to plan your Hong Kong Disneyland visit. To avoid the crowd and long queue, visit Disneyland either during the early days of November or April.

No matter which month you visit, it is always better to look for weekdays. Also, make sure that you are present a few minutes before the opening hours of the park.

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Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

- Plan your Hong Kong Disneyland visit on weekdays.
- Be present during the opening hours of the park.
- Before arriving here, download Hong Kong Disneyland’s official mobile app.
- Hong Kong is a sub-tropical region, and hence, it enjoys 4 different seasons when the temperature ranges between 10 to 33 degrees. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing according to the season.
- Purchase Octopus Card.
- Amongst all travelling options, MTR is one of the most convenient transportation modes.
- Do not get yourself distracted with the sudden appearance of your favorite Disney characters. There are here for your entertainment.
- For those who are planning to accommodate themselves at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, should consider walking. Walking will help you to explore more things on the go.
- If you are willing to ride an Autopia, ride it as soon as you arrive. Don’t hold on your enthusiasm for too long, or else you might end up missing your chances due to time lag.
- Hong Kong Disneyland schedules some exciting live shows and performances regularly. Do mark your presence there. They are performed by exceptionally skilled street performers.
- Allow all your kids to collect Disneyland stickers. The cast members here have plenty of them in their pocket, which they like to give it to all the children that they come across.
- If you are a die heart fan of Disneyland, the one-day visit won't quench your thirst then. Let yourself enjoy more at this wonderland without any disturbance.
- There is no need to wander here and there in search of hotels or restaurants. You may find them within Disneyland itself. For reservations, please do visit the official website of Hong Kong Disneyland.
- In case you are on a tour to Hong Kong, make sure to include Lantau Trail, Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tian Buddha, and Ocean Park in it. These are located near Disneyland.

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How to reach Hong Kong Disneyland from Airport?

There are six options for you to travel from Hong Kong International Airport to Disneyland - 

By Bus: 
You will get a bus from the Airport Ground Termination Centre. Try to board either A21, A11, A29, A29P, NA21, and NA29. These buses will lead you to Lantau Link Toll Plaza from where another bus will take to Hong Kong Disneyland within 15 minutes.
Cost – 300 to 400 INR per head.

By Subway: 
Ride an Airport Express subway from Hong Kong International Airport to drive you to Tsing Yi. From here, you will have to board a Tung Chung Line for Sunny Bay Station. Wait for a subway to take you to the Hong Kong Disneyland.
Cost – 700 to 1200 INR per head.

By Taxi: 
Your taxi ride from Hong Kong International Airport will take approximately 12 minutes to drop you at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Cost – 1300 to 1700 INR

By Drive: 
If you have your own vehicle, your approximate travelling cost will be your fuel expense, which will be between 200 to 300 INR.

By Towncar: 
A Towncar drive from Hong Kong International Airport to the Hong Kong Disneyland will cost you around 3000 to 5000 INR.

By Uber Drive: 
An uber ride from Hong Kong International Airport will cost you around 1200 to 1500 INR.

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Q 1. How do I get to Hong Kong Disneyland?
Here are some options to commute from different destinations of Hong Kong to Disneyland - 

1.Local Buses: 
From downtown – Route R33 and R42 will drop you at the Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange (PTI). Your journey will cost you around 22.3 Hong Kong dollars (206.82 INR) for each route.

From Lantau Link Toll Plaza – 
Route R8 will drop you at Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange. You need to pay a sum of 7 Hong Kong dollars for boarding from Lantau Link Toll Plaza and 3 Hong Kong dollars for boarding from Inspiration Lake.

2. MTR:
Disneyland is at a distance of around 30 minutes ride from MTR stations at Hong Kong International Airport, Kowloon Station, and Hong Kong Station.

3. Car: 
You can either hire a taxi to reach Hong Kong Disneyland or drive your own way here. For the detailed car route, you need to visit the car transportation page of the official website of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Q 2. Is Smoking allowed in Hong Kong Disneyland?
Although Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t encourage smoking and associated activities, for the convenience of their guests, there are particular areas designated for smoking purposes. You can either ask any cast member to direct you towards the smoking zones or locate it by yourself with the help of the park map.

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Q 3. Are selfie sticks allowed to be used in Hong Kong Disneyland Park?
No. The Walt Disney Parks and Resort’s policy restricts the use of selfie stick within the park. In case you bring it along with you, you are required to place it back in your bags. Store your luggage and other belongings at a Luggage Valet which is located at Park Promenade. The moment you are caught with your selfie stick, you will be asked to drop them at the guest relation counter. It is located at the City Hall of Main Street USA.

Q 4. Is Hong Kong Disneyland worth visiting?
If you are fond of Disney characters and are enthusiastic about meeting them, visiting Disneyland is worth every penny you invest in.

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Q 5. What types of personal items are not permitted within Hong Kong Disneyland Park?
Dangerous or hazardous items, weapons, food, alcoholic beverages, bags, luggage, boxes, carts, wheeled carriers, pets, masks, large tripods, recreational devices, and other harmful items are not permitted within the Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

Q 6. Can I bring a backpack to Disneyland?
No, you won't be allowed to bring in your bags or any other luggage at Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

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Q 7. What is the child age limit and cost?
Child age limit is 0 to 11 years. Above 12 years, you need to pay for an adult ticket. Ticket pricing is: 

Hong Kong Disneyland 2-Day Fun Special Package – 535 Hong Kong dollars (4917.83 INR)
Disney Priority Special & 1-Day Ticket Combo Package – 774 Hong Kong dollars (7114.71 INR)
Standard Park Tickets – 475 Hong Kong dollars (4366.26 INR)

Q 8. Are there height requirements for any of the attractions?
Every ride and attraction at the Hong Kong Disneyland has a minimum height requirement - 
112 cm for Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
120 cm for RC Racer
102 cm for Hyperspace Mountain
81 cm for Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

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Q 9. Is there any show in Hong Kong Disneyland?
There are three seasonal events held at the Hong Kong Disneyland – Chinese New Year Celebration, Disney’s Haunted Halloween, and Disney’s Sparkling Christmas. You can check the Times Guide of Disneyland for all information related to the shows, entertainment, and parade.

Q 10. Which Disney characters we can meet?
Hong Kong Disneyland provides you with an opportunity to meet Moana, Tinker Bell, Chip & Dale, Duffy, Goofy, Mickey & Minnie, Pluto, Iron Man, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Bo Peep, Jessie, and Woody at their seven wonderlands.

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Q 11. What are the Hong Kong Disneyland seven lands?
Here’s a quick look at the seven lands within Hong Kong’s Disneyland -

Main Street USA: Mainstreet USA features buildings which architecturally resemble those found in Disneyland. This is the place where you’ll find some best souvenirs.
Fantasyland: Fantasyland is known for its fairy tale castles where evening fireworks are must watch.
Toy Story Land: This land is based on the theme of Toy Story movies.
Mystic Point: Mystic Point’s Mystic Manor will drive you back to the Haunted House with a different storyline.
Grizzly Gulch: This resembles the 19th century’s Frontierland.
Adventureland: Jungle River Cruise is the focal point of Adventureland.
Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland experiences the most changing environment and hence the most popular land amongst all.

Q 12. What are the 10 best rides of Hong Kong Disney Land?
Garden of Wonders, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Jungle River Cruise, It’s a Small World, Iron Man Experience, Disney Paint the Night, Hyperspace Mountain, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, and Mystic Manor forms the 10 best rides at the Hong Kong Disneyland.

Q 13. What are the different type of package available?
There are three different attraction pass types for you to enter Hong Kong’s Disneyland - 

2-Day Fun Special Package: Starts from 719 Hong Kong Dollars. 
This offer is applicable for all Hong Kong tourists. Within seven days, you can visit here on any 2 days. However, your first visit should fall before 3lst December 2019.
Priority Special+ & 1-Day Ticket Combo: Starts from 938 Hong Kong dollars.
Standard Park Ticket: Starts from 639 Hong Kong dollars

All three pass tickets serve you an instant park admission with this Disney eTicket. For park admission, you can simply display your Disneyland eTicket or get a print of it. In case you bring a copy of your eTicket, you need to scan it at the Main Entrance Turnstile to get an entry into the park. You can buy your ticket either online or through ticket booths or MTR stations, or at a Disney Hotel.

In addition to your entry ticket booking, you can opt for meal vouchers. There are two of them – 3-in-1 Park and 2-in-1 Park Meal Vouchers. You are supposed to redeem your meal voucher on or before 26th February 2020. You need to understand that your meal voucher alone won't permit your entry to the Hong Kong Disneyland.

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Q 14. What are the operational day and hours?
You can plan your visit to Hong Kong’s Disneyland on any day of the week between 10:30 am to 08:00 pm.

Q 15. What should I eat in Disneyland?
There’s a lot to eat at Hong Kong’s Disneyland - 

Mickey Mouse Meringues: Zesty flavored lollipops
American Cheeseburger: Classic cheeseburger, Coca Cola Slush
Guangdong BBQ: BBQ pork with rice
Popcorn at Popcorn Carnival
Dim Sum: Hong Kong’s small-sized snacks
Potato & Green Peas Curry
Egg Custard Tards – egg stuffed sweet pastries
Cotton Candy – Fluffy crystallized sugar candy.

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