About Green Bowl Beach

The Green bowl Beach is amongst the best pro surf places in Bali, Indonesia. The beach is secluded heaven with its turquoise waters and bristly white sands. The beach lies on a 30 m long coastal strip at the bottom of a 75 m high cliff.

It lies behind a cover of trees and hills. To reach the beach, you'll have to descend 330 steps down a rocky terrain. The chirping of birds, chattering of monkeys and colourful butterflies add up to give a mesmerising experience on your way down.

Adventure-enthusiasts, venturesome weekenders and die-hard surfers seek thrill in the towering tides and uncrowded location of the beach. One of the unique features of the place include humongous limestone caves enclosing rock shrines around the beach.

They provide shade and shelter to the visitors. It adds to the unique charm of the Green Bowl Beach.

The green Bowl Beach got this name because, at the time of low tide, it forms a bowl of rock surrounded by green hills. It is located behind a cover of trees and hills.

The beach is one of the most secluded areas in Bali and sometimes there only as less as 25 people on the beach per day. This is due to its isolated location and challenging track that leads to the beach. But despite all, the beach calls to the souls of thrill-seekers and surfers.

The waves on the beach are nice and robust. It appeals to the sporting surfers and adventurous swimmers. During low tides, you can also enjoy surf paddling in the calm waters amidst the overwhelming vastness of the ocean.

The beach provides a perfect setting to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing away from the usual crowd at the famous beaches in Bali. 

How to Reach Green Bowl Beach

The beach lies behind the hills of Ungasan in Bali. It will be convenient to book a scooter to travel to the beach. You can rent a scooter for as little as 15000 IDR. If you're not comfortable driving, we recommend that you hire a cab to take you to the place. Reach Jimbaran on scooter or by cab and drive to Uluwatu temple. The beach is very close to Uluwatu temple and it will only take you about 15 minutes to get to the beach from there.

Best Time to Visit Green Bowl Beach

The beach is open to visitors throughout the year. However, April to June is the best time to visit the beach. You will have a perfect blend of cool beach wind and the mellow warmth of the Sun. At this time of the year, there won’t be much of a crowd and you will be able to steal some moments full of peace and relaxation.

What Not to Miss at Green Bowl Beach

Places to visit near Green Bowl Beach

1. Uluwatu temple:
The majestic temple is located in Badung regency just 12 km away from green bowl beach. Mounted on top of a 70 m high cliff, It is one of the six temples which are considered as Bali’s spiritual pillars.

A fortified spiral pathway leads to one of the two entrances of the temple. Once you reach the temple, you'll see inscriptions on the temple walls that belong to the 10
th century. Many believe that the temple is the place where powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh( the trinity gods) merge.

2. Karma Beach:
The Karma beach is just 5.5 km away from the green bowl beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. The serene waters of the beach will fill you up with life.

You can also take part in raving social parties that the Karma group organises here.

The most remarkable features include a bamboo deck, onshore kitchen that serves fresh seafood and wood-fired pizza, and a well-stocked bar.

3. Zen Bali arts studio and gallery:
The gallery is at a distance of about 3.5 km from the beach. After having an adventurous day at the beach, you can visit this marvellous place to enjoy the vibrant colours of traditional Balinese art.

You can buy paintings from the centre that will bring the energy of Zen to your life. They also hold painting classes in order to support their cause. 

4. Nirmala Waterpark:
Located 4 km away from the beach, Nirmala waterpark features exciting rides and water sports for kids as well as adults.

You can enjoy delicious food at the food court and have fun in the pool. The park will add another dose of adventure to your eventful vacation

Things to do at Green Bowl Beach

1. Thrilling Water Sports:
The waves at the beach provide just the right setting for adventurous activities like surfing and scuba diving. You can also enjoy surf paddling on the beach during low tides.

Due to the secluded nature of the place, you can also enjoy activities like swimming and snorkell

2. Witnessing the high and low tides: One of the remarkable features of the beach is the frequency of high and low tides.

During high tides, the water engulfs most of the beach, and it is an awe-inspiring sight. These high tides also provide strong waves for an excellent surfing experience. Avoid swimming in the sea during high flo

3. Exploring nature:
The beach is characterised by unprecedented natural beauty. You can enjoy the shade under the beautiful limestone caves and canopy of lush green forests.

Even the way leading to the beach is gifted with heavenly bounties of nature. You can see cute little monkeys roaming on the roads and musical chirping of

4. Sunbathing: Enjoy the warmth of the Sun in an isolated and intimate surrounding on the beach.

Get that beautiful tanned body you always dreamt about. Most sunlight is blocked due to the high cliffs, so there is no harm from sunburns.

Other Essential Information About Green Bowl Beach

The Green Bowl Beach is located in Southern Bali down a 75 m high cliff in Ungasan village.

The beach is functional to 5-5:30 pm in the evening.

-Price: There is no entrance fee to be paid by visitors. There is only a small vehicle parking fee of about 5000 IDR.

Places to stay at/near Green Bowl Beach

1. Green Bowl Beach Villas:
The location is in proximity to the Green Bowl Beach, and you can marvel at the scenic landscapes of the hills surrounding the beach.

The villa is replete with all the tourist-friendly amenities and provides a comfortable stay for the guests. You will enjoy an American breakfast every day. You can relax while taking a walk on the terrace or enjoy the beautiful ocean views at the outdoor pool. The villa is just 14 km away from Uluwatu temple.

2. Banyan tree Ungasan:
The resort is ideal for spending a quiet, calm holiday in Bali. The picturesque landscapes surrounding the place are one of the things visitors love.

The resort features massive pillars, warm Mediterranean tones, hardwood furnishing and interiors with marble tiles. The resort provides cottages with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and each one with private pools, garden and stereo systems.

You can enjoy Oceanic views from your rooms. The staff is helpful and hospitable.

3. Ocho Bali Villa:
It is an affordable stay option near Green Bowl Beach. It is a short scooter ride from the beach. The bungalows are clean with a classy interior.

Elegant furniture and basic amenities are present in the rooms. There is also an indoor pool where you can relax your nerves.

The food at the in-house restaurant is delicious, and the complimentary breakfast is also part of the stay. The staff is very generous and prompt room service is available.

4. Indigo Dreams Villa:
It is a luxurious stay option near Green Bowl Beach. The gorgeous exterior and sublime architecture are key features of this beautiful villa.

The outdoor indigo pool is a great place for relaxation combined with Seaview.

 Home Cooked food is served in the restaurant that will tantalise your taste buds. There are no entertainment facilities so that you will be basking in a peaceful zen experience.

The rooms are spacious, clean and elegantly furnished. 24/7 room service is available, and the staff is very cordial.

Tips for visiting Green Bowl Beach

1. There is no lifeguard on the Green Bowl beach, so avoid getting in the water during high tides or undertaking any dangerous activity.

2. Take an ample amount of food and drinking water with you as no shops or food counters on the shore. It will save you the hassle of rushing up hundreds of steps to get

3. Consult with the locals for the timings of the high and low tides and plan your trip to the beach according

4. Local women and hawkers maybe heckling but be firm and avoid buying anything you do not want

5. Carry basic things like sunscreen, towels, umbrellas with you as you may not find them on the beach.
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People Also Ask About Green Bowl Beach

  1. Is limestone cave near Green Bowl Beach?

    Yes, there are two beautiful limestone caves near the Green Bowl Beach. The vast limestone caves are enclosing two rock shrines. These caves also provide shelter and shade to the visitors from the scorching Sun. In the bigger cave, you can also watch sleeping bats. After a long, eventful day at the beach; you can lay down and relax inside the caves.
  2. Why is it called Green Bowl Beach?

    There is a fascinating reason behind the name of the beach. The Green Bowl Beach faces high and low tides frequently. During low tides, the beach forms a bowl-like shape.

    The beach lies behind a cover of trees and hills. So, lush green hills seem to be outlining this rocky bowl.

    This view will leave you in a trance, and it's worth a glance if you visit the beach during low tides. Due to this unique visual, the beach is called the Green Bowl Beach.
  3. Is swimming in Green Bowl Beach advisable for beginners?

    Thrill-seekers and sporting surfers admire the Green Bowl Beach. However, beginners may not want to challenge the roaring waters of the sea. The beach features frequent high and low tides.

    During high tides, the water hits the shores with a strong force. The waves are mighty and overpowering. Swimming or surfing is strongly not advised to the beginners, children and older people as there are chances of danger.

    There are also reported incidents of mishappenings due to negligence by beachgoers. Adding to that, there is no lifeguard present on the beach so you would not like to take risks.
  4. What kind of medical facilities at/near Green Bowl beach?

    You can find first aid facility near the entrance of the beach. However, proper medical help can only be sought at nearby assistance centres and hospitals.

    The nearest medical care centre is RSU Surya Husada about 4 km away. Other hospitals nearby are Green Code medical assistance and BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua.
  5. Is the ATM facility available?

    There is no ATM facility at the beach. So make sure you withdraw cash beforehand to buy things like food and drinks.

    You will have to find ATMs in Ungasan village or nearby places like Kuta. All high-end hotels and restaurants near Green bowl Beach accept cards so you will not have a problem with cash.
  6. Are there any lockers available?

    There are no lockers available on the beach. The place is very secluded and out of human touch for the most part. You’ll have to take care of your stuff by yourself. You can lock in your cars or scooters.