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About Gold Coast Hinterland

The hinterland of Gold Coast is Australia’s best-kept secret cradled with beautiful villages in the mountains, untouched rainforests and cottages which are very much united with nature. This entire hinterland is an area in the South-Eastern part of Queensland in Australia that comprises huge mountains you might be interested to explore.

The area is synonymous with untouched World heritage sites, antique shops inside villages on the mountains and large stretches of lands. It is also famous for some award-winning wineries and beautiful views of the coastal areas. This area that is unknown by many Australians themselves, and is yet secluded, is pretty notable for attracting tourists and travellers alike, where there are national parks, resorts, rainforests, lookouts and a diverse range of plant and animal lives that complement the blue coastal background.

The hinterland is towards the inland from the sealine. Here, the dense forests of the McPherson mountains can provide one the best spot for a spiritual connection with the local Yugambeh tribes. This location is invariably the wettest place in the South-Eastern part of Queensland, Australia. It offers a myriad of choices of fun and fulfilling activities ranging from a horseback ride, a safari or hitchhiking around the entire place. The Australians commonly refer to the place as the green behind the gold and you would be spoilt with options when you come to the hinterland of Gold Coast.

How to Reach Gold Coast Hinterland

From Brisbane Airport:

By road: you can take the scenic route towards the hinterland, which is approximately a 1-hour ride via the M! highway.

By Railways: While travelling from the Brisbane airport, one should take an AirTrain, which is very frequent, i.e, every 15 minutes during the peak season and every 30 minutes during the off-seasons. It takes around an hour and a half and is the fastest way to get to the Gold Coast and back. The AirTrain stops at every station in Gold Coast starting from Varsity Lakes, Nerang, Robina and Beenleigh and it is the ideal mode of transport to avoid motorway traffic.

From Sydney Airport:

Via airways: The fastest and the most popular way to get to Gold Coast airport is to fly for 1.5 hours from Sydney airport.

By road: The other options include driving to the coast and the journey takes up about 11 hours to drive along the coastline from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Since this route is prone to delays in traffic, it is best to plan your trip beforehand.

By Train: Another popular method of getting to the Gold Coast from Sydney Airport is by taking a train that takes around 11 to 16 hours. The Gold Coast train line stops at Casino, and then a connecting bus takes you to the Gold Coast.

Best Time to Visit Gold Coast Hinterland

The hinterland of the Gold Coast is located in Queensland, Australia. Hence it is blessed with bright sunshine for around 300 out of 365 days. Even then, the best time to visit the Gold Coast is between the month of May and October, because it is the ideal time to indulge in all the beach activities like boat tours and surfing.

The off-season for tourism is from the month of November to April. While the flight and accommodation costs are cheaper, there are no boat rides or fun parties. The end of January and almost three-fourths of February have high humidity and experience high rainfall. From the month of June to August, i.e, during the peak winter months, the temperature drops down as low as 11 to 12 degrees while the days remain mostly sunny. It is considered the ideal time to watch whales.

What Not to Miss at Gold Coast Hinterland

Here are some of the best attractions at Gold Coast Hinterland

1. Burleigh Head National Park-
If you like jogging or walking, BurleighHead National Park is your spot. It provides the best views on the Gold Coast, between the Tallebudgera Creek and Burleigh Beach.

A couple of tracks here bestow the most breathtaking views (Coolangatta toward the south and Surfer’s Paradise on the North) alongside the sea breeze and a lot of shade. The walk along the ocean leads to the sea headlands and the rainforests scale the hills to 88 metres above sea level. There are lookouts and benches for travellers to rest all along the way.  Also, an extraordinary place for spotting whales in winter and in spring is the Tumgun Lookout at this park.

2. The Gallery Walk- During your stay at Gold Coast Hinterland, do not miss visiting the Gallery Walk at the Tamborine Mountains. You can find some beautiful rainforests if you can travel for a small distance from the beaches for a change in the scene. The gallery walk is often locally called the “Jewel on Gold Coast town”. You can find stellar wineries, beautiful cafes, shops selling arts and crafts, gift shops, boutiques and numerous art galleries. The shops which are a must-try while you are on your trip to the Gold Coast Hinterland are:

Fudge Heaven
Chocolates on Gallery Walk.
George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant.
Witches Chase Cheese co.

3. Skypoint Observation Deck- One of Gold Coast’s biggest tourist attractions, it is a beachside observatory point, which lies on the 77th level of Quarter 1. With a height of 230 metres, it is the highest vantage point enclosure. Here you can sit back and relax with your friends and family, all along enjoying a 360-degree view of the hinterland while having a quick snack.

4. Canyon Lookout- Canyon Lookout is the first of the lookouts as you arrive at the Springbrook Mountain. It is an enigmatic panorama toward the Gold Coast that invites you to explore more of it. The Canyon Lookout is situated on the roads and looks beyond the Gold Coast where you can get a glimpse of the skyline and Gold Coast’s highrises. Beneath that is a dense rainforest that is subtropical by nature.

5. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary- A heritage-listed wildlife sanctuary and zoological garden, Currumbin houses a number of Australian animal species like koalas, possums, kangaroos, and a number of bird species like the lorikeets. The fun activities that are to be done in the sanctuary include feeding crocodiles, taking a bird training experience and a treetop challenge in 80 trees at a massive height that will get your adrenaline rushing.

6. Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery- Another alluring location in the Tamborine Mountains at Goldcoast hinterland is the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery. It is breathtaking no matter how you look at it. A creek flows through the property and opens up to a Duck Lake that serves as a home to many species of migratory birds and ducks. Housing a magnificent art gallery and enchanting glow worm caves, this place is a must-visit.

7. Glowworm Caves- Cedar Creeks in the Tamborine Mountains, which is a 30-minute walk from Gold coast, serve as a home to innumerable glow worms throughout the year. Over the due course of an hour, you are guided through the entire life cycle of a glow worm. The caves are an excellent initiative to conserve the endangered glow worms and breed them in captivity.

8. Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk- Walking on a treetop bridge 30 metres above the rainforest cover is not a task for the faint-hearted. This is a thrilling new eco-adventure that starts from the Cedar Creek on Mount Tamborine and covers the 30 acres of privately owned rainforest beside the calm and clear rock pools. The entire walk takes around 45 minutes to complete at a very relaxed pace and offers a breathtaking view of the rainforests down below from the suspended cantilever bridge.

Other Essential Information About Gold Coast Hinterland

The gold coast is a part of South East Queensland in Australia. This area comprises several mountain ranges and the eastern side of McPherson Range.

Timings: The hinterland is a conjugation of a number of places rather than one single place, thus it has no bars for timing.

Entry Fees: NA

Facilities for visitors: There are a number of facilities for visitors here in the hinterland, a few of which include free WiFi arenas, cheap street food, international charging adapters and public washrooms.

Distance from the airport: The hinterland of the Gold Coast is approximately 75 kilometres from Brisbane Airport and around 850 to 900 kilometres from Sydney Airport.

The Mountain Ranges of the Gold Coast Hinterland

There are numerous beautiful mountains in the Hinterland of Gold Coast that provide shelter to some of the most exotic plant and animal species alongside the young fold mountains having sharp and edgy peaks. Some of the most famous mountain ranges which attract a lot of tourist footfalls are:

1. Tweed Range: The Tweed Mountain Range is the western extension of the caldera of the Tweed Volcano. Tweed Volcano here is spread over the western side of the hinterland of Gold Coast and is a constituent part of the Great Dividing Range and the Scenic Rim. You can have an amazing experience of the wonders in the volcanic crater and get a beautiful view from the peak. With an elevation of 3710 metres above sea level, this mountain has a huge part of it covered with Gondwana Rainforests.

2. The Nimmel Range: This is a comparatively smaller range of mountains in the Hinterland’s heart. Located in Springbrook, the Nimmel range is characterized by its notable peak, Mount Nimmel. The most popular place around the Range is the valley of Nerang. Hiking in these ranges is a very popular recreation among people. On the way, you can witness one of the most important forms of vegetation here- the banana plantations.

3. Tamborine Mountains: Tamborine Mountains is one of the most notable peaks of the region. The name Tamborine Mountains is derived from its aboriginal nomenclature and has no correlation with the musical instrument of the same name. This place also houses a lot of unique and fun activities alongside a diverse range of organic products for tourists and travellers.

Also, wineries here are set on a conventional European backdrop and people who have a keen taste for wine can visit this area for some tasting events. Since the entire place has a very cool climate, there are a number of vineyards that cater to the luxurious hobby of wine tasting. Apart from grapes, we can also find wild lime and finger lime growing as a part of the mountain’s natural vegetation. The Yugambeh tribe here is the earliest inhabitant of this place and since then the Tamborine Mountains have been under organic farming or necessarily under an agrarian occupation.

3. McPherson Range: Forming a spur of the Australian Great Dividing Range, the McPherson mountains span out beautifully toward the east from Wallangra and the Gondwana Rainforests. This mountain range occupies a well-dissected region which is completely covered by rainforests. The valley formed by the McPherson range also houses a national park which goes by the name of Lamington National Park.

4. D’Aguilar Range/ Taylor Range: This mountain range lies 40 kilometres toward the northern part of Brisbane and is of a medium-rise of around 770 metres (2530 feet) above sea level. A number of rivers flow through the range and some of the famous ones are the North Pine River, South Pine River and the Caboolture River.

Where To Stay at Gold Coast Hinterland

The Gold Coast Hinterland has got every kind of accommodation for everyone. Starting from lavish suites to backpacker hostels, here are the five best places to stay in Gold Coast.

1. O’Reilly’s Villas: Located at a two-hour driving distance from Brisbane toward the south, and a ninety-minute drive from Gold Coast in the west. This place is surrounded by the Lamington National Park and thus you will be encompassed by rainforests. There are 48 villas from where you can choose your accommodation with lush forests and greenery that mirror the canopy of the rainforest. Amenities include free wifi, sauna, pool, laundry, day spa, recreation room.

2. Greenlee Cottages: Reaching this place is extremely easy, given that it is just an hour away from Brisbane and Gold Coast. Located in the Scenic Rim, the cottages have a beautiful old and rustic charm. The cottages in the woodhouse have an easily accessible barbecue gazebo and a pizza maker. You are free to cook your own food in the kitchenette. The amenities are free wifi, outdoor furniture, and car parking.

3. Villa Della Rosa Bed and Breakfast: Villa Rosa is a mansion decked up with Mediterranean charm and boasts of a 4.5-star rating in tourism. The place is wonderfully hidden in a corner of the Tamborine Mountains and has a very short route to all the major tourist attractions in and around Tamborine Mountains. There are provisions for authentic Italian eating in the dining room or on the terrace in the alfresco. The amenities include free wifi, communal lounge, non-smoking establishment, car park and so on.

4. The Mouses House: This one is hands down the most beautiful chalet accommodation cottage, one of its own types in Australia. This place has 14 picturesque chalets constructed right beside breathtaking views and sounds of a cascading stream exactly in front of your cottage. Possums visit at night and they can be fed by hand. Amenities included are free wifi, day spa, laundry and so on.

Where To Eat at Gold Coast Hinterland

Starting from street food to exotic eateries, Gold Coast has everything covered. Here are some places you should definitely try when in Gold Coast:

1. Burleigh Pavilion: This eatery is awfully close to the sea, so you can hear the waves crashing at a distance despite the hubbub of the place.  Subtle twists in the restaurant menu are brought in carefully. For instance, they serve nachos in place of guacamoles, and the burgers are stuffed with lettuce instead of a regular bun.

2. Hideaway Kitchen and Bar: This place is one of the culinary sensations in the hinterland. You can sit under an impressive installation of umbrellas or the beautiful graffitis that surround the place. The menu includes a variety of cocktails, a customised wine list. Live music is played in the garden every day from 1 pm. 

3. The Deck on Parkyn: Located in Parkyn Parade, this restaurant boasts a straight 3.2 rating. The deck on Parkyn has a carefully selected menu of seafood and is located in Mooloolaba. The average pocket pinch for a decent sized meal would be around 20 Australian Dollars. Their oysters are a definitive must try along with their beautifully concocted list of wine.

4. Capacillos: This restaurant is located in the Wynnum area of Brisbane. It inherently serves cafe food and lives quite up to the reputation that they hold. Boasting a clear 3.3 rating on Zomato, this cafe cum restaurant mainly serves cafe food, so if you are craving for a quick snack followed by some coffee or a shake, you are in luck. The pocket pinch on an average for around 2 main dishes and 2 drinks is approximately 50 Australian Dollars. The place also has a bar. 

Travellers Tips before Visiting Gold Coast Hinterland

1. Carry sunscreen:
Since Gold Coast is in Queensland in Australia, you have to be very careful to carry sunscreen with you all the time to avoid sunburns and rashes. 

2. Carry your identity proof: This one is a no brainer, if you are a tourist visiting any place at all, it is imperative for you to carry your identity proof along with you, and the keys to your hotel/hostel/BnB in case you lose your way or in case of any unseen mishap. 

3. Carry change: Since there is no custom of tipping in Australia or rounding off the cab fare to the next dollar, it is handy to carry some loose change with you on your trail. 
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People Also Ask About Gold Coast Hinterland

  1. What is the best month to visit the Gold Coast?

    The best time to visit the Gold Coast is during the month of July as its ideal for most coastal activities like surfing, paragliding and boat tours. Since the weather is around 14 to 23 degrees, you would not be scalded in the sun, neither would you be freezing.
  2. Is April a good time to visit the Gold Coast?

    Yes, April is a nice time to visit Gold Coast if you want to spend your vacation during a lower amount of rainfall and comparatively cooler weather. Also, the cheapest prices are during the month of April since the schools do not have a holiday season.
  3. Is December a good time to visit the Gold Coast?

    Yes, December is a beautiful time for visiting the Gold Coast. Since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, December means summer and the weather is beautiful. The temperatures at the sea are an average of 23 degrees, so you can enjoy a cooling dip in the water too.
  4. Is Gold Coast warm in winter?

    Yes, Gold Coast is warm in winter. The winter temperature in Gold Coast ranges around 11 to 12 degrees often with sunny days. The nights during winter are adequately cooler, and you can have a clear view of the sky as the weather remains dry during winters.
  5. Is it safe to travel to the Gold Coast?

    It is extremely safe to visit Gold Coast even if you are travelling alone and/or are a solo female backpacker.

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