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Emirates Park Zoo Tours & Activities

About Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo is no less than a hidden treasure for all the animal lovers. It holds the prestige of being accounted amongst the first private zoos in Dubai. Opened in the year 2008, Emirates Park Zoo operates for all 365 days. 

You can either plan your visit to the Emirates Park Zoo early in the morning or afternoon or evening. Do not forget to pack your bag with comfortable footwear, identity card, sunscreen, and a camera while you plan on your visit to this zoo. There are around 8 different animal sections here with a count of 1800 different animals belonging to about 250 species. Petting Zoo, Bird Park, Snake Alley, Flamingo Park, Giraffe Park, Wildlife Park, Reptile House, and Primate Parade are those 8 sections.

Petting Zoo allows you to interact and feed some domestic variants – camels, farm animals, ostriches, and pets. Owls, Harris Hawks, Peacocks, Eagles, and other bird species are some inhabitants of the Bird Park. Wildlife Park encourages you to feed giant animals such as Crocodiles, Elephants, Arabian Oryx, Cheetahs, and Bears. 

There’s also a fun game section specifically designed for your little ones. They can run, slide, jump or climb here and there. This section shelters around 5 giant amusement rides and around 100 machines, making it a perfect place for you to celebrate your special occasions. 

What makes your visit to the Emirates Park Zoo a special one is your participation in different activities being scheduled here for all the visitors. African drummers and Mascots, Farm Animals & Zebra Feeding, Giraffe Feeding, Monkey Feeding, Vulture Feeding and Talks, Hippo Feeding, Tropical Bird Show, are some of them. 

Animal Encounter, Breakfast with the Parrot or Giraffe, Crocodile Feeding, Big Cat Experience are the experiences to enjoy here. Elephant Show, Photo and Feeding Photo and Sea Lion Presentation are the live shows and presentations organized at the Emirates Park Zoo. 

At the end of your visit, do not forget to munch on some local cuisines and delicacies from food outlets. There are many out there – Al Dar Garden Restaurant and Paramiza Café, Bee Café, Bird’s Café, Flamingo Café, Giraffe Café, Pearl Café, Candy Shop, and Fresh Juice.

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How to Reach Emirates Park Zoo

There are three ways to travel to Emirates Park Zoo from Dubai Airport – 

Route 1 – 

First, walk in the direction of Dafza – 01 and wait for C26 bus at the Wasl Park Terminus. Get down at the Adcb Metro Bus Stop Landside – 1. You will get a Metro M1 for Ibn Battuta Metro Station from Jebel Ali Metro Station. Once you get down, walk till you reach Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop -4. You will get an E101 from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. E101 will drop you at Abu Dhabi Shahama Village – 01. Walk towards St 10 or Abattoir. Ride either Bus No. 210 or 218 to take you to St 17 or Emirates Park Zoo. As soon as you get down, start walking until you reach Emirates Park Zoo, which is at a distance of 5 minutes. 

Route 2 – 

Reach Dafza – 01. Catch Bus No. 17 from Sabkha Bus Station to take you Hamriya Clinic – 02. Board E306 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. This will drop you at the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station – 01. Wait for Bus No. E100 to drop you at Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village – 01. Start walking in the direction of St 10 or Abattoir. Now, you need to ride either Bus No. 210 or 218 which will drop you at either at St 17 or Emirates Park Zoo. Now, Emirates Park Zoo entrance is at a walkable distance of around 5 minutes. 

Route 3 – 

Start walking in the direction of Dafza – 01. You will get a 13B Bus from Gold Souq Bus Station to drop you at the Naif Intersection – 02. Board X13 from Satwa Bus Station and get down at the Ghubaiba Bus Station. Walk until you reach Al Ghubaiba Bus Station – 01. Wait for an E100 at the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and ride your way to Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village – 01. Start walking in the direction of St 10 or Abattoir to catch either 210 or 218. Get down at St 17 or Emirates Park Zoo which is at a distance of around 11 stops.

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Taxi – Drive a direct taxi from Dubai Airport to Emirates Park Zoo. Your journey will last for around 01 hours and 07 minutes, and the one-way trip will be charged anywhere in between 4400 to 5500 INR. 

Towncar Ride – If nothing works for you, there are town cars to drive you from the Dubai International Airport to the Emirates Park Zoo. Your town car journey will last for around 01 hours and 07 minutes and will be charged anywhere in between 6500 INR to 9000 INR. 

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Best Time to Visit Emirates Park Zoo

The period from January to April and from August to December is the best time to visit the Emirates Park Zoo of Dubai.  

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What Not to Miss at Emirates Park Zoo

Here are some of the best places to visit near Emirates Park Zoo: 

1. Ferrari World: 
Filled with thrilling and amusement rides, Ferrari World accounts for an award-winning theme park of Abu Dhabi. Every single ride and attraction here is greatly inspired by Ferrari. Tyre Twist, RC Challenge and Turbo Track are some of the must-to -try rides and attractions of the Ferrari World. Grand Spettacolo, Cinema Maranello, Meet Khalil the Camel and Berto, the Mechanic, La Piazza Show are some of the shows organized at the Ferrari World. Mamma Rosella, Il Podio, Espresso Rosso, Cavallino Lounge, Officers Food Quarters, and Cinema Café are some of the dining points inside. In the end, do not forget to shop in Abu Dhabi on some important stuff while you return. There are two shopping points here  - The Ferrari Store, Ferrari Past & Present Store.

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2. Warner Bros: Warner Bros. World is Dubai’s first-ever indoor theme park from Warner Bros. This is a one-of-its-kind experience for all those who want to experience both adventure and some thrilling action in Abu Dhabi. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are some of the most iconic characters to meet and greet here. No sooner you land here, you will be amazed to replenish some of your childhood memories. Be ready to meet your favorite childhood friends – Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, and so on. Entire Warner Bros is spread across six different immersive lands encircling around 29 exhilarating rides and attractions. The Flintstone’s Bedrock River Adventure, Fast and Furious, Marvin The Martian Crater Crashes are some of the must-to-try attractions here.

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3. Yas Waterworld: Yas Waterworld is the Emirati themed waterpark homing to around 40 exhilarating rides and attractions. Dawwama, Amwaj Wave Pool, Sebag, Falcons Falaj, Al Raha Rivers and Water Wars are some of the exciting rides and attractions here. Dhabi’s Ice-cream, Dana’s Dinner, Skinny Frozen Treats, Chubby’s Chicken are some of the delicious dining options here. For shopping, you can surely visit Tawasha Pearl Shop, Sultan & Sons, Sultan’s Candy, Qaryat Al Jewana Souk, Flying Carpet Calligraphy, and Bandit Bomber Photo for exclusive souvenirs. Hairat Yas Pearl Diving Experience, Al Waha Cabana Experiences have been adored by tourists visiting here.

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Things to Do in Emirates Park Zoo 

Emirates Park Zoo is wholly filled with heaps of things to enjoy. Here are some of them - 

1. Breakfast with Parrots: Did you ever have the opportunity to have your breakfast with the parrots? If no, then Emirates Park Zoo is here to grant your wish. Breakfast with Parrots is a unique experience here at the Emirates Park Zoo, which begins with an introductory briefing. This unique opportunity gives you the liberty to feed your favourite tropical birds. Your entire experience will last for around 2 hours.  It will be a complimentary tour guide. In case you have any questions, you may ask those with the trainers present there. 

2. Crocodile feeding: Crocodile Feeding is a bundled experience of fun and learning. This experience is an edutainment wherein you have a spectacular opportunity to feed tiny crocodile with your hands. There will also be an interactive session where you can ask your questions to the zookeepers about their habitats, breeding, and natural behaviours. If you want some more, just grab hold of a small crocodile in your hand and capture some thrilling moments with them. Do not worry, as they are trained at it. 

3. Breakfast with Giraffe: If not parrots, you can have your breakfast with mighty Giraffes. This is one of the most unique UAE experiences exclusive at Emirates Park Zoo only. Participating here, you will have an opportunity to interact with the African reticulated giraffes. You can take as many images as you want. This feeding session also gives you a chance to feed other herbivores such as Zebra, Camels, Llama, Hippo, Donkeys, and so on. Your entire course will be a guided tour wherein you can ask as many questions as you want. 

4. Big Cat Experience: This experience at the Emirates Park Zoo provides you with a fair chance to schedule your lunch with the leopard. Being unique to this park, you can have plenty of thrilling and exciting moments with the most robust species of cats. Besides, you also have a chance to meet Serval, Meerkat, and Mongoose and participate in their interactive sessions. If you have any doubts, you can get those cleared by interacting with the Leopard keeper. 

5. Animal Eencounter: There are around 8 sections under Animal Encounter experience at the Emirates Park Zoo – Petting Zoo, Bird Park, Snakes Alley, Flamingo Park, Giraffe Park, Wildlife Park, Reptile House, and Primate Parade. You can meet camels, sheep, pets, goats, and other farm animals at the Petting Zoo or lose yourself in the beauty of owls, falcons, Harris Hawks, and eagles at the Bird Park. Go for a thrilling adventure at the Snakes Alley or enjoy at Flamingo Park with the wading birds. Capture some beautiful moments with the mighty and long-legged creatures at the Giraffe Parks or explore the wildness of the Wildlife Park. The reptile house at the Emirates Park Zoo arranges your meet with the members of the reptile world – pythons, lizards, water dragons, geckos and tortoises. Marking your presence here will surely drag you out from all your misconceptions related to the reptile world. 

6. Mini Zoo For Events: Mini Zoo Events at the Emirates Park Zoo is a genuinely fascinating thing where you can have an exotic animal experience. The animal displays scheduled here give you a fair chance to have a thrilling experience and interaction with the falcons, parrots, and owls. People participating here, do not miss on this exciting opportunity of enjoying the Dromedary camel rides or Bactrian camel rides.

Either way, your presence at the Mini Zoo for events is going to be a delightful one. Since ages, visitors have been acknowledging the camel adventure as one of the ideal attractions for planning on their private or corporate tea parties, get-togethers, and so on. Falcon experience, Petting Zoo, and pony rides are all there to make your birthday bashes, carnivals, block parties, and indoor events memorable. Besides, the Emirates Park Zoo has been supplying animals for organizing parties, mall shows, corporate events, advertising events, hotel or school events, and so on.

You can also arrange for parrots, falcons, or owls interactive presentations under the supervision of trained and experienced bird handlers and give your audience an engaging encounter with the mysterious world of animals and birds.

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Other Essential Information About Emirates Park Zoo

 12th Street, Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi CityUAE

Timings: Emirates Park Zoo remains operational from 09:00 am in the morning to 09:00 pm in the evening. 

Price: The entry fee to the park is very clearly specified i.e.there are no entry fees for toddlers in the age group of 0 to 2 years of age. Children in the age group of 3 to 16 years have an entry fee of 30 AED (580.45 INR). Adults above the age of 16 years have an entry fee of around 35 AED (677.20 INR). 

You can get an activity pass card at 80 AED (1547.88 INR) and a Triple Activity Card at 55 AED (1064.16 INR). Activity Card gives you a liberty to enjoy all 5 activities at the Emirates Park Zoo while Triple Activity Card allows you to enjoy any 3 activities. 

Elephant Encounter: 30 AED (580.45 INR)
Sea Lion Presentation: 30 AED (580.45 INR)
Exotic Birds: 20 AED (386.97 INR)
Zoo Zip and Climb: 30 AED (580.45 INR)
Driving Adventure (2 laps): 30 AED (580.45 INR)
Grass Bundle Animal Feeding: 10 AED (193.48 INR)
Milk Bottle Animal Feeding: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Nuts: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Vegetables: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Camel Ride: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Horse Ride: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Pony Ride: 15 AED (290. 23 INR)
Small Photo (15 cm x 20 cm): 35 AED (677.20 INR)
Large Photo (20 cm x 30 cm): 55 AED (1064.16 INR)
Selfie with a selected animal: 10 AED (193.48 INR)
Sealion Selfie: 20 AED (386.97 INR)

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Places to Eat at Emirates Park Zoo

There are many restaurants in Abu Dhabi including eight different food outlets at the Emirates Park Zoo, where you can have some delicious and mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies. Here are some of them – 

1. Al Dar Garden Restaurant and Paramiza Café  People visiting here at the Emirates Park Zoo never miss on to satiate their hunger with a massive meal platter at Al Dar Garden Restaurant and Paramiza Café. This restaurant is well-known both for Oriental and Arabic cuisines. Food lovers customize their main course with a complimenting dessert preparation to invigorate their sensational aromas. The delicious combination of local and international flavors will inevitably force you to munch on some more food here. This restaurant cum café opens sharp at 09:00 am and closes by 02:00 am. So you do not need to worry about your hungry stomach!

2. Bird’s Café – Bird’s Café gives you a full-fledged opportunity to enjoy your meal in a luxurious ambience with the presence of beautiful birds. If you have any important event or occasion lined up during your visit, you can schedule it here and make it unforgettable for you. This café works from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm. 

3. Flamingo Café – Have some refreshing break at Flamingo Café. As you enjoy your leisure time, do not miss on the sights of cranes, pink flamingos, and pelicans wandering here and there. Flamingo Café too operates from 10:00 am till 08:00 pm. 

4. Fresh Juice – Stop by Fresh juice point to enjoy a glass of some refreshing and seasonal fruit juices. There are heaps of organic fruits to choose for a glass of soothing juice. You can walk in at the Fresh Juice point anytime in between 10:00 am to 08:00 pm. 

5. Giraffe Café – This place is adored as one of the favorite stop points of the visitors at the Emirates Park Zoo. While you have a sip in your favorite cup of coffee, shake hands with Mary and Tula. You can grab hold of a bunch of fresh green grass and satiate their hunger.

6. Pearl Café – This place is designed carefully with unique furniture to create a beautiful atmosphere to set your partying mood right. You can schedule all your celebrations here from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm. 

7. Candy Shop – Last but not least, have some candies from Candy Shop as you need the energy to stroll around the Emirates Park Zoo. There are wide varieties of sweets to purchase, which will surely satisfy your taste buds from all perspectives. This shop operates from 10:00 am and closes down by 08:00 pm to keep you energized throughout your visit.

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Fun Games at Emirates Park Zoo

This is an ideal playing zone for your children. Fun Games at the Emirates Park Zoo offers a social environment where your child learns to interact with the peers within a convenient and secured play area. There are around 5 big rides where your child can run, jump or climb. Also, the 100 big machines here are worthy to praise for their state-of-the-art creativity. People plan out their family days and birthday bashes here.

If you are a school teacher, you can raise a simple request at your school to schedule a school trip here at the Emirates Park Zoo. There are three packages here for the routine visitors – 99 AED, 199 AED, and 299 AED. School packages are available at 35 AED, 45 AED, and 55 AED respectively.

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Parks at Emirates Park Zoo

Learn some interesting, fun facts about the animal world by interacting the zookeepers at different parks within the Emirates Park Zoo. Here is a glimpse of what all you can see at the Emirates Park Zoo – 

- Reptile House: Reptile House homes different reptile species. There are lizards, water dragons, phytons, tortoises, and geckos at the reptile house. Visiting here will surely help you to overcome all the misconceptions you hold about the reptile world.  

- Petting Zoo: Meet the camels, goats, sheep, and other pet variants at the Petting Zoo. This experience helps you to get close to different domestic animals. You will get a chance to feed these pets here. 

- Bird Park: Click some beautiful moments at the Bird Park with myriads of bird species. There are Harris Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Jelly Bean, Parrots, and Falcons. Learn how these birds wander in their natural habitat. Watch them play, eat, and enjoy their existence. 

- Wildlife Walk: Experience the wildness at the Wildlife Walk. Elephants, bears, lions, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, and other wild animals are the inhabitants of Wildlife Walk. Funny Show will introduce you with some fun facts about the wildness of this wild section of Emirates Park Zoo. 

- Flamingo Park: Witness the wading species of flamingo at the Flamingo Park. Watch how these birds stand on only one leg to entertain you. They keep their other leg tucked beneath their body. This might unveil many topics for you to research on these pink flamingos.

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Tips for Visiting Emirates Park Zoo 

- If you are planning your school visit to the Emirates Park Zoo, make sure that you do not run or scream or shout. This is equally important for animal safety, as it is essential for your protection. 

- Your School Bus Driver can enjoy free entry. 

- Be careful that you do not abuse any animals. 

- You can either modify or cancel your entry ticket before 7 days of your actual visit to the Emirates Park Zoo. 

- All animal encounters, shows, and presentations are open for all visitors. 

- All animal encounters or shows are subject to the availability and well-being of all the animals. 

- You are not allowed to bring in your pet animals within the Emirates Park Zoo. - If you are here at the Emirates Park Zoo to click some commercial pictures, you will have to seek permission first. 

- You are not allowed to bring in bicycles, inline skates, scooters, roller skates, and other vehicles within the Emirates Park Zoo. 

- Once you reach the entrance, you must keep track of the closure timings of the Emirates Park Zoo doors. There will be announcements made. However, you need to be alert. 

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People Also Ask About Emirates Park Zoo

  1. Is it free for kids?

    Yes, there are no entry charges for children or kids between the age of 0 to 2 years.
  2. Is the place wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, Emirates Park Zoo is accessible to wheelchairs. 
  3. Can we bring our own food to the park?

     No, you are not supposed to carry any outside food or beverages inside the Emirates Park Zoo. In case you feel hungry, you can approach the different food points within the Emirates Park Zoo. Al Dar Garden Restaurant and Paramiza Café, Bird’s Café, Bee Café, Flamingo Café, Fresh Juice Point, Giraffe Café, Pearl Café, and Candy Shop are some of them. 
  4. Is it necessary to book tickets in advance?

    It is not at all necessary to pre-book your Emirates Park Zoo entry tickets. However, this can be useful during the weekends or holidays when the park is more or less crowded.
  5. How to reach Emirates Park Zoo from Dubai?

    Board Service Number 225 from Al Shahama Bus Station. This bus will drive you through the Al Rahba Hospital and finally, take you to the Emirates Park Zoo and Resorts. Alternatively, you can either board Service Number 202 or 210 or 218 or 420.

    These service numbers stop on Street 17, which is opposite to the Ramez Hyper Market (Al Bahya). From Dubai, your final destination is at a 45-minutes distance by car. From Abu Dhabi City Centre, it is at a distance of the around 30-minute drive.

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  6. Can we feed the animals at the zoo?

    Yes, Emirates Park Zoo allows you to feed the animals there. You can get grass bundle at 10 AED, milk bottle at 15 AED, nuts at 15 AED, or vegetables at 15 AED to feed animals at the Emirates Park Zoo.
  7. Can I rent a stroller, wheelchair, or electronic vehicle?

    You can inquire about renting a stroller or wheelchair or any electric vehicle at the ticket counter of the Emirates Park Zoo.
  8. Can I take a guided tour of the Zoo?

    Yes, you can take a guided tour of the Emirates Park Zoo. A group tour will be a guided tour wherein you need to obey instructions of your concerned guide religiously.

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