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Resting in the northern end of beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the sinfully picturesque Diglipur which is a haversack of visual beauty and silence. This town keeps tourists engaged from all around the world because of its exclusivity of letting the only river on this island, River Kalpong, pass through it. Diglipur is an ecotourism place that holds large spreads of greenery and marine life; the oranges here are a must try and it is one of the must-visit places in Andaman.

Trekking takes place in abundance in Diglipur because it houses the highest peak in this archipelago. You might come across exotic wildlife in this town and during your trek that augments your trip experience here. Reaching this place is no trouble, and you will witness spellbinding sights on the way here because of its height. There are more than a few beaches in this town where localites conduct a lot of
activities in Andaman to make your day a contented one.

There are a number of things to do in Diglipur that makes one feel away from the real Andaman itself.  You wouldn’t want to leave this wonder out of your travel plan; would you?

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How to Reach

From Port Blair:
One easy option to reach Diglipur from Port Blair is by a car which is a 12-hour journey approximately. The waterway is another exciting option to cover this 325km distance. There are boat services available on two days of the week which is a phenomenal journey of night long cruise. If there is no problem with the pocket, then you can fly there in one of the helicopter services, or choose other special planes that fly you to Diglipur. If neither of these work, you may hop on to one of the buses available in the nights. The Sea Planes are a one-of-a-kind experience. 

From Havelock Island:
Distance between Havelock Island to Diglipur is 366.4 km, and it takes about 11.5 hours to make that distance on the road. Hired taxis are available to drive you to this paradise. Again, one can either pick a waterway and have the time of their life on this one night journey amidst water or can travel via a helicopter. There are also buses that start in the wee morning hours that take about 12 hours to reach Diglipur.

Most of these means of commutation require advance booking as they usually are reserved most of the time.

Best Time to Visit Diglipur

This largest town in Andaman does not heat up beyond 31-degree Celsius and also does not freeze below 23-degrees Celsius. This highlights the point that Diglipur conducts itself in adjustable weather throughout the year.

Diglipur in summer:
The town experiences summer from March to May. While the temperature doesn’t rise much, the humidity because of the Sea makes the day an exhausting one sometimes. The evenings do cool down a bit, and the cool breeze may visit you by the Sea. The day might not be as comfy as the night for many.

Diglipur in Monsoon and Post-Monsoon:
This season lasts from May to November, and there is no reason why you cannot plan your trip to Diglipur during the monsoons. The rainfall is average in the monsoons and raises a level in the post-monsoon season. The smell of the wet mud and the green backgrounds do make the place look worth every penny. There are many adventure activities lined up during this season.

Diglipur in Winters:
Needless to say, the town is like another world in the winter season. There is about everything that you can do during a winter visit. The height and the travel within makes you want to stay clung to the windows all the time.

With that out in the open, anytime between October to May might be least uncomfortable and more fun!

Before planning your journey go through our guide on the best time to visit Andaman so that you make the most out of your trip.

Essential Info

Places to Visit in and near Diglipur

This town has many beaches to accommodate the flock of tourists that drop down. It is also rich in marine and wildlife which adds the essence of being there. Lamiya Bay Beach is a must visit for it is the base of Saddle Peak (the highest one on this island). That said, Saddle Peak summit should be on your list. You cannot miss the amusing mud volcano at Shyam Nagar where you can witness both dormant and active mud volcanoes.

If you are there in December and January, then the Kalipur Beach is a must-visit for it is when the turtles go into their nesting phase. Some other alluring places are Limestone Caves, Ramanagar Beach & Pathi Level Beach, Diglipur National Park, Kalighat Creek, Kalipur Adventure Sports Complex and Twin Islands.

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Things/Activities to do in Diglipur

If you have never been on a Mangrove Creek Safari before, then fret no more! Diglipur offers one of the finest and coolest Creek Safari experiences. Since you are literally around the waters at all times, water sports are a given. You can go on Jet Ski’s, Motor Boats or ever try a stint at water skiing.

Diglipur also offers the best snorkelling experience in Andaman. If you have the right shoes on you, then you must not miss the chance to trek to the highest mountain peak of Andaman.

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Places to eat in and near Diglipur

Some exceptional places where you can find quality Indian food in Diglipur are Pristine Beach Resort, Dolphin Restaurant, Hira Hotel, Hotel B.D., and Saddle Peak Restaurant where you can relish both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. On average, you may spend about 300-500Rs/ per person for every meal. You can savour some of their local delicacies found at several street shops in the area.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then you shouldn’t leave the place without trying their fish curry, or any other seafood; you might want to take the recipe home! There is a Bengali restaurant that serves Thalis that is opposite the canal and a South Indian restaurant opened in front of the stadium that draws many.

Places to Stay in Diglipur

This is an essential repetition that you do need a booking to stay in any of the accommodations in Diglipur. They are mostly all packed well in advance. The most famous place to stay is the Turtle Resort that is run by the Director of Tourism.

Besides that, there the Pristine Beach Resort which offers backpackers with eco-friendly huts, and Saddle Peak View Resort which provides you with an unforgettable view of Saddle Peak. Several tourists choose to stay at Kalipur, a little away from Diglipur, where the stay options are plentiful.

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Medical Facilities in and around Diglipur

There are some hospitals in the town that offer emergency services. It is advised that you carry your medications, especially for allergies since you are exposed to the sea and may eat seafood. The healthcare check-ups on the island are free of cost. Any injuries caused while an adventure experience is not taken care of by the organisers, although you may find immediate first-aid help.

Timing to Visit Diglipur

All the tourist attractions are open throughout the day. Therefore, it is best that you visit them in the daytime so that you can capture the place in your minds. You may not get to see the Turtle nesting at night. Similarly, a lot of the other sites offer exceptional views in the day, but sitting by the beach to listen to the calm waves clashing with one another at night is heart-stopping

Mobile Connectivity in Diglipur

You should know that the mobile networks throughout this island are not strong. You might hardly even find a functional 2G network. You may experience call drops, and voice breaks during calls no matter which network you choose. Surfing the internet may not be a pastime even when relaxing. Companies like BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone, have towers there, amongst which BSNL is the one that is preferred the most.

Traveller’s Tip before visiting Diglipur

If you are there for all the adventure fun, then you should carry comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. Carry lots of water wherever you go to stay hydrated. Since most of the places are by the sea, anti-tan lotions would be a saviour. You might be amongst the many tourists at Diglipur; be prepared for some wait time at restaurants and adventure pit stops. 

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