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About Currumbin Beach

The unique and lovely Currumbin Beach holds a special place in the heart of Gold Coast, for it is one of the few seaside suburbs that has its own village community. Indeed, this beautiful beachfront community is where the epic waterways of the Currumbin Creek link with the lovely rainforest mountains of the region. The houses on this beach have been built on a hillside that overlooks the ocean, and that is what gives this place its unique appearance. You can also find some residential places on the Pacific Parade, right next to the hillside.

As you head west from the city towards this beach, you will come across the Alley, that is, where the creek joins the vast ocean, and it is one of the most sublime sights you will lay your eyes on. Indeed, the Alley is a haven for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungles of Australia. Enjoy the stunning views of the ocean, take a walk along Elephant Rock, and hear the waves crashing against the rocks at Currumbin Beach – the ideal place to enjoy some serenity and calm.

You can stroll freely on the beach if you want to enjoy some alone time, or participate in various water sports activities like stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Currumbin beach has a mesmerizing right-hand surf break which is especially famous for longboarding. If you love surfboarding, this is absolutely the place for you. The beach also offers you a good site to enjoy fishing, and you can catch some of the best Flathead and Bream fish here. You can also enjoy some beachfront dining at Currumbin Beach, and visit a wildlife sanctuary located nearby. There are several modern cafes and eateries that offer some of the most delicious Mediterranean and Australian dishes on Gold Coast.

How to Reach Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach is located just 5 km away from Gold Coast Airport. Here are your best options for conducting this journey:

Buses: There are two buses you can take from the airport to get to the beach. The first is the Line 760 bus, which will take around 11 minutes for the entire journey, and cost you between $4-6. The second option includes changing buses. First you have to take the Line 777 bus, and then you have to get the 700. This will cost you around $8 to 10.

You can also take a taxi, uber, or town car from the airport to the beach. These can cost you anywhere between $10 to 25, depending on the option you choose. This journey will take around 5 minutes.

You can also travel via the shuttle. This will cost you around $10 and will take around 5 minutes.

You can also walk to the beach if the weather is nice, and you fancy sightseeing in the city on foot. Walking to the beach from the airport will take you around 1 hour.

Best Time to Visit Currumbin Beach

The best time to visit Currumbin Beach is between March and October. The weather during these months is ideal for enjoying beach activities and swimming.

- Between November and December, the weather turns hotter and the region sees a fall in tourism. This is because these are the hottest months in the country. As a result, you may find some cheap deals and accommodation options, but the sweltering heat will make it impossible for you to enjoy the activities.

- From January to February, Gold Coast sees a lot of rainfall and humidity. As a result, beach activities are prohibited. During these months, it is also not considered safe to swim or surfboard in the ocean, as heavy rainfall can result in waves that can be quite dangerous.

- Between March and October, Australia sees the winter season. The average temperature during the day is a pleasant 15 to 30 degrees, and at nights, it can get slightly chilly. Due to it being a coastal area, the beach never experiences too cold or too hot weather. Additionally, due to the warmth in the air, you will be able to enjoy the beach activities, as well as go for a swim in the ocean at Currumbin Beach.

What Not to Miss at Currumbin Beach

Here are the best things you can enjoy at the beach:

1. Kayaking: The Currumbin Creek waterways is the ideal spot for enjoying the lovely scenery of the place in a kayak. It is especially beautiful where the creek meets the ocean. It is highly recommended to hire a kayak and get exploring the creek if you have the time, for it offers some of the most stunning views of the beach and the community around

2. Surfing: Currumbin beach is also famous among surfing lovers. Paddle boarding and longboarding enthusiasts will have a jolly good time here, as this beach gets some of the most beautiful waves on the Gold Coast. Even if you are a complete beginner in surfing, it is worth trying it here, for it is one of the most thrilling activities you will experience

3. Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: The old-style wildlife sanctuary is one of the most hidden secrets of Gold Coast. You will find some of the most vibrant birds here, both native to Australia and migratory ones. Hand feed the technicoloured parrots, admire the rainbow coloured lorikeets, and hang out with the kangaroos and koalas. You can also take pictures with reptiles, feed the crocodiles, and watch the reptile shows.

4. Attend the Swell Sculpture Festival: If you are an art connoisseur, this is an unmissable event for you. The festival includes displays from some of the most famous international artists, as well features some local artists. Artworks displayed here range from sculptural work exhibited next to the sea, workshops led by the biggest artists of Australia, and a guided twilight walk on the beach. You will also get to attend the talks by some of the biggest personalities in art and a mini food festival

5. Take a tour of the Surf World Museum: If you are interested in exploring more about the surfing culture of the country, this is the place to be at. As the name indicates, the museum is home to everything related to surfing. It features an exhibit showing the evolution of surfboards from 1915 to 2020, and has more than 100 surfboards on display. You can also see some personal memorabilia from the biggest surfing stars in Australia here, which includes signed bikinis, their trophies, photographs, and board shorts.

6. Dine at the phenomenal Collective Kitchen: This space includes five kitchens that are all rambling every day of the week to serve food in their communal dining space. If you want to enjoy a truly communal experience, make sure you check out the collective kitchen. The flurry of pans and sauces, fairy light strung everywhere, pots filled to the brim with pastas – it is truly a mesmerizing sight. You can choose between various food options too, like burgers, pizza, Asian food, Mexican food, vegan and gluten free options.

7. Visit the legendary Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC: This legendary pub is famous all over Gold coast for its incredible location on the Currumbin beach. If you want to have a drink while enjoying the lovely views of the sea, this is an unmissable destination. You can also get some snacks with your glass of beer, like fish n chips, burgers and steaks. But the real USP of the pub is its view, which is sure to knock your socks right off.

Places to Visit near Currumbin Beach

The best places to visit near Columbian Beach 

1. Surfers Paradise Beach: Sun, sand and sea are the hallmarks of Gold Coast. Besides the Currumbin Beach, another place worth checking out in the Gold Coast for the same is Surfers Paradise Beach which is known for its picturesque beauty and pristinely clean sands. 

If you're traveling with family, you will be delighted to know that this place is perfectly safe for swimming. Kids will love splashing around in the shallow waters and building sandcastles in the soft white sand. This place is also famous among surfers as it has typically gentle waves that even beginners can ride with ease.

2. Currumbin wildlife sanctuary: This well-known Wildlife Park is a treat for bird lovers as it houses hundreds of brightly colored rainbow lorikeets. The playful animals will eat from your hands and if you are lucky they may even perch on your head. Other highlights from the wildlife sanctuary include a free flight bird show, Segway tours, Adventure Park High Ropes Course, and a train ride that will delight your little ones. You can also hang out with the kangaroos, cuddle a koala, and witness the majestic crocodiles here.

3. Sea World: This is the largest Marine Park in Australia and is enjoyed by the young and old alike. Some of the most popular shows here include performing dolphins, sea lions, and jet ski stunts. You can also hang out with the polar bears, feed the adorable penguins, or witness the exhibits featuring tropical fish, sharks and rays. The park also has thrilling rides like roller coasters. 

If you want to get a view of the entire park, you can also check out the monorail. And once you are knackered after visiting the armine creatures, you can hang out at the smaller water park and get some snacks.

4. Burleigh Heads Beach: If you like swimming and surfing, this is an unmissable destination for you. The beautiful beach is lined with pine and pandanus trees, and is especially famous among people who like to surf. This beach has a Point Break on the Northern Side that is almost always crowded by Surfers. You can also swim in the areas patrolled by lifeguards. This beach is also perfect for family holidays as there are several parks nearby where you can enjoy barbecuing and picnic.

5. Dream world: One of the most favorite theme parks in the entire world, Dreamworld has a lineup of some of the most thrilling rides besides including roller coasters, movie characters and live shows. You can also hang out with native animals and have close-up experiences with crocodiles, kangaroos and dingos here. Other highlights in this park include the Aboriginal corroboree experience  done with the help of virtual reality storytelling, singing and dancing.

6. Warner Bros Movie World: At Warner Bros Movie World, you can come face-to-face with the superheroes, ride the thrilling roller coaster, watch the stunt shows, and immerse yourself in the fantasy lands of Warner Brothers on the 3D interactive rides. If you're traveling with kids, you can take them to the Fun Zone where they will meet Looney Tune characters. And if you love a little adrenaline rush, you can check out the amazing DC Rivals Hypercoaster on Doomsday Destroyer.

Other Essential Information About Currumbin Beach

- Location: 
Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

- Timings: no timing restrictions. You can visit the beach any time you want, any day of the week.

- Entry fee: there is no entry fee to enter the beach.

- Distance from Gold Coast Airport: nearly 5 km

Pacific Parade Currumbin Beach

Pacific Parade is one of the most interesting places to check out near the beach. It features some of the best cafes, walking spaces, and elevated regions for enjoying the views of the beach. Here are some of the things you can enjoy at Pacific Parade:

1. Enjoy photography at Elephant Rock point and get some amazing shots worthy of Instagram.

2. Climb the Currumbin Hill and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

3. Enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the region as you go on a beach walk from Elephant Rock to Currumbin Rock. Listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and feel the water spraying on your face.

4. Surfers Paradise is another place where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea meeting the golden white sand. Here, you will see some of the finest waves in Gold Coast, and if you so wish, you can also enjoy surfing.

5. Currumbin Alley offers a view of some of the finest professional surfers practicing their craft in the waters. You can watch them from here while sitting on the beach.

6. You can also try paddle boarding at Pacific Parade. There are several agencies where you can hire a paddle board and get an instructor. Even if you are a complete novice, it is worth exploring this thrilling activity.

7. You can also get a personal trainer if you want to do some intense workout while enjoying the views of the ocean.

Restaurants/Cafes in Currumbin Beach

Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes on the beach:

1. The Deck Café: located at Currumbin beach and offering some of the most stunning views of the ocean, the Deck café is primarily known for its warm and lovely décor. The food is supremely crafted, and the café has a team of the most talented baristas to make you a cup of coffee that will knock your socks off. Don’t forget to try their brownies if you happen to visit.

2. Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club: Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club Is located at Elephant Rock and  is one of the few cafes that is actually on the currumbin Beach. The Surf Club has some of the most stunning views of the ocean as it is actually surrounded by the ocean waters. If you want to get a drink or two and want to enjoy the terrific views of the coast at the same time, this is the place to be at. 

The club also has a seasonal menu where you will find some of the most delicious local dishes. The club is especially known for its salt and pepper calamari, seafood platter and chicken parm.

3. Sumptuous Fine Food: Opened with the motto: Food is life, love and fun, Sumptuous Fine Food is located on the Creek Road. As soon as you enter this place, you will be surrounded by seasonal fragrances coming from the kitchen. The food is made by using fresh produce from local markets. 

There are several dining options including indoor table service, alfresco and cocktail style. You can also find some gourmet dishes here, besides sandwiches, salads, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. The decor of the cafe is warm and inviting. The sea green walls covered with a stylistic mural of a tree give this place a funky vibe.

Accommodation in/near Currumbin Beach 

Here Are the best hotels located in or near currumbin beach where you can enjoy your stay:

1. Sanctuary Lake Apartments: Located just a hundred meters from the lovely currumbin Beach, Century Lake Apartments offer you a room with a private balcony pool and stunning Garden views. The property also features an outdoor pool where you can hang out  with other guests, hot tub, and at that very you can soak in the Sun. all the rooms Parkland spacious and have every amenity you can think of.

2. Sanctuary Beach Resort: Located on the beachfront at the stunning you Currumbin Beach, this is one of the most stunning hotels on Gold Coast. Besides the mesmerizing views it offers, the hotel  also has a good variety of accommodation options. Besides the regular one bedroom option, you can also get a two or three bedroom fully self-contained unit. Each of the accommodation options come with air conditioning, fine views of the beach and the sun, and thoughtful amenities.

3. Shows on Caribbean Beach: This place offers direct beach access to all its guests. If you want to enjoy hanging out at the beach for a couple of days, this is the best option for you as you will be closer to the beach all the time. The hotel also has a large swimming pool and hot tub. It is surrounded by lovely tropical gardens and all the apartments here feature a private balcony From where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the ocean.

4. The Hill Apartments qtum been Beach: Located right across the road from the beach and the lovely Currumbin Alley, the Hill Apartments offers its guests amazing panoramic views of the Gold Coast. The team at the hotel is extremely friendly and accommodating. Since the hotel is located so close to the beach, you can also go shopping in the arnket located nearby and check out the lovely cafes. 

Traveller's Tips before Visiting Currumbin Beach

Here are some tips for travelling to the Currumbin Beach:

1. This place is a premier spot for surfing and swimming. Even if you are a newbie at surfing, it is worth trying here, as the beach has some gentle swells that even beginners can ride. 

2. Make sure you carry towels and swimsuits with you.

3. The beach can get a bit hot and sunny, so make sure you carry sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, a hat, etc.

4. Do not litter the beach or throw things here and there. 

5. The hotels near the beach can get full quickly in the tourist season. So make sure you book your accommodation prior to the trip, to avoid any difficulties later on.

6. The public transportation system in Gold Coast is quite inexpensive and efficient. It is worth learning about it beforehand to make your trip in the region smooth.
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People Also Ask About Currumbin Beach

  1. What does Currumbin mean?

    According to the Post Office History in Australia, the word Currumbin means high up or a place where the high trees grow. The word is derived from kurrohmin, which means kangaroo. Legends have also said that the word has some native roots and it can mean either high up, or quicksand.
  2. Are dogs allowed on Currumbin Beach?

    Yes, dogs are allowed on currumbin beach. However, it should be noted that dogs are allowed only with a leash on the coast. Additionally, the leash should be restricted by the owner of the dog. It should also be noted that some areas of Currumbin Beach are flagged, that is, they do not allow any dogs. So make sure you check the signs and keep your dogs at least 200 meters away from any flagged areas.
  3. Do you have wheelchair and stroller rental?

    Stroller rentals are available in Gold Coast. Near the beach, you can get a stroller rental at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This will cost you around $8.Wheelchairs are available for the disable free of charge at the Sanctuary. However, it should be noted hat this is not guaranteed. It is recommended to pre book strollers and wheelchairs before you arrive.
  4. Are there any locker/washroom facilities available?

    Yes, there are locker and washroom facilities available at the beach. But the lockers are quite standard in size, and may not fit too much luggage.

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