About Cherai Beach

Kerala is bestowed with several precious destinations nestled amidst mother nature. One such adored treasure being, the Cherai beach, which is spread across 10 KM and is one of the most admired beach by visitors in Kerala. Situated in the suburbs of Kochi, Cherai is gifted with the splendour of nature in contrasting hues. Cherai beach attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists because of its tranquil surroundings. The less-crowded beach is the place to go to for solitude and a few cherished moments of harmony with nature. The beach is lined with lagoons, backwaters, coconut groves and few luxury resorts.

This pristine and immaculate beach has low tides making it accessible by tourist of every age throughout the day for various activities and water sports. This is the only beach where the Sea and backwaters are seen to merge in a single frame enhancing its panoramic beauty. Cherai beach is considered to be one of the cleanest beach in the country, added to its gentle waves making it an ideal beach for swimming in clean water. The beach has an alluring walkway dotted with greens and sufficient seating arrangements for weary legs. The beach is stippled with seating areas made out of dried hay and wood for visitors to revel in the beauty of the ocean.

Evenings have a divine effect on the beach, the light blue sky turns crimson making it a place where nature translates it’s beauty into something serene and soothing where the only hymn heard is the rhythmic sound of waves constantly lashing against the land. Cherai beach offers a magnificent view of the sunset across the horizon, resembling a ball of hot fire melting away amidst the mighty ocean to return yet again the next day.

Cherai beach takes pride in its traditional Seafood cuisine, the beachfront has several eateries and restaurants treating their guests to fresh catch of the day with elan. Try out Karimeen, fresh crab and oysters cooked the classic way and squids, tiger prawns and Kingfish dished out with perfection. The beach has a lot of activities to keep the visitors on toes, ranging from parasailing, speed boat, banana boat, bumpy boats and much more which is conducted with great safety and care of international standards. If activities with an adrenaline rush aren’t your kind of entertainment to keep you engaged, indulge in Yoga and meditation on the beach.

Breathing fresh air from the ocean refreshes the entire being from tip to toe with a feeling difficult to express in words. The most scintillating beach of Kerala has every possible attribute that a visitor looks for, making it a place to visit by the tourist of every genre. Adventure seeker, memorable moments with family and friends, the traveller in search of solace, couples, a bunch of teenagers and people in their twilight years, everybody has a thing or two to cherish at the Cherai Beach.

Best time to visit:

There is no particular season to visit Cherai beach as it is in its glory throughout the year enticing visitors. It is recommended to visit Cherai beach to watch the sunset either while strolling or sitting on a rock to enjoy the grandeur of the ceremony.

Early mornings risers can be privy to the divine sunrise and can also enjoy an hour of meditation or yoga on the beach which is serene and the only visitors are the chirping birds and incessant lashing of waves. Late afternoon or dusk could be an ideal time for photo enthusiasts to capture the dramatic sky changing colours against the backdrop of Chinese fishing nets, which make for exclusive frames.

How to reach Cherai beach:

Cherai beach can be easily approached from different cities as it is well connected with sufficient communication infrastructure. Cherai beach is on the Vypin Island, which can be easily accessed by both water and road. The Goshree Bridge from Ernakulam can be used to reach this beach, on the other hand, the backwaters connecting different islands, also make it easier for tourists to reach the Cherai Beach by boats. There are boats that ply between Vypin Islands and Ernakulam High Court Jetty, boats also leave every 15 minutes from Cochin Fort to the Cherai Beach.

Things to do at Cherai beach:

The small town located on the northern fringes of Vypin island has a lot to offer to the adventure-hungry tourist. Cherai is not only popular for its beach but also its surrounding places which consist of backwaters, fascinating hamlets showcasing village life from close quarters, lagoons and islands. There is enough action around to keep the visitor on the toe and carry back cherished memories of Cherai.

Soak in the Sun and Sand at the beach: Water lovers can sunbathe on the charming beach for hours reading their favourite book or go for swimming as the sea is considered to be safe for water activities with low waves. Organisers on beach conduct various water sports of international standards with high safety parameters like snorkelling, motor boat, canoeing and water scooters. Nature lovers will be enthused watching Dolphins frolicking the sea, while photo enthusiasts can frame it to perfection.

Village tours: The little hamlets are so inviting and full of life with daily hustle and bustle, the best way to explore Cherai is to hire a bicycle for a day and gallivant the villages watching little munchkins running around, children dressed in uniforms walking towards their school accompanied by a family member, women busy with their daily chores and fishermen walking towards their home with huge fishing nets on their shoulders.

Village walks can give an even closer look of the natives here leading a simple yet meaningful life. Kite flying is taken very seriously in Cherai, thus the annual Kite flying festival is celebrated with great pomp and joy where people from every age group participate for fun and enjoy every moment of their favourite sport.

Backwaters: The backwaters can be easily accessed at Cherai which has been a major tourist attraction since decades for international as well as domestic tourists. The backwaters reveal a lot about the natural diversity of this place along with the historical and geographical charm of this place. The striking beauty of Cherai can be unleashed when on a houseboat or on a cruise in a traditional canoe which helps one explore the deepest.

The backwaters are the backbone of this place where even a major part of transportation happens through water, thus one can watch daily commuters ferrying, newspapers, fresh vegetables, live stocks being carried from one place to another using the traditional mode of transport.

Gorging on local delicacies: A place is best explored through its local cuisine, plunge into a gastronomic journey sampling the various specialities that the locals serve. This part of the country is known for its seafood cuisine, dig into juicy tiger prawns, mussels, crabs and lobsters freshly cooked and served to perfection. Appam with stew, Karimeen, Malabar Parota, Kerala style beef fry and Kerala style Meen molee are a few native dishes which should by all means.

Shop a truckload:
  A holiday is incomplete without shopping for the specialities of a place. Shop for a host of art and craft mostly eco-friendly and locally made by skilled artisans. Pack a goody bag of exotic spices like cardamom, cloves, pepper and turmeric, don't miss out on a few kilos of Cashew nuts and banana chips which are indigenous to this place. Art craft has carved a special niche in this area, buy knick-knacks like Kathakali masks, coconut coir products, miniature wooden boats, traditional Mundus and Nettipottam, used to decorate temple elephants.


Places to visit in & around Cherai beach:

The real charisma to Cherai is not only its beach but also its surrounding places. After you have earned your tan at the Cherai beach, it is time to explore the neighbouring places to have a complete feel of Cherai.

Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple: It is the only Chaturmukha temple in Asia which draws tourism due to its religious relevance where Lord Subrahmanyam is worshipped. The major attraction of the temple is towards the beginning of the year, where around 30 caparisoned elephants march to mark the occasion.

Azheekkal Sree Varaha temple: It is yet another temple to drop by to worship Sree Varaha, remember to visit the intricately designed and beautiful chariot within the temple premises. If time permits, do visit the Thiruvanchikulam temple and the Kodungallur Bhagawati temple.

Basilica of our lady of the snow: established in 1503 by the Portuguese. 5th of August every year marks the annual feast of the Basilica with an eight-day feast on 15th August.

Pallipuram fort: one of the oldest structure in the area reminiscing the Europeans. It was built by the Portuguese in the early 16th century, which was later captured by the Dutch in 1661. The remnants of the three-storied hexagonal church are still sturdy and narrate several tales of an era bygone.

Paliam Dutch Palace: the traditional house of the Paliathu Achans, which has been converted to a Museum draws people craving for history. The two storied building now houses chronicles of history, letters and artefacts of the family and the important events that took place.

Munambam beach: Fishing Harbour in the north of Vypin Island offers a panorama of fascinating sights to behold. It is the most popular venue for Kite flying and has a plethora of activities on offer like nature trails, village walks, fishing and picnic. You can also buy fresh catches from the Fisherman’s wharf directly. The Munambam reak and water point is an extremely captivating place where the Periyar river confluences with the Arabian sea making it a great sight to watch for hours with Chinese fishing nets in the backdrop.

Paddy fields of Cherai: they are grown much below the sea level by farmers toiling day in and day out. The swaying lush green paddy fields in the nearby locality, not only makes for a picture postcard moment but also gives an opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of the neighbouring places. The fresh green of the Paddy fields merges with the dark green of distant trees looming over the fields and then amalgamating with the open blue sky somewhere in the horizon. A perfect place to be in, where you can be one with nature

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