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Burano Tours & Activities

About Burano

A small city which has colourful houses and a small water stream going between them and instead of cars, each house is accompanied by a small boat. This is not a fairytale or Disney world, but it is Burano, an island in Venice housing the fishermen community of Venice.

It is known for having houses painted with some of the brightest neon colours existing in the world. Also, people love to come to the island to relish on the fresh and juicy seafood served by the casual eateries on the island. The town is also famous for its lace products, butter cookies called ‘bussolai buranelli’ and lastly Chiesa di San Martino, an ancient 17-th century bell tower.

Location: Burano, Island in Venice

Entry Fee (Only if applicable): No Applicable

Timings (Only If any): Not Applicable

Fact: It is one of those Places to see in Venice which is worth capturing in your camera so do not forget to take that along. Also, the island belongs to the fishermen so do make sure to relish on the seafood.
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