About Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is one of the best places to explore and experience the lively art landscape of Dubai. It was founded by Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, an Emirati businessman in 2008 with a viewpoint to bring together people from all over the world together and let them bond over art and culture.

It goes beyond just exhibiting the artworks. Artists can promote their work amongst larger audiences from around the world. The Avenue also has design studios that provide services like production and framing of artworks.

The Avenue is located in a quirky & interesting revamped huge warehouse building in the Al Quoz district. It houses ‘Concrete’, an adaptable venue that transforms into an inspirational space for art & fashion events, pop-up concerts, museum-grade exhibitions, and performing arts events.

It is broadly divided into 12 Art Galleries (1X1 Gallery, Carbon 12, Elmarsa Gallery), 7 Community Spaces (Limah, Techarc, LMTD), 14 Original Concepts (Ame Studio, Chalk, Gulf Photo Plus), 6 kitschy cafes (Appetite, Mirzam Chocolate Makers, Nightjar), 5 Performing Arts + Entertainment spaces (Cinema Akil, Sima Performing Arts, The Fridge), 8 Retail Spaces (Nostalgia Classic Cars, The Good Life, The Jewel Teller), and 2 Warehouse Takeovers (Fashion Exclusive UAE, Tamashee). The space also houses some art-based non-profits like Ishara Art Foundation, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation and Jean-Paul Najar Foundation.

Regional and International visitors are privy to eclectic experiences like Pop-up exhibition by Arjowiggins, While We Wait by Elias and Yousef Anastas, Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future, The Shortest Distance Between us, etc. It also holds events like Dubai Art Week, Majlis Talks, etc. each year.

Alserkal Avenue regularly conducts free road trips that take people across the UAE to the latest art events, performances, screenings, and other cultural initiatives.

How to Reach Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is located around 22.5 kilometres (25 minutes depending on the traffic) from Dubai International Airport. The fastest way to reach is via Sheikh Zayed Road/ E11. Once you cross the airport Road/ D89 and the Al Khail Road/ D 68, you will need to turn right into the 17thStreet.

Best Time to Visit Alserkal Avenue

Best time to visit Alserkal Avenue is between November to March. This is when the heat and humidity are at their lowest. Also, during the winter night-time, Art Nights are held at the Avenue, which should not be missed. This is a time when street food vendors, artists, musicians, and art educators come together in a festive ambience and lit up outdoors.

What Not to Miss at Alserkal Avenue

Here are some of the best places to visit near Alserkal Avenue:

1. HintHunt:
 HintHunt is an exciting theme-based gaming zone. It offers an array of mind-boggling games requiring logical thinking and quick manoeuvring like Merry Mystery, Submarine Torpedo, Zen Room, etc. It houses 8 escape Rooms that can accommodate 4-6 people at a time. Visit HintHunt at Times Square Centre, First Floor, Shop F13, Sheikh Zayed Road.

2. Cartoon Art Gallery: Catch some of the best cartoon and animation based exhibitions, screenings, and discussions at the Cartoon Art Gallery. It features works like cartoon strips, books, art installations, and caricatures by illustrators and animators from around the world. The gallery, located at Al Quoz 4b St., Dubai, is especially loved by children.

3. Antique Museum: More a bazaar than a museum, this is the go-to place if you want to pick up souvenirs. Choose from thousands of beautiful artefacts like Arabic style lamps, coffee sets, utensils, jewellery, textiles, incense sticks, attars made by the local artisans. You can also interact freely with the local artists while here. The Antique Museum is located at Manara Street, Al Quroz Industrial Area 1, Dubai.

4. Chillout Lounge: What’s a better way to escape the Dubai heat than spending time in an ice lounge. People love to visit this lounge to see the iced walls, sculptures, chandeliers, seating, and illuminated portraits. Don’t miss to try the delicious mocktails, hot coffees and continental food. The Chillout Lounge is located at Times Square Center, 4b St., Ground Level, Dubai. 

5. Times Square Centre: This is a unique shopping centre that serves more like a full-fledged destination for food, hangouts, and shopping. It houses international boutique brands that you will only find in Dubai like Sharaf DG, which is a huge electronics and computer goods market, Toys R Us, Malaak, Palooza, etc. It is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, 3.4thInterchange, Dubai. 

Things to Do in Alserkal Avenue

1. Explore Art: This is the perfect place for art connoisseurs who like to explore modern and contemporary artworks, installations, and graffiti. You will find works of established as well as new emerging artists from Europe, North Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East.

2. Shop for Antique Furniture: Pick up kitschy and one of a kind furniture, furnishings, and antiques from the newly opened The Odd Piece. These pieces have been created and restored by the famous Saudi artist Arwa Hafiz.

3. See Watches like Never Before: See the best timepieces on display by Swiss Watch company MB&F at M.A.D Gallery. Not only this, but it also houses quirky installations made from different parts of a watch.

4. Learn to Paint: There is no better place than Alserkal Avenue to learn a spot of painting and art creation yourself. You can participate in do-it-yourself painting classes and art workshops at The Jam Jar. Visit the Wisdom Warehouse, which is a creative hub for children to learn, explore, and create art.

5. Visit Gulf Photo Plus: It is the only dedicated centre for photography in Dubai. Not only can you see thought-provoking work from around the world, but can also take photography lessons from the in-house experts.

6. Test your fitness levels: Test your endurance while on a visit to Alserkal Avenue. Crank, the luxury fitness and wellness space, has professional and inspiring trainers who will challenge you to try high interval training and teach you dynamic stretching techniques. You will especially love the state-of-the-art lighting and fast-paced music. 

7. Taste Delicious Food: The Avenue is a haven for food connoisseurs with its amazing range of cafes. Indulge in fresh juices, organic sodas, and teas at the eco-café Appetite. Taste some real bean to bar chocolates at Mirzam Chocolate Makers. Have a delicious Chai experience with its huge variety of teas and street foods at the Project Chaiwala. 

Other Essential Information About Alserkal Avenue

-Location: Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai.

-Timings: Sunday till Thursday: 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. Alserkal Avenue is closed on Friday.

-Price (for locals and foreigners): The entry is free to Alserkal Avenue for locals as well as foreigners

Cafes in Alserkal Avenue

1. Nightjar: This is a boutique coffee shop specialising in Arabic coffee as well as delicious brews from Rwanda, Colombia, and Burundi. It serves a huge range of salads, sides, soft brewed hot and cold blended coffees, and non-alcoholic ginger beers and mocktails. Located in Warehouse 62, it also doubles up as an event room, training facility, and even a party place.

2. Mirzam Chocolate Makers: Mirzam specialises in creating real bean to bar chocolates. Either pick up a few slabs of these decadent chocolates or indulge in their huge range of lattes, affogato, and orange flavoured cold drip coffee. Don’t miss their chocolate-based drinks like Moroccan Mint Milkshake and Iced Hot Chocolate. It is located in Warehouse 70. 

3. Wild & The Moon: Serving some of the best organic food in the area, Wild & The Moon is a pretty popular café in the Avenue. Its foods and juices are organic, cold-pressed, plant-based and gluten-free. Try the Earth Bowl, Soba Noodles, Chia Puddings, and Matcha Bar while here. It is located in Warehouse 77.

4. Project Chaiwala: The place serves tea brews along with the most popular street foods from around the world. Don’t miss to try Chais like Karak, Masala, Zafrani, and Suleimani. Other popular options are cold raw Matcha and Turmeric Latte. It is located within Cinema Akil at Warehouse 68.

5. Techarc: This quaintly charming café serves a huge range of teas, frozen blends, mojitos, cold coffees, hot coffees, fruit-based smoothies, pastries, and frozen bowls. Don’t miss the Flat White, Iced Rose Latte, Iced Spanish Latte, and Toffee Cream Latte. It is located in Warehouse 25.

6. Appetite: The Shop: Located in the A4 Space, this eco-friendly café is popular for its organic juices, sodas, pure in house blends of coffees and organic teas. This café serves a huge range of salads, breakfast pots that include chia seed puddings & healthy rolls, sumptuous chocolate and banana cookies, and even Protein Power Pots. 

Tips for Visiting Alserkal Avenue

- Alserkal Avenue will mainly appeal to people who are interested in arts- performing & visual, culture, and meeting artists from around the world.

- Before you plan to attend an exhibition or event, make sure to check its exact timings and if you need to book your presence in advance.

- Please check with the warehouse curator before clicking pictures of the artworks. 

- Adhere to the rules and regulations of timings and plan your visit accordingly.

- Every warehouse and gallery has different opening and closing timings and days. Make sure to check that before you visit the Avenue.

- The timings during Ramadan change. Make sure to confirm beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. 
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People Also Ask About Alserkal Avenue

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Alserkal Avenue?

    All the galleries and exhibition spaces have their own timings. The best time of the day to visit Alserkal Avenue is from 4 pm onwards. That’s when most of the programmes like dialogues, debate, music, and other performances are held. The galleries are closed on Fridays.
  2. What is the history of Alserkal Avenue?

    An Emirati businessman Bin Eisa Alserkal, an art aficionado founded the Avenue in 2008 as an inclusive space to promote art and culture on a local and international level. Structured by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), it began as an exhibition space for artists from around the world.

    From that humble but innovative and path-breaking vision, it has now expanded to a collection of 94 warehouses that serve different purposes. These fluid art spaces serve as galleries, performing art spaces, design suites, co-creation spaces, and residencies for artists from around the world.
  3. What is unique about Alserkal Avenue?

    Alserkal Avenue is one of the most popular creative hubs that is loved by tourists and locals in Dubai alike for its eclectic art scene. It is one of the few adaptable spaces in the world that have been restored and reimagined solely to let people see and explore art and culture without boundaries and borders.

    It is a collection of 94 warehouses that have been redone to house emerging artists from around the world and showcase their performing and visual art, fashion, and designs. It holds film screenings, concept fashion shows, art exhibits, conferences, and private functions.

    The place is now much more than an exhibition space. It fosters dialogue between artists and alternative programming institutions and brands to further populate their inspiring art practices. Visitors can learn art through the regularly held workshops and watch independent world films at the in-house cinema and other performing art spaces. There are design suites, animation studios, and even co-working spaces here.

    The Avenue also features some really cool and glamorous cafes that serve quick bites and beverages from around the world.
  4. How many Art Galleries are there in Alserkal Avenue?

    There are 12 art galleries in the avenue:

    - 1X1 Gallery that features Indian modern contemporary art

    - Ayyam Gallery that features facets of global art history

    - Carbon 12 that celebrates institution-grade artists

    - Custot Gallery Dubai celebrates modern artists and their work

    - Elmarsa Gallery is a haven for North African Art and artists

    - Green Art Gallery features modern artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia

    - Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde features works of artists from the Middle East and North Africa

    - Grey Noise gallery is for artists from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

    - Lawrie Shabibi is for artists from the Middle East and Africa

    - Leila Heller Gallery promotes curators and art educators

    - Showcase Gallery offers services like bespoke framing, design, and production

    - The Third Line encourages artists and alternative non-profit programs to increase dialogue.
  5. Do I need to book in advance for Alserkal Avenue?

    No, mostly you don’t need to book in advance. All the galleries and exhibition spaces are open for walking-in to the public.
  6. How can I reach Alserkal Avenue from Dubai?

    Alserkal Avenue, located in the Al Quoz area, is easily reachable by public transport like bus and metro. Take the metro till the Gulf Bank station. After that take a bus ride till the Al Quoz Bin Yaleith Mosque. The avenue is reachable after a few minutes from the mosque.

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